Top 5 Smartphone Picture Apps Your Kid Could Be Using

Mary is a 15-year-old from Walnut, California. She enjoys photography, line art, and she would like to be a bioengineer because her favorite subject is biology.

As if Tweets and Facebook status updates weren’t enough, there are now social networking applications based on images and pictures. Countless picture taking and editing software have been popping up all around in smartphone/iPhone application markets. Well, why not? They’re cool – with all the different variation and edits you could do apply on your photos, they’re easy to use – just a “snap!” and a push of a button to send it out, and they provide a way for other people to actually (quite literally) catch a “glimpse” into your life. It’s a way for everyone to share what’s going on, and let other people see you in the moment.

iphone, smartphone, applications, photos, pictures, smartphone pic apps, picture editing apps1. Instagram. You’ve probably seen this app all over Twitter.  Well, the name describes it all: “instant” and “picture”. It’s simple, fast, and completely sharable. With all the really cool different effects you could add to your shot, like “Retro” and “Lomo”, not only is this app fast, it also makes your everyday shot seem like a hobbyist’s. People everywhere have been using this app to document and share moments of their everyday routine.


2. Camera Awesome. For those more photo-savvy kids that like playing with their pics like a pro. To adjust focus, brightness, saturation, and more only requires a few swipes to create a striking photo to share with friends. It’s like a free and portable Adobe Photoshop, with networking options!


3. Pocketbooth. A nifty little app that takes your pictures and transforms them into photo strips you could order to be shipped, sent to print out of your own printer, or shared on all your networking sites. Going retro, bringing back the photo booth and providing different effects like “antique”, “black and white” and more, make it a really cool story capturer. Your kid could share their pictures in a really spiffy and classic fashion online, or could also print them out at home to keep for themselves.


4. BeFunky Photo Editor. A program similar to Instagram, but with a more additions to incorporate into your photo. Anyone could instantly upload their picture onto Twitter or Facebook for everyone to see.


5. Frametastic. A cool app that pieces together many photos in a neat and seamless style to create a collage that can say many different things. This app compresses many photos into one and is also social-networking friendly. Your kid could tell a complete story with this app that weaves many shots together.



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