5/11/12: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

New Trend: Pinterest
5 reasons this new virtual scrapbook website has risen in popularity so quickly over these last few months.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You
Do you know the warning signs? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.

Articles from Teens:

5 Tips for Teens During the AP Testing Season
The advice is simple, but the execution may be difficult.

Dorming or Commuting: How to Make the Choice During Your College Years
A pros and cons guide to helping your teen decide whether to make the commute or the move.

Promposals: Unnecessary Prom Drama?
‘Tis the season of the extravagant and creative prom proposals that many teens either hope for or dread.

College Tours Done Right
How to make the most of college tours so they help you make your ultimate college decision.

Give Your Teen an International Experience
The lasting positive effect travel can have on a young mind.

I Am J by Cris Beam: Why People Should Accept Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered People
An inspiring book about the difficulty living as an LGBT teen today.

6 Ways to Help Your Teenager Get Through Break-Ups and On-Again, Off-Again Relationships
How parents can be support and comfort their teen who is going through a rough break up or a tumultuous relationship.

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