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My dad’s the thrifty sort of guy. He always considers things before actually buying them, and so it pushed me to look around for stuff that has no cost at all. And once we got an iPad, it opened new possibilities for the entire family as another way to go to the Internet off the desktop computer and another gaming device.

So now I’m going to share with you a few apps that I found for free in the app store, and while the fact that they’re free would normally have some limits on them, it’s still fun enough to last you for hours and it’s for everybody (most of the time).

These apps aren’t listed in any particular order, and I don’t really have a favorite (as I prefer the computer).

Tilt to Live
This is the first game that we got that entertained the whole family for quite a while. As the name says, you have to tilt the iPad as you navigate a cursor-like thing and avoid red dots of doom as you try to kill them with weapons placed around the screen. You have to make sure that you don’t come in contact with them or else you’re going to die, and that game is a one life sort of thing, so a game over is a game over with no extra chances. The free version has four basic weapons and a Classic mode unlocked.
If you’re into games that are fast paced, arcade-like and extremely addicting, then this is the game for you. If not, it will grow on you, because it’s normal for you not to be skilled on this game in your first try.
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Temple Run
Our family discovered this app way before it became a sensation in the web. Basically, you have a character (you can unlock more kinds with coins you get in the game) running from a bunch of black monkey demon things with white masks and you have to jump, duck, and tilt left and right to earn as many coins as you can and survive. Along the way are “power ups” that can attract coins without you getting to them, score bonuses, and even turn you invisible for a period of time, making you invincible against obstacles. If you haven’t tried this game yet, then you better get it now, because this is what replaced Tilt to Live for us, and it takes a good game to make our heads turn away from that app.
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Draw Something
Looking for a simple guessing game to play with your friends? You can download Draw Something and play with not only your Facebook friends, but also with anybody else around the world. You’re given a word, and you have to draw it. Make sure the other person can guess it, and he or she does it to you. It’s easy and it’s fun as well.
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This is an app for those who want something more time consuming, similar to many Facebook games out there. You basically grow and breed adorable dragons in this game, earning money through others being attracted to your park. This allows you to buy more dragons and decorations~ While the game itself is free, you’re going to need money for some shortcuts, but I got through the game without them, so no need to worry.

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Thanks to my computer teacher for introducing me this awesome site! This is originally something for the computer, but now it has an app of its own, and you can use it as long as you register on their website. Dropbox is a nifty little tool that allows you to store 2GB of files for free, but what’s the use of that? Well, if you install Dropbox on other devices or computers and log in there, your files will follow as well! (I used this software to put things I made at home and transferred it to school). That means that you don’t need a USB or anything as long as you have Dropbox and a working Internet connection. You can also expand it if you pay, but I think 2GB is quite big already, isn’t it?

If you look around, you’ll find many things that are actually for free without you realizing it. You just have to search and find the right sources, and with that, you can find anything you need without having to spend a dime.


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