How to Track You or Your Child’s Image Online

Whether you want to track where your own image is being posted or if you are an artist, graphic designer or photographer and you want to see where your art is being posted elsewhere, tracking your image is important. Also, parents often want to see if there are any pictures of their child online that are inappropriate or unapproved.

Unfortunately Google Alerts does not have an alert system for images. The next best thing is to use Picnic to track where an image is online. This can be used by parents or teens to see if anyone has shared or posted their picture in a public place. Also people often steal images that are not theirs and use photos without permission.

It is a pain to have to deal with copyright infringement and people downloading, stealing and reusing their images or pictures without their permission.

Picnic is a reverse image search. This is especially helpful for Pinterest users who want to know where their picture or photo has been posted, shared or repinned on Pinterest, just upload the image you want to track and hit picnic.

Track Your Image or Artwork:

Go to then just drag the Picnic button to your toolbar and when then click “Find It” when you want to see where else an image is online.

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