5/25/12: Articles for Parents This Week

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How To Tell When Your Child Is Lying to You [Video]

Articles from Teens:

Online VS. Traditional High School
How to be open to different types of schooling for your child who may succeed in a more unconventional setting.

Teenage Love – Is It Really Necessary?
How to help your teen to put love and relationships into perspective.

Teens and Hair Dye: Cause for Concern or Harmless Creative Expression
It is the one teen trend that seems never to go out of style.

What Teens Teach Parents, What Parents Teach Us
A personal story about a teen and her family and how they all learned from each other.

Tips for Dealing with Troubled Teens
Three great ways to reach out to your troubled teen, or any teen going through a rough time.

How to Stop Your Teen From Giving Into Peer Pressure
Three ways you can help your teen get out of a peer pressure situation.

4 Ways Parents Can Help Teens Relieve Stress
At this age, almost anything can stress a teen out, so it is important for parents to know how to make life easier on their teen.

4 Ways to Cope When Your Teen Gets Their License
Every teen will reach this milestone someday. Here are tips to help you let go and watch your teen drive away.

“Teenage Parenting”: Teens Who Are Parents to Younger Siblings
What it means to become a parent, as a teen, to your younger sibling.

The 30 Second Challenge
What is this scary new teen trend and how to make this dangerous game into a positive one.

From Eating Disorder to Isolation
How isolation ends up becoming a coping mechanism for teens suffering from an eating disorder.

Prom: The Breakdown for Parents
There is more to prom then the dress and the limo, here is a concise breakdown of this momentous occassion.

Summer Vacation for Teens: Work, Intern or Volunteer
Summer break is a perfect time to gain work experience, build your
resume, and maybe pocked a little extra cash.

UNrequired Reading
Books that are not on most schools’ reading lists, but should be anyway.

What Your Teens Are Watching On YouTube
A snapshot of Youtube for teens today shows you what kind of entertainment your kids are consuming.

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