Flash Trends: How to Dissuade Your Teen From Buying Into Them

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trends, teens, high school, popularity, fashionFrom silly bands to feathers and everything in between, teens are constantly buying into trends that typically last just a few brief months. Not only are they a waste of money but they also promote ‘follower’ behaviors. Teens, girls in particular, will feel the need to have such accessories, believing that being behind on the latest fashion will result in social consequences. Really all it takes is for a popular celebrity or student to endorse a certain apparel item for it to become a hit within the nation or school. It is quite disturbing, actually, that certain people can wield such power even if it is just about clothes.

As I mentioned before, a major problem with these trends is they are gone in a flash. This makes buying into them a complete waste. Parents often have a difficult time persuading their teens to avoid spending their money in such a careless way, though it rarely works. The idea of reverse psychology may seem cliché but it definitely works to an extent, especially with teens that are already embarrassed by their parents. Next time your teen asks you for money to purchase the latest accessory try allowing it but that you want a matching one too so that you can walk around together. This makes the prospect of getting it far less appealing. Remember not to take offense to their embarrassment; it’s practically a given and usually not personal by any means.

Also, once one trend fades remind them how much they loved the item they are now throwing aside. This can go hand in hand with insecurity because it comes from being afraid to express oneself. Everybody knows fitting in is the main goal of most students and that those who stand out are sometimes avoided like a plague but at the end of the day it takes courage and individuality to contribute to society.

There will always be a new, big thing to entice everyone, which is why it is essential to be able to differentiate between items that will be appreciated long term and those that are quickly tossed aside without a backwards glance when the next ‘thing’ comes to stores. Rarely allow teens to carelessly purchase products solely because of peer pressure or another similar reason. This will teach them a lesson that they will take into adulthood and will one day value.

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