Teens and Hair Dye: Cause for Concern or Harmless Creative Expression

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What is up with teens and hair dye?  What do you do if your teen is looking to dye their hair?


Blonde, brunette, redhead.  In the past, it was pretty much a guarantee to fall under one of these three categories.  But today, there is no security in hair color.  Pinks, blues, purples; there is no limit as to how far teens will go with their hair.  This growing trend has become popular throughout schools all over the country.  It has become so common, that walking down the hallway without passing a colorful or dramatic head of hair is a very rare occurrence.


As a teen with colored hair, I have first hand experience with the uneasiness parents feel towards the art of dying.  While some are completely confident about letting their teen go crazy with color, others are much more reserved when it comes to the growing trend. I feel that when a teen decides to express themselves through their hair, it is a very harmless and artistic choice with very little consequence.  Unlike a tattoo or piercing, hair dye is reversible and can be an easy fix.  It is when a teen chooses to change their hair so dramatically and rapidly that there can be a problem.


If a teen is changing their hair color over and over again, that can be a sign of struggling with one’s identity, or a need for attention. It’s a good idea to find out what your teen’s reasoning is for changing their hair color. If your teen is dying their hair to express themselves or to enhance their appearance, it is a natural want and desire.  But, if they are going overboard with hair dye this could be an issue worth talking about.


If you are worried that your teen is changing their hair for deeper set reasons, you should talk to them about why they really want to go to the hair salon.  But, don’t be afraid, for this trend is a very common change that many teens are excited about.  So if your teen comes home with a little added color to their pallet, don’t be too concerned.  This is not a change that will likely come up as a problem in the future.


The worst thing a parent can do if their teen is looking to express themselves is to shoot down their creativity.  So if your teen is looking to change up their hair color, let them try it out.  The worst thing that can happen is a few months of crazy color.  And, who knows.  Maybe the world could use a little brightening up.


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