The Deal With Step-Brothers and Sisters (Tips, Thoughts, etc…)

Matt is a kind 13-year-old from Colonia, NJ. He enjoys technology, friends, and his favorite subject is Science. He wants to be a physical education teacher or an actor one day.

step-siblings, how to get along, step-brother, step-sister, children, child, family, night, step-father, step-mother.When I was two, my parents got divorced. In 2005, my father remarried, I now had one step-brother, five years older than me. In 2009, my mother remarried, I now had one step-sister, seven years older than me. I got along very well with both of them. Although, it felt kind of weird at times when we did stuff having two fraternal brothers. Now, we don’t talk much, but do communicate.

Here are some tips if you’re a parent whose child has a step-brother/sister:

  • Take them to see a movie that they’re both interested in.
  • If one is older than the other, avoid introducing each other to their friends. Most likely, the younger one will get jealous.
  • If they aren’t comfortable together at a “get together,” try making new traditions to suit their liking.
  • If they’re both new to each other, plan a family picnic or special night to get to know each other. Playing board games helps to break the ice!
  • Try not to favor one over the other— that will cause a jealous/anger mess.
  • If they completely dislike each other, try taking them to a children’s therapist. This worked for my friend and his step-brother.
  • If one half of the family celebrates Christmas and the other doesn’t, try to incorporate both holidays together, so nobody feels left out.


With all things considered, your children and step-children should get along exquisitely. Remember these tips, be creative when having family night, and make sure they enjoy their childhood.

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