5 Tips for High School Juniors

As high school seniors anxiously wait for college decisions, it’s time for juniors to get serious about the college process.  Here are five important tips that will put you on the right path:

  1. Sign up the most challenging courses you can handle.  Colleges want to see a rigorous senior year curriculum.
  2. Begin researching your college list – Do you see yourself at a large or small school?  Urban or rural?  Artsy or rah rah?
  3. Now’s not the time to try tons of new activities.  Instead go for a leadership position in one.
  4. What you do this summer counts! Ask your coaches, teachers and counselor for ideas related to your passions. And don’t forget test prep!
  5. Get organized – to de-stress the process, store all your report cards, transcripts, awards and test scores in THE EDWIN, a cool, new organizational system for high schoolers that Includes tips from a top college counselor…and when you fill out your applications, you’ll have everything in one place.

This article is written by Candice Frankel, owner of Frankel College Counseling and creator of The Edwin. Starting as early as ninth grade, Candice Frankel engages students to take control of their education, discover their passions and achieve success. Using proven methods she infuses a sense of calm throughout the high school journey and college application process reducing stress for the entire family. Students achieve their college admission goals by planning effectively and thinking ahead every step of the way. Please visit www.frankelcollegecounseling.com.

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