5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Focused Without a Prescription

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With the increasing number of teens turning to ADD prescriptions to solve their studying problems, it is important to look into the alternatives.  Although these prescriptions can be helpful for many teens, they can also be problematic.  The selling of drugs like Adderall is becoming a big concern in schools all over the country.  Teens are trying to find easy ways to make money and looking into their own medicine cabinet for quick cash is becoming a trend among many high school students.  Here are a few simple solutions to dealing with your teen’s focus issues.

1)    The Library

For hundreds of years people of all ages have gone to the library.  Whether it’s to find a new book or study for school, the library has always been a great place to focus.  This can be an incredibly helpful facility that not enough students seem to utilize.  Because of the lack of noise, comfortable surroundings, and access to many different resources, the library can be a quick and easy fix to an unproductive study session.


2)    Study Buddy

Studying with a friend may be an opportunity for distraction, but in many cases it can be incredibly helpful.  When studying with another person, both students can work off of each other when questions or confusion occurs.  When a teen studies with a friend, classmate, or sibling, they are able to monitor each other’s focus and quiz each other in preparation for tests or quizzes.  This is a social and simple way to get your teen on track.

3)    Take a Break

Although it may look like your teen is not concentrating when they come downstairs for a snack or turn on the television for a few minutes, taking a break is a very important aspect of studying.  When a student studies for too long without any breaks in between, the information they are taking in will not withstand the test of time.  As long as the break does not last for an extended period of time, it is a very productive and important thing to do.

4)    Get Organized

The most detrimental thing a student can do to their grade is to be unorganized.  Without order, there is no hope for a teen when it comes to long term tests or final exams.  Getting organized is a relatively quick fix to a big problem that can get in the way of even the best student’s study skills.

5)    Exercise

When the brain is hard at work for long periods of time, a great way to release some stress and gain back focus is to get active.  Whether it’s going on a run, playing soccer with friends or taking a yoga class, there are endless ways to exercise your body after exercising your mind.  Although it may feel like your teen is trying to avoid their homework by partaking in physical activity, exercise is a healthy way to regain focus and improve study habits.

An important thing to remember is each student is different.  Not all of these alternatives will work for every teen.  It is important to figure out what kind of learner your child is, and in turn you will find which strategy works the best.


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