Parents, Show That You Care

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Life today has become so fast, families have come to that point where they have to choose a particular time to spend time with each other. Among the work and house chores, parents can lead their teenagers to feel neglected. Times come when they have to literally beg for their attention, but that is not what parents intend to do. They just get a little too carried away with their work. They end up thinking that their children have become mature enough to handle a little solitude. But us teenagers want our parents to show that they care for us once in a while because our mood swings take us to places where we need somebody to care for us, to show us that we matter in the world and we are worth something.

To make your teen feel the same, try doing little things for them because little things matter. Show your kids they matter to you, make their favorite meal, give them a surprise on their birthday or a surprise whenever. This might make them feel special.

Caring is a virtue, which can make a crying person laugh and a frustrated person dance. Talk to your teen and ask them about stuff that is going on in their lives because sometimes a little talk goes a long way.

Be supportive. One of the things that make your teen understand your love for them is your support. Be next to them whenever they need you and understand their feelings behind the decision. Be a friend to your teen but never the best friend.

Pay attention to what your teen says. Listen to them properly. Sometimes you get to know about their mind set from their words. So don’t let the words miss you.

Work with them, spend a little time with them, do things of their interest with them. And don’t just do them, do them with your heart.

Sometimes just a hug would do. I am sure that hug would mean a lot to your teen and that will definitely show them that you care for them. Be there for them and they will be there for you!

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