Can Music Be The Key To Unlocking What Your Teen Is Feeling?

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music, teen music, emotions, effect of musicLike it or not, music is something we all as people are drawn in by. Music affects every single person in the human race, and is one of the very few things we all have in common. No matter what sound or melody it is, it is still something that touches the lives of us all. Music can take us to a certain place or time in our lives, while other things in our lives do not have such power. It also can remind us of things we did in our past; what we wish we did or didn’t do.

But can music help parents see what is going inside their teens’ mind? If you think deeply enough about this, many will say yes. Music is there for many people, when a person cannot be. Music helps teens through anything from loosing a friend, to a break up, or even just a feel good moment.

Parents, if you are looking for insight on what you’re teen is feeling or going through and can’t get them to communicate with you, look into what they’re listening to. Music can unlock many “secrets” to how someone is feeling. Look into if they play a certain song more often than others. They could be trying to get across a message to you, as parents, without exactly coming out and saying how they’re really feeling. If they don’t know how to play an instrument or have expressed interest in learning, getting your teen local music lessons could help them express themselves in a way they’re comfortable with.

Teens, I strongly suggest turning to music if you can’t find anything or anyone else to turn to. Music has a sense of security; it’s not there to judge you, but to give you a place of understanding. Music can motivate, inspire, and relate to how you are feeling. There is always a place in your life for music; music is an international language that keeps all of us in this big world bonded.


But Parents, sometimes music isn’t always positive. It is key in a situation to make sure to listen strictly to the lyrics of songs, because good beats can hide bad messages. Some music does not always have the best messages sent to teens and should be censored for the fact that it could send out negative thoughts and behaviors to your teen.


It is put best by Lead singer of The Cab, Alexander Deleon who said, “Music is created by us…yet music can, in return, create us as well. It can change how we look at the world; it can help mold and shape us as people.”

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