Teens Favorite Methods of Communication…It Might Surprise You!


A recent study by Ericsson ConsumerLab interviewed 2,000 teens aged 13 to 17. They wanted to know which methods of communication teens preferred. Wonderfully, meeting in person ranked number one—not everything is about technology! Predictably talking on the home phone, email and Twitter are at the bottom.


Ranked Methods of Communication for Teens


1.         Meet in person  = 58%

2.         Texting  = 28%

3.         Talking on mobile phone  = 5%

4.         Facebook  = 5%

5.         Talking on the home phone, email, Twitter = 1%


Some other great findings from the study discuss why parents have so much trouble getting teens on the phone and keeping them there. The study showed that teens tend to think that adults are more suited for the phone because they are unsure of “unwritten rules of phone conversation.” They therefore want their calls to last less than four minutes.


Video chats are in!


Twenty-three percent of the teens said they were “engaging in more video chats,” and 83 percent of teens do video chats at least once a week. Teens are not only using video chats for social purposes as more than a third of video chatters use the service for schoolwork.


Dating Through Technology



This great chart shows how the teen dating timeline goes. Teens are meeting their significant others in person, but technology helps boyfriends and girlfriends flirt and keep in touch.


Love this study, check it out for more tidbits on how teens use Facebook for emotional reasons, cell phones are the new cigarette and more.

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