Don’t Give Up: How to Keep Teens in School

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At high schools nationwide, students struggle to do their best in school because of how difficult it is to complete multiple assignments on a daily basis as well as maintaining a social life. A majority of teens who try their best in school sometimes find themselves close to giving up on their grades. Because of the pressure teens feel from the many homework assignments and projects, they fear school will have negative effects on their social lives. As a high school student myself, I struggle and sometimes find myself close to giving up on getting good grades.

The reasons why I feel teens find themselves close to giving up in school are:

1. The amount of homework and assignments they have to complete outside of school on a daily basis, even on the weekends, is taking over their social lives.

2. The amount of homework and assignments they receive is affecting their health by making them stressed out and exhausted every day.

3. They feel their teachers don’t give them the grades they deserve for projects and essays, considering the amount of work that was put into them.

4. They feel that all of their time is being wasted with homework and assignments they have to complete.

5. They feel they are missing out on their life due to all of the homework and assignments they have to complete.

6. They feel they are drifting away from their friends and that they don’t have enough time to hang out with these friends, due to the homework and assignments they have to complete.

I sometimes find myself close to giving up because of these six reasons. It makes me really sad that I am not able to hang out with my friends outside of school, or even call people back, because of how busy I am while doing homework and other assignments. Instead of giving up, I always manage to inspire myself with a few informers.

To help inspire your teens from not giving up on themselves while they are in school, remember to inform them that:

1. All the hard work they are doing as of now will eventually pay off.

2. The loads of homework, projects, etc. they get, as well as how much they have to study, will prepare them for the rigorous tasks that are needed to complete college or university.

3. You should never give up despite the circumstances.

4. Trying their absolute best in school will prepare them for other things in life that require dedication (such as going through the process of getting a degree).

5. Once they stop trying to get good grades, their grades, as well as all of the hard work they have accomplished in the past few years, will go down the drain.

6. If they give up on doing their best in school, they will start to give up on more things.

7. Grades are something you shouldn’t give up on.

8. Once they give up on their grades and on school, they will eventually regret it.

9. Getting the best grades they can get, and working their hardest to get them, is making them responsible individuals.

These nine pointers motivate me not to give up. When I find myself close to giving up, I always remind myself of this list. Once you inform your teens about these nine helpful tips, when they are close to giving up, they will change their outlook and be motivated to also change perception.

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