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Teens all over the globe are discovering Instagram, an iPhone app that allows users to take, share, and comment on photos.  It all started in 2010 when the program was launched into Apple’s App store. From celebrities to young teens, the Instagram community is packed with all sorts of users.

Here are a few reasons why the application has become so popular among teens today.


Photography– Instagram not only allows the sharing of photos, but it has also become a very popular way for teens to take pictures.  With the Instagram app, pictures taken on the iPhone get a more “artsy” look to them, and add something more to the otherwise average pictures.  Many teens can’t get enough of the app because it brings an every day photo to a whole new level.


Celebrities– From Justin Bieber to the Karadashian sisters, Instagram is filled with some of today’s most popular celebrities.  And, with just one simple click of a button, users can follow their favorite movie stars and artists.  Every time that celebrity posts a picture onto the site, their fans are able to “like” and comment on the photo.  This is very appealing to teens because it gives them a kind of communication with the celebrities they usually can only see on the big screen or hear in their favorite songs.


Sharing– Similar to Facebook, Instagram offers a quick and easy way to share photos.  In less than a minute any picture can be uploaded onto the site for the world to see.  This is also where some of the problems arise regarding the app.  Because the sharing of photos is so easy, some teens have made the mistake of uploading pictures that come back to haunt them.  From nude photos to pictures containing illegal substances, there are many different things to have appeared in these photos that can get a teen in very big trouble.  This is why it is important to know whether or not your child uses Instagram, and to make sure they know that with one click of the “share” button, their lives can be changed.


Community– Instagram offers a great sense of community for people all over the world.  Because the pictures that are posted are available for all users to view, people from opposite ends of the world can easily follow each other’s photos.  This gives teens a good sense of involvement.  And because anyone can follow any page, with every new follower comes an even greater feeling of satisfaction.


Self Expression– The need to express oneself in one way or another is very common among teens.  Instagram has become a great way for hundreds of thousands of teenagers to express themselves through photography everyday.  When your picture is “liked” and commented on, it is a great boost of self-confidence and brings along much gratification.  This makes the app a productive and beneficial creative outlet.

I love using Tumblr, tell me how you use it!


Photo Credit: Tatsuo Yamashita from Flickr 

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  1. Really?” When your picture is “liked” and commented on, it is a great boost of self-confidence and brings along much gratification”. What a self-centered, narcissistic generation we are cultivating with social media. These kids take pictures of themselves every 4 seconds and post them and then the 200 followers, also with nothing to do, are “liking” them. It’s all fake and superficial and a GIANT waste of time. Go live your life for real, not on Instagram!

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