The Best Youtubers to Watch in 2012

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Everyone in my school, from the jocks to the gamers, has a Youtube personality that they love, from Wong Fu to Smosh to Phillip DiFranco. Here are some personalities to watch for 2012:

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For the fun-loving girl: Jenna Marbles


It seems 2011 was the year everyone discovered Jenna Marbles. Who doesn’t love a pretty blonde girl that seems to know exactly how the teenage brain (and mouth) works? From celebrity impersonations (Snooki, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj) to her insights into the minds of boys and girls, Jenna keeps girls glued to their computers every Wednesday. Her sarcasm is biting, her opinions are blunt, and her advice is straight-forward. Now that 2012 is upon us, Jenna is sure to keep her witty and sharp videos coming.

For the hard-partying bro: Dom Mazzetti

            It is not surprising that the tough jocks in my school have cluttered my news feed with his videos. Most of them love this guy because he talks about topics teen boys love: partying, girls, and being “fly.” In reality, Dom, played by NYU grad Mike Tomabene, is a caricature of his audience. He is loud, goofy, obnoxious, and hilariously idiotic. Bros (and even some girls) absolutely love him. Some people have claimed that Dom is the underrated male counterpart to Jenna Marbles, and that 2012 might be his time to really come into the viral spotlight.

For the off-beat artist: The Real Kat Sketch


            If you are an avid fan of Youtube behemoth Shane Dawson, you probably have seen one his close friends, Kat, in his videos. If you aren’t familiar, Kat is an under-the-radar artist. Her videos vary from kooky creations to sketching blogs to taking crazy drawing requests from people who comment. She lets her creativity shine in everything she draws and makes (who would have thought to make a portrait of Rebecca Black out of different brands of cereal?). If artsier teens need inspiration for new work, Kat is definitely the go-to girl for 2012.

For the opinionated: Teens React (by The Fine Brothers)

            With the success of their “Kids React” series, in which children watch viral videos and make precocious comments, the comedic duo the Fine Brothers felt that a similar series involving teens was inevitable. Needless to say, the idea still works. The topics are more relevant to teens, from fandoms like Twilight, to politics like Rick Perry, and the rest of the presidential race. The teens vary in age, race, and quirks, which gives the show a vibrant array of personalities. Perhaps 2012 might be the year “Teens React” will go viral, and maybe even surpass its predecessor.

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    Jenna Marble is nasty… don’t need this crap to stay “current.”

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