2/3/12: Articles for Parents this Week

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Top Articles:

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You
Do you know the warning signs? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.

Articles from Guests:

What Your Teen Didn’t Learn About Teenage Pregnancy from MTV
Author Chris Piper lays out the realistic consequences of teen pregnancy that the the tabloids and popular MTV shows don’t show.

Body Image Awareness for Girls
Our resident School Counselor, Dr. A, explains how fathers and mothers have different effect’s on a girl’s self esteem and three ways they can utilize that influence for the better.

Articles from Teens:

6 Ways Parents can Help Teens Through a Move
Moving can be hard for anyone, but the challenges teens face are unique. Here are a list of helpful tips for parents from a teen whose been through four moves in just six years.

20 Best Social & Virtual Websites For Kids, Teens, and Adults
A list of the top virtual websites has a lot the usual sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but also some that may surprise you.

The Top Four Summer Plans for Teens
How to make the most of those homework free summer months.

There’s an App for That!
A list of the top ten most popular free apps for teens.

The Best Youtubers to Watch in 2012
Youtube trends are constantly changing with the hundreds of videos that are uploaded each day. This list will keep you up to date on who teens will be watching this year.

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