Senioritis: Parents Up To the Test

Folasade is one of our teen interns. She is a 16-year-old from Monroe, Louisiana. She enjoys learning as much as possible from techniques in swimming and tennis to new math formulas. She feels communication is only heard through the arts and enjoys all forms from water painting to writing.

teen diariesIt is the already the second semester! Your teens are going through probably the worst half of the year. Some have varsity sports to juggle in with their already busy schedule. Well, for many teens it is time to buckle down and start prepping—even more— for those dreadful standardized tests. Nothing can be worse than a packed schedule, and studying for Aps/ End of the Year Exams. Actually, there can be something worse: when your teen is already have a stressful time at school and extracurricular, the last thing they wants is stress at home. Therefore, there are a few tips for what parents can do for their teens in this chaotic semester.

1.     What Does Your Teen Want?

Sometimes during this point it is vital to listen to your teen. Yes, it may be hard at times with mood swings and etc, but the more in tune you are with your teen the better you can help them. Each teenager works their own way during stressful time, so there are no set rules. However, if your teen feels that running a mile before studying will help their train of thought, then let them go on that run! Nevertheless, you will have to draw the line if it seems to be abused because then the opposite affect will happen. Just remember that this state will only be temporary and that giving in to your child for just a couple of months may be what makes them score 100 points higher on the SAT.

2.     Lay Off the Duties.

Sometimes it is inevitably stressful at home because of responsibilities and chores. Sometimes it is hard for your teen to pick up his/her siblings, do homework, clean the bathrooms, and get some extra studying in. It can be overwhelming to add beneficial study time to an already rough day; therefore, from time to time it would help your tiresome teen if they were “dismissed” from chore duty from time to time.

3.     Alone Time Never Hurt Anyone.

Sometimes it is best to skip out on “family game night”. Some parents think that they are helping their stressed teen by taking them to Disney World or the beach during the holidays. However, sometimes the holidays are just what your tiresome teenager needs instead of days packed with “fun activities”. So if your teen thinks that they would prefer some time at the condo or even just in their room during the week, give them that time because that might be exactly what they need to have a less stressful “study schedule”.

4.     Having a Pep Squad.

Testing is almost like the “academic super bowl” for some students. Therefore, it does get rough along the path, and some encouragement is vital in order to keep teens motivated. By surprising your teen with his/her favorite meal or staying up late with them can be a major booster to your teen. It shows that you support them and are with them 100% because who really misses out on sleep when they don’t have to?

So by following these few simple tips it can help your teen in scoring better on their exams. By having parents that are supportive and considerate during these dreadful times your teenager will greatly appreciate it because these helpful tactics will “score” highly with them.

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