3/2/12: Articles for Parents This Week

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We had a big week in Media! We were featured in the Seattle Times.

And the London Times!

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Top Articles:

The Female Troika: How Girl Friendships Work
What parents need to know about this phenomena of teen female friendships.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You
Do you know the warning signs? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.

Articles from Guests:

[Video] What Teens Want You to Know
KATU Channel 2 News in Portland, OR interviewed three high school teen girls and Vanessa for parenting advice on how to better understand your teen.

Articles from Teens:

FinancingYour Future: College Scholarships
Six college scholarship opportunities you may not have heard of, and other ways to finance your teen’s college education.

Top 10 Outlets for Teen Interests and Cognitive Growth
Teens like to discover and develop passions on their own. Here are a few ways to get them started.

Clingy Parents, How to Let Go
The teen years are a transitional time for both teens and parents alike as teens gain independence and parents have to adjust and give their child a chance to grow.

Senior Year Bucket List
The end of high school is an exciting time for teens as they are eager to move on to the next chapter, and it’s important for parents to let their teens relish in this final year.

Four Types of Parents Teenagers Can’t Stand
Don’t worry if you are one of these types of parents! Here you will see how to communicate what you really want your teen to do or to know in a way that will resonate with them.

Teenage Depression: The Best Ways to Help Someone Deal With It
Five ways you can decipher if your teen truly is depressed and not just going through typical teen mood fluctuations.

Gender Socialization: Teaching Girls How to Act From a Young Age
Why it is important for parents to be aware of gender socialization and how we can teach our girls to gobeyond pink and passivity.

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