3 Ways Parents Can Help with the College Decision

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The time is here when your little ninjas and princesses are ready to choose their colleges and the majors and minors they want to take up. Everything tangled in their brains, everything waiting to be solved, everything waiting for some guidance. This is as confusing and scary for parents as it is for the teenagers. In this situation, parents sometimes become helpless. Here are a few ways parents can help their teens and solve the puzzle:

1. Set the Basic Guidelines

Hundreds of colleges to choose from and thousands of things to be considered! Be clear to your children about how much you can afford to pay and how far you are ready to send them! When they know the constrictions, they know the extent of their dreams.


2. Be Supportive yet Argumentative

Help your teens find their true passion so as to help them achieve satisfaction in their lives. Teens’ minds are all tangled up between what they should do, because they know one wrong step could ruin their whole life. Help them solve the dilemma. Don’t totally ignore the outrageous majors and minors they might come up with. Try and make them see through them.


3. Don’t Impose a Choice

Don’t force your teen to do something you wanted to do or something you feel will keep him happy. Someone’s paradise can be somebody else’s nightmare! So if you teen aspires to be an actor instead of an actuary, its something he has to figure out. Surely you are the one to guide him, but if he’s got the knack to be an actor what’s wrong with being one ?



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