Top 5 Books and Series Teenagers Should Read

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Teens, teenagers, teenage books, young adults novels, fiction, good books, scary books, books for teenage girls, vampire books, romanceWhether your teen likes scary, romantic, or supernatural books, there ought to be a good novel or series on this list that your teen will love! We all know that vampire books are currently the trendy genre to read, but that’s just a step in the pool of literature! Here, I’m trying to help your teen find some great novels that aren’t extremely popular (like Twilight or Hunger Games). We all need something fresh every once in a while! As an avid reader myself, I feel qualified to share a list of great books and series that I personally love, have recommended to friends, read time and time again, and still can’t get enough of! Below is my list (descriptions and reviews included, in no particular order) of the top 5 novels or series your teen should consider reading:


  1. 1.    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This old-school mystery/horror book may not seem like a good teen read, but it gives an interesting perspective on the duality of human nature. Truthfully, I read this a couple months ago for school and wasn’t expecting much. But what I found intrigued and impressed me! It’s not a story about the Frankenstein you think you know– no, this is the original! It’s filled with a bit of romance, action, murder, and unexpected thrills. Needless to say, this was the first read-for-school book I’ve ever truly wanted to read again.


  1. 2.    The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

This series is everything you want in a good book: tons of romance, a bit of mystery and horror, plus a bounty of supernatural creatures. I love these books, and while the main characters are not vampires themselves, don’t worry, there are plenty in this series! These are those simply can’t put down types of books. It’s certainly in my top 5 series of all time!


  1. 3.    13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

If you have an interest in traveling, you’re going to love this book!  It’s one of my favorite novels that isn’t from a series (which are few). This is an all-around great book for teen girls especially. While there are plenty of romance scenes, they are age appropriate. The writing is witty and the characters are lovable. The main character travels the globe, meeting all sorts or colorful characters, trying to discover what her aunt left behind for her via 13 Little Blue Envelopes.


  1. 4.    The Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz

I know you wanted a vampire series, right? Well, this one here is my favorite!

Once again, this is just an all around good series, and perfect for teens. The author took your typical vampires in an interesting direction, from alley walkers to glamorous elites living in the big apple. Besides the obvious fact that these novels are mainly about one girl’s struggle to accept her new body and needs, there’s plenty of action, romance, and deceit. I assure you, this is a fantastic series!


  1. 5.    Any young adult books written by Ellen Hopkins!

While this is quite a broad category, with 8 young adult novels, Ellen Hopkins is possibly my favorite author of all time. These books come with a PG-13 rating, in my opinion, as they deal with a series topics like suicide, mental problems, and drugs. These books aren’t inappropriate, but very realistic, as they depict the everyday lives of many teenage girls and boys in hard situations or with bad home lives. The books are all written in poetry-like form, but are by no means hard to understand. They are all filled with romances, good and bad, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. If your teen is looking for a humorous, happy-go-lucky book, these are not what you’re looking for. That said, they are inspiring, insightful, and fascinating to read. I highly recommend them, so long as your teen is mature enough to handle the topics.



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