What’s a Charter High School?

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Samantha is a 17-year-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She enjoys babysitting, sewing, drawing, crocheting, writing and anything creative. She loves to hang out with her mom and two sisters and watch John Hughes movies.


Shelby is a 15-year-old junior who attends a charter high school. I recently emailed with her about what it is like to attend this type of high school. She shared some great insight and excellent advice for parents and teens alike! Check it out!



Q: Describe what a charter school is in your own words:


A: “A charter school is like going to college in high school. You spend your time with people who want to be there (most of the time) and are as willing to do the work as you are. A charter school forces you to grow up but in a good way.”



Q: What is the best part of being able to go to this type of high school?


A: “The best part about being in this type of school would be the freedom and the choices of classes are amazing. My school is more willing to work with my class needs than any other school I’ve been to.”



Q: Do you think there are any cons of attending a charter high school?


A: “The only con I can think of is how small the school is. Since we’re not a ‘public school’ we don’t get the same money they do. The only real income we get is donations and grants, and if that money stopped there are 250 kids who would be out of school.”



Q: What program are you a part of?


A: “I’m currently working on becoming a professional author. All my classes, minus the basics that are required by the state, are focused on my dream.”



Q: Why do you think this type of education is positive for teens?


A: “This type of educations is great for teens because their teachers simply care more. By having the smaller class sizes and less students, each teacher is able to really get to know you on a personal level, they’re more in tune with the school gossip than I am ;)”



Q: What experiences have you had, or hope to have, attending a Charter school that you feel you wouldn’t be able to experience if you went to a traditional high school?


A: “The experiences I’ve had at my school are amazing. I’ve had the option to take the class room on the road for a week, gone on team building exercises and weekly sessions with an adviser that works with you to keep you on your road to college.”



Q: What advice would you give to a parent whose teen wanted to attend this kind of school but they were on the fence about allowing them to do so?


A: “My advice for parents out there that are worried about these types of school and stressing about it is: if it’s a good fit, well they should stop. The smaller the school the more accepted you are. I’ve gone from private school, to public school, to charter school. All I have to say is, I don’t regret it. They say you’re more likely to graduate if you have teachers who care, and go to a smaller school where your needs are met.”



I hope you enjoyed the Q&A, and that it helped to inform you more about charter high schools. My hope is that it has provided you with good advice, especially if you are thinking about sending your child to this type of school, or if you are a teen who would like to attend a charter high school yourself!




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