Teen Poetry: What It Means to Be A Teen

This poem is by Amber Perry, age 14, Venice, CA and Alex Grand, Age 14, Los Angeles, CA.

I am a teen

They think it’s so easy

We can do whatever we want

No boundaries

No rules

No cares

Easy does not begin to describe what we deal with

Peer pressure


Social lives

Changing my status on Facebook

Life is not a dream

I am a teen



People say being a teenager was the best time of their life

I hear that, and say why

How is it possible when you barely have time to live

Yes you get freedom

And sure, you have time

But living in fear is a teen’s daily life



F- Failure: When we’re expected to do what we can’t handle

E- Expectation: Assuming we will do what we’re not capable of

A- Acceptance: A dream that most people only wish for

R- Rejection: A nightmare that some kill themselves from



I am a teen

Why do they treat us like foreigners

“We come in peace”

I am a person

Just like you and you

We have feelings

We can’t read minds

And you can’t read ours

Stop trying to figure us out

I am a human

And I have rights too

We are people



I am a teen



“Oh My God Becky,” did you see her shoes?


Team Edward or team Jacob

Don’t even get me started on Ryan Gosling

We breathe social networking

Can you tag me in that?

So much change

Is it good?

Or is it bad

I am a teen



I am a teen

Good-bye “daddy’s little girl”

Innocent, Curious, Excited

Here comes a new realm

Mood swings

Rolling of the eyes

And isolation

“Why are you so annoying”

“Just leave me alone”

I am a teen



Tell me what’s the point of us reaching for the stars

When nobody ever sees us really going that far

Tell me what’s the point of us never giving up

When we strive strive strive

Though it’s never good enough



Teenagers are living in hell

Trapped in a jail cell with nowhere to go

There’s torture

There’s pain

We all go insane

From the worries

The discoveries

And the meaning of vitality



There I was cuddled up with my mother

Under the dancing fireworks of the fourth of July sky

Here I am now

Sitting in my bed with a tear in my eye

I am grounded for not completing some stupid chores

Don’t they know my life is a complete bore?

I need help

Get me back on track

Don’t leave me here

Looking like some whack



I am a teen










I am no longer walking in the shoes of another

I am creating my own path

This is our time

Our time to change the bad

And emphasize the good

We will triumph

We are teens


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