How to Build a Healthy Teen/Parent Relationship

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Teenagers experience a lot of changes, both physical and emotional, and these changes can create tension in the household. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to parents that teens can be especially moody. From a teenager’s perspective, here’s what can help establish a healthy and calm relationship between teens and their parents.


Space: Teenagers are notorious for wanting to be alone in their bedrooms, home alone, or secluded somewhere in the house. This is perfectly natural, and the last thing teens want is to feel like their parents are hovering over their heads. Particularly, bedrooms become a sanctuary. So if your teen clearly just wants to have some time alone to listen to music, do homework, read, think, whatever, leave them be.


Trust: This is probably the number one factor that is the difference between a great relationship between teens and parents or a horrible one. Teens do not want to feel like the enemy. Of course, parents want their kids to be safe, and chances are you’ve raised your child to be smart enough to know the differences between fun and danger. Even though this may seem difficult, trust your teenager. With trust comes a mutual and beneficial relationship.

Acceptance: It’s inevitable that your teen will go through a number of phases. Whether it is a style of clothing, a taste in music, or a newfound hobby, it’s important that parents are accepting of their teens. Don’t be so quick to criticize or condemn a phase that your teen is going through: just be supportive. The more comfortable and accepting parents are, the better a stronger and happier the relationship will be.


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