What Is PINTEREST? A How-to-Guide of the workings of Pinterest.

pinterest, pinning, pin, how to guide, social media, image boardCatherine is a 15 year-old from California. She loves reading novels and her favorite subject is English.

Recently, my friend invited me to the website, Pinterest, via Facebook. At first, I was skeptical about the website, thinking it would serve only as another pointless distraction for me. I was wrong. It’s actually quite addicting, especially since I’m just starting. Basically, Pinterest allows everyone to share their creativity, ideas, and interests with one another but in a unique way. So what is so spectacular about this website that is has captured the attentions of not only your teens, but people of all ages? Well, here’s a tutorial of Pinterest, which is pretty simple and straightforward in five steps!

Step 1: Currently, Pinterest is an “invite-only” website. All you need is an invitation from someone who is already on Pinterest. Another option is to just go directly to the Pinterest website, and click the red square at the top of the homepage that says, “Request an invite.” However, according to my sources, this may take a few days in order for you to receive an invite.

Step 2: After you accept the invite, all you have to do is enter a username, an email address, and create a password.

Step 3: Then, you’ll arrive on a page which reads “Click a few things you like so we can suggest people to follow.”  Below you’ll see a variety of “interests” or hobbies you can select from, including Fashion, Photography, DIY Projects, and Food.

Step 4: The last thing you have to do before you may officially enter Pinterest is to install the “pin it” button. The “pin it” button allows you to take an image from a site to add to your pinboard. That way, Pinterest is able to get the source link in order to credit the original creator. Just right-click, then choose “Add to Favorites,” and from there select “Favorites Bar.”

Step 5: EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN! You can create a Board and just start “pinning” anything you find inspiring, funny, or interesting! Also, start viewing those you followed to see what their hobbies and interest are, and hopefully you get some great ideas along the way. Pinterest is a great website, especially to share your interests with your teen. Happy “pinning!”

*If you can’t find your pins or are having trouble shopping for pins or finding original source images for pictures. Try Picnic–it is a free bookmarklet that helps users find their pins.

Check out our tutorial:

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