Top 6 Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2012

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It’s that time of year parents…GRADUATION SEASON!!! This time of year causes a lot of stress for teens and their parents alike. The teens graduating cannot believe that this day has finally arrived, while their parents are finding it hard to let go. But, in my opinion, parents add on more stress by deciding on the best graduation gift to give. That’s why I’m here, parents. Think of me as your gift wizard of the graduates of 2012. Below you will find a list of potentially amazing graduation gifts. BUT REMEMBER: you must personalize these items as much as you can to fit your graduates style and likes! List is no particular order…except number 6.


1) Vacay

Of course I’m going to start my list off with a vacation! Though cliché, many teens still consider this to be an amazing gift. In fact, one of my closest friends (graduated in 2011) decided to not go on a spring break trip to go on her graduation European vacation. But parents, don’t limit yourselves to Europe. There are amazing and beautiful places all over the world that I’m sure your graduate will enjoy to the fullest extent. However, the main dilemma that you parents will have to consider is if you are going to go or not. With everything, there are pros and cons to this decision. Unfortunately, I cannot help with generating that list because every family has a different dynamic. For example, if my graduation gift was a trip around the world, my parents would know to not tag along. However, maybe your graduate would love to have you there too!


2) Car

I cannot speak from personal experience about anything dealing with cars—I live in New York City, so a car is actually the LAST thing on my mind. However, I have plenty of friends outside of the city and in other states who would absolutely love a car for graduation. Car shopping can become a little tricky, so I’ve heard, so make sure that you take your graduate with you to the dealerships or wherever you plan on buying the car. Make sure that your graduate loves the car and can see himself/herself driving it. In my opinion, buying a car for graduation can potentially serve two purposes. Yes, for over the summer trips. However, some colleges and universities allow freshmen to bring a car to campus. Therefore, this car may actually be at college with your graduate.


3) Electronics

Let’s be honest parents, this is the era of electronics. Blackberry or iPhone, Nook or Kindle…it is all about the electronic “swag.” What I have been noticing is that many PC users switch over to Apple at this time of year to prepare for college. Also, many upgrade their old laptops for the newest edition. Maybe an iPad? There are so many options that the sky, actually, seems to be the limit in this realm. This is another area where the graduate needs to be involved. With each electronic comes, you guessed it, pros and cons. Some graduates might want a lighter computer while others want one with more memory. Does your graduate want to upgrade from a Blackberry and an iPod to an iPhone? I will tell you all, that my graduation gift this year is in this section of this post. I won’t tell you what I’m getting (because I don’t know quite yet either), but im sure I’ll be BEYOND appreciative and excited!

4) Bling

I’ve been noticing that a lot of guys have begun to wear watches again. I don’t know if they are using them to keep time…or to just look cool. Regardless, they are back in style for all age groups. Even many girls are getting watches in the “boyfriend” style. Other types of “bling” can be, but not limited to, earrings, necklace, rings, etc. What would really make this type of gift special is if you had it engraved! Who doesn’t love a personalized piece of jewelry?! The message should not just be the name of your graduate, but a cute, inspirational (maybe) message or saying. It needs to be something that your graduate will remember, always.


5) Keepsake

My personal favorite gift is something handcrafted. Though this is relatively uncommon in the 21st century, who said you still cant do it? I think that a personalized scrapbook is adorable and something that your graduate will keep forever. Cars breakdown, computers crash, jewelry loses its shine. A handmade gift never loses its meaning. There are plenty of craft stores across the country to find materials and even websites to show you how to do it “properly.” Honestly, though this may take some time to actually make, it will be worth it when you see your graduate’s face light up like the sun.


6) Money/Bond/Financial Improvement

I saved this one for last because it is the least personalized and very basic. However, money is very important. In my personal opinion, however, I would avoid money gifts…you are the parents of the graduate, think of something more unique and special (see numbers 1-5).


I hope this helps with your graduation day planning and shopping. Remember, even though we are going to college, you are still the most important people in our lives. We love you more than we realize (most of the time)!

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