5 Best Games to Bring on Family Vacation: Best Board Games for Travel

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These games are Teen Approved by our teen interns!

At Radical Parenting we believe that board games are a great way for families to bond and connect. We highly encourage our readers and teen interns to buy board games as gifts, bring board games on family vacations and always keep a board game on hand during free time.Android

We have chosen 5 of our favorite board games for families to bring on family vacation. These board games are the perfect thing to bring while traveling with kids.

Best Board Games to Bring on Family Vacation

1. Bananagrams

Bananagrams is compact and easy to travel with because it comes in a fabric banana! Kids will love it and it can easily be put in the back of a car pocket or backpack for table top play. This is great for teaching kids words and critical thinking.

Description of Bananagrams: The Anagram game that will drive you bananas. The award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper, or board. Fast and fun. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first. Great for travel.

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We have all played a little I spy on the road, this game that comes in an easy to pack tin has things to spot that the family can play together. A bit like travel bingo or real life bingo, this will pass hours in the car quickly.

Description of Spot It: Spot it! has officially hit the open road. Each colorful symbol is something you’d see on a typical road trip. This edition has a new way to play while in the car: Travel Bingo. Whether you’re in the big city, cruising down the highway, or just around town, there is always something to spot. Be sure to pack Spot it! On the Road to bust backseat boredom wherever you go. This little tin has everything you need for endlessly fun car games! Includes 55 cards in a tin canister.

3. Guess Who?

If you have two kids in the back seat, Guess Who is the perfect lap game. It has no extra pieces and the boards can sit on kids laps in the backseat while they will play for hours.

Description of Guess Who: It’s the guessing game you know and love, with more choices than ever! Narrow down your guesses with yes or no questions like, “Do you have brown eyes?”or “Are you wearing a hat?” Once you have the answer, make your guess. Use the 2 character sheets included or go online to download more. Then slide the sheet of characters into the game tray and guess away!

4. Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This is a great on the go game and every child loves a scavenger hunt. This traveling treasure map works great for cars and vacations.Both parents and adults can play.

Description of Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Our games are specially packages in decorative tin boxes for take anywhere, play anywhere fun. These games are for kids and adults on the go. Sturdy travel boxes are easy to to to the playground or on a road trip. 2 or more players. Kids and adults.

5. Boggle

Kids get addicted to playing boggle because of the twist and shake start. This boggle is compact and quieter than older versions. In 3 minutes kids have to find the most words they can. Great for cramped back seats or rainy camp days in the tent. Very little space needed!

Description of Boggle: Twist and shake… set it and play. Boggle now comes in a compact case that’s never been easier on the hands, ears or eyes. Just twist and raise the lid, shake the letter cubes in the quiet case, then search for words as the 3-minute timer counts down.

Board games are an awesome way to learn strategy and bond with family and friends. Try having a game night in your house or hosting a game night for your child and their friends.

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