The Top Four Summer Plans for Teens

summer vacation, summer camp, summer programs, summer jobsHannah is a 16-year old from New Jersey. She loves to compete with color guard and marching band, and play piano. She hopes to become a writer one day, and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Every teenager has a different idea of an ideal summer. For me, I like to stay busy and keep my mind occupied. For other teenagers, summer is all about resting in the sun and relaxing the mind. Luckily, no matter what type of teen you are, as long as one plans early, there are a variety of summer options available, as shown below.

1. Volunteering – Volunteering can be one of the most valuable ways to spend a summer. A relaxing summer activity, community service can boost self esteem and give teens a sense of belonging. For those not old enough for jobs, volunteering at a library or animal shelter can provide opportunities to train for future careers. Additionally, volunteerism and service are qualities that appear on almost all applications for colleges or even high school honors clubs.  Volunteer jobs include: animal shelters, libraries, soup kitchens, children’s programs such as Safety Town, cleaning up parks and public areas.

2. Jobs – Around the ages of 15 or 16, many teens start to seek out their first jobs. Having a job can be beneficial to provide money for the expanding teenage social lives that come with licenses and cars. Many teens make the mistake of trying to become employed at a franchise store or a mall. However, lately, teens find themselves not being hired, or having trouble managing the job when the school year comes around. A better option for teens is a summer job that requires new employees each year. Come March or April, teens may want to contact an employer and ask for an application. Good options include: snack bars, life guarding, water bars and ice cream stands.

3. Educational summer programs – This option has presented itself time and time again to me. I found RadicalParenting as I searched for a summer internship last year. Most teen summer programs require applications, and one normally is required to apply during the winter months. It is difficult to give examples of summer programs, but any student interested in broadening their minds during the off-months should seek advice on ideal programs from a guidance counselor.

4. Relax!– After months of intense work at school, the summer is a chance to rejuvenate. So, if you are a teen, even as a volunteer or with a summer job or program, it is good to take a break.  Hang out with your friends, go to a beach, take a trip, have a barbeque, camp outside, see a movie or two, get a tan, and just take advantage of your summer months before another difficult school year begins.

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