For Radical Parents with Babies…Some Great Articles

For our Radical Parents with little ones, my friend Donna Eshelman has an amazing site called, which is in an on-line guide for parents focusing on mastering the motor milestones and cultivating a strong self-image during baby’s first year. If you have an infant, know someone who has one, or think you will one day have one, read this site!  Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P. is a Movement Specialist and founder of Stellar Caterpillar.  A respected practitioner, educator and speaker, she is a forerunner in the dynamic and joyful world as it applies to health, wellness and our connection to the world around us.

Check out a few of her best articles:

How do electronics effect the motor development of a baby?  Topics covered relate to TV and Babies, iPads and Babies, Baby Safety, and Baby Toys.

Learn how to see the micro-skills that comprise a motor milestone and how to coach baby along the way.  Gross motor skills discussed include baby rolling, crawling, and cruising. Read this post to see a baby crawl for the very first time!

Read “green baby” tips for creating a home free of harmful chemicals. offers recommendations for the best green cleaning products and tips for choosing green baby rattles.

Watch these fun and entertaining short films about baby confidence and self-esteem.  When babies skillfully develop motor milestones they develop the confidence to try new things, engage socially rather easily, and are comfortable in their own bodies.  As toddlers, their coaches say they are very “stable, coordinated, and balanced.”

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