4/27/12: Articles for Parents this Week

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We have lots of articles from teens this week for you!

Teen Poetry: What It Means to Be A Teen
Two California teens explain what life is like for their peers.

Free Apps for All!
It seems everyone has an iPod or iPad these days, teens and parents alike. Here is a list of some great, free apps that both generations will like.

Extracurriculars: Too Much of a Good Thing
Though they look great on college applications and resumes, extracurriculars can sometimes do more harm than good.

Bullying: What It Is, The Signs & How to Prevent It From Taking More Innocent Lives
Unfortunately, bullying is a very real issue in the lives of many teens. Here is a comprehensive guide to teen bullying and ways we can save our children from getting bullied or engaging in bullying themselves.

Living The Gap
How to make the most of that gap between high school and college- whether it is just for a summer, or a whole year.

Should You Raise an Overachiever?
A comic look at how to turn your teen into an overachiever.

Five Reasons Teens Should Participate in High School Sports
Whether for better health or a better college resume, there are many reasons parents should encourage their teen to take on a sport.

So Your Teen Started Dating – Don’t Freak Out!
Five things all parents should consider when their teen starts to date.

AP’s: The Parent-Teen Debate
Looking at the pros and cons of taking advanced placement courses, from both the parent and teen perspectives.

5 Tips To Empower Your Teen
How to help your teen grow their self-esteem and develop confidence in their decision-making skills.

Kony 2012 – What Can Teens Do?
Five things teens can do in response to the viral Kony 2012 video.

Less Screen Time: How Parents Can Gently Nudge Teens Away From TVs and Computers
How to tackle one of the toughest challenges of modern parenting- pulling your teen away from their TV and computer screens.

Understanding Both Sides
How parents and teens who don’t get along, can improve their communication and understanding.

Teens Have Mixed Responses to Kony 2012
Though the viral video, Kony 2012, garnered a positive response from youth, many teens are skeptical of the organization behind it.

6 Ways to Help Teens Safely and Effectively Use Social Networking Sites
Social media is simply a fact a life for most teens, so it is important for parents to know how to handle using social networking sites with their teen.

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