Articles for Parents of Kids

We tend to focus a lot on articles for parents of teens and tweens, but we still have a ton of articles and resources for parents of younger kids.  In fact, many parents email me and tell me that cannot wait to use our articles on the Internet when their child hits their teen years.  Teaching cybercitizenship and online safety starts the second your child touches a mouse–typically around ages 6-7!  So, here are articles and resources highlighted for parents of children 11 and under.

Articles About Kids and Technology

Teaching Kids Gratitude: 7 Thank You Note Musts
The importance of thank you notes, a long lost person-to-person tool we should all bring back.

Best YouTube Videos for Kids That Parents Can Stand
From shadow puppets to a special trip after the dentist, these videos will have both teens and parents entertained!

Art of Child Maintenance: If Teens Were Like Cars
How are family meetings like oil checks? Or tough times like tough weather? Vanessa lists five ways teens are like cars.

Can You Teach Ambition?

Not all teens instinctively know what they want in life; sometimes they needed a little guidance whether it’s from their own parents or an outside role model.

Virtual Grown Ups: 6 Ways Kids Seem Older Than You
Have you ever had to teach your parent to use the computer, an iPod? Vanessa has! And it wasn’t easy. Through technology, and their extensive knowledge of it, teens can sometimes seem older than grown-ups!

Parent’s Dilemma: Depowerizing Children
Five ways parents misinterpret their child’s behavior and how this can create a larger rift between them and their child.

Online ‘Drivers’ License: Should You Need to Pass a Test to Use the Internet?

The Internet can be a big, scary world, and yet children as young as 3 or 4 are online. Technology is definitely a way of life. But, maybe we can better prepare our young children to navigate the World Wide Web.

5 Code Cracking Perspectives on Digital Kids Some unique and different advice on understanding digital teens, tweens and kids.  Parents of kids of all ages should read this article.

The Internet Talk: Parent Talking Points for Each Age Here I break down the Internet talk into talking points and topics for each age group to help parents.  The Internet talk is the new sex talk

Virtual Studying: Are Students Actually Working? iChat study sessions? Virtual flashcards? Wiki study guides?  Are all of the Internet study techniques actually working? How has studying changed for the net-generation student.

What is RSS and Why Parents Need It
Ever wonder what it means when I ask you to RSS to my feed? Here, I explain in simple terms and explain why it could be an option for busy or out-of-touch parents.

10 Ways to Protect your kids Against Identity Theft This is becoming a serious problem and parents need to secure their house and teach their kids about phishing and identity scams.

iPod Addiction: 8 Pros vs Cons and How to Balance Do your kids have perma-earbuds in their ears?  I worry about the constant need for young people to listen to music all the time.

20 Activities If You Have a Techie Kid What do you do if your teen will not get off the computer, cell phone or ipod? Here are some ideas.

Teacher CyberBating: Terrible Teen Classroom Trend Teens are now angering teachers, filming their reaction and then putting it all over YouTube…what can we do?

Cotton Candy Friends: 6 Ways Net-Gen Relationships are Changing This is my favorite article this week and I speak a lot about it.  How is Facebook and IMing changing friendships and what can parents do about it? Please read and give me your thoughts in the comments.

Cyberbullying: Strategy and Steps to Tackle Meanness Online

25 Coolest Free Websites for Non-Techies This is part II of my first post of coolest websites because so many parents ask me about what websites and free resources they should know about online, here they are, keep up with the times!

Review of Parental Control Software: There is a lot out there, which are the best for the price? Here is my review.

Best Parenting Podcasts Need something to listen to on a long drive, while you are cleaning are cooking? Here are some of my favorite podcasts and radio shows!

25 Coolest Websites for Non-Techies
MOM this post is for you (she is on this list and I wrote this article with her in mind) many parents miss some great free websites that will make their lives so much easier. So here I did an easy guide with links and explanations so you can be cooler than your kids = ) (this post got over 3000 hits this week hooray!)

Best Free Online Resources for Students
Kids and students now are using the Internet for everything. Here are some of my favorite sites, with great tips and tricks from how to take notes, cramming for tests and organizing your back pack. Take a look and forward it on to some of you kids or teacher friends!

13 Holy CyberCitizenship Laws Parents give the sex talk, the drug talk, but how about the cybercitizenship talk? Here are 13 laws that every person should try to follow when participating in the online world.

50 Best Mom Blogs
This post has had a few thousand views and over 20 comments! Hooray. Parents always ask me “which websites should I read?” Here I did a complete overview of my favorite mommy bloggers across the net with reviews, favorite articles and descriptions.

7 Ways Teachers Can Use Online Tools to Keep Students Interested
Net-generation students have am extremely short attention span and love using new tools in their school work. Teachers can utilize many free resources to help make their subjects more interesting.

6 Things You Need to Know About Cyberbullying
Parents need to get informed on how the landscape of the social scene in schools has changed– significantly altering cyberbullying, cliques and peer pressure.

Humor for Parents of Kids

10 Ways to Make Your Kids Neurotic “Because I said so…” Interviewing for pain and more fun ones, add your additions in the comments = )

The Mom Song Kid’s Response [Humor] Sung to William Tell’s Overture Please watch this video! I sung this song about 1 bijillion times to be able to get it right.  I am literally dreaming William Tell’s Overture.

6 Things Kids Secretly Wish Their Parents Do Let us watch the Disney channel and do not mention that we are too old…and some other fun ones.

5 Funny Stories: Adult Logic is Not Kid Logic Here are some great stories from my childhood and clients about how what teens think, is not what parents do.

10 Best and Worst Things to Say to a Stressed Out Mom This is a fun post about what I think my moms would not like me to say to them when they are stressed.

6 Ways the Mommy Mob Sucks “My Cupcakes Are Better Than Yours” This is a funny post for anyone who has an uber-mom in their life…you know those women who rack up volunteer points like they are rainbows in heaven?

What Would America’s Next Top Mommy Look Like? [Humor] Could Martha be Tyra? How about MJ for Ms J?

Articles about Kids and Relationships

In the Age of Entitlement: Want vs. Need Do teens and kids today really understand the difference between “I need it” and “I want it”?  Here I talk about the “entitled generation” and what parents can do about it.

Girl + Mom = Whole Woman Here is a new concept I would love you mom’s to try on.  What if girls develop the opposite qualities of their mothers because girls want to make their lives complete?

7 Things to Do If You Hate Your Kid’s Friends This seems to be a problem I hear all the time.  If you have problem’s with your kid’s friends here are some tips for how to deal with this sticky situation.

6th Grade is Mean: Why Middle School Can Be the Meanest I hated 6th grade, and I am quickly learning many of my readers, clients and friends did too. What is going on?

6 Ways to Help Your Kid Be a Teacher Favorite Want to encourage your kids to bond with the teacher…or just get along with them? Here are some tips.

‘The Secret’ for Kids? Steps to teach your kids the importance of positive thinking and optimism
A healthy mindset is said to prevent disease and short life span, teach your kids positive thinking early.

What Happy People Have: 6 Ingredients to Friction Free Families
We all know those people, but is everyone perfect? Some of the patterns I have seen while meeting with thousands of families and how you can bring them to your household.

4 Ways to Handle Bossy Friends: Opinionated Girls, Bullies and Queen Bees I have been hearing a lot of my clients deal with bossy and entitled friends.  Here is how parents can deal with friends they do not love.

School and Career Building for Parents of Kids

How Parents Can Handle School Burn-Out Are you kids feeling like school is awful and they complain about everything from the early mornings, to the teachers to the homework? Everyone goes through it at some point and here is how parents can help their kids deal and keep going.

7 Ways to Build Your Child’s Resume Unfortunately parents have to start building their child’s college application and career resumes earlier and earlier. But where is the balance between letting your kids have fun and making sure they are building their strengths?

8 Arguments the Public School vs Private School Debate Here I discuss the differences from the kid perspective and you can comment on the post, already some heated comments.

4 Ways to Deal with Information Overload Multitasking, 40 blogs, 26 email newsletters…the list goes on and so does the information.  Many people are complaining these days about having too many options, too much information.  How do you teach your kids to sift through all of the information?

6 Ways a Backpack Is a Mirror into the Teen Soul Is your kid a pocket-packer? How about a hoarder? I see A LOT OF BACKPACKS.  What your kid’s backpack says about them.

Ultimate School Supply Checklist: Middle, High School College Students There are so many things people forget.  You have to equip your kids with the perfect study central area.  Here is the list I use with clients.

6 Ways for Students and Parents to Effectively Multitask Multitasking skills are becoming essential to life with the advent of IM, email, Facebook, Homework, Phone, Texting…..learn how to do it effectively and talk to your kids about listening to music, IMing and studying at the same time.

The Cafeteria Swap: How to Make your Kid’s Lunches Untradeable
A guest post for Mark’s Daily Apple! How to make school lunches more appealing and healthy to your kids.

[Dear Vanessa] How to stop procrastinating?
Saturday column, Vanessa answers questions from users.

6 Steps to Lighten Your Student’s Backpack
I know, your kids backpack is bigger than them, and they refuse to get a rollybag. Here are a few cool and totally doable options to lighten the load.

Parenting Kids Through Life

Parent By a Community: The First Editable Parenting Book Here is my big announcement! I have been working on a parenting wiki, like wikipedia for parents for the past year, and it is finally in Beta launch–check it out.

How to Go On An Information Diet: Lose Mind Overweight We all go on diets to lose weight, but how about diets for our mind’s overweight? Here are some ways you can go on an information diet and teach your teens to take some mind time off.

Future Criminals: Warning Signs in Young Boys? I found this report fascinating! Here are the findings after following hundreds of boys from boyhood to adulthood.  They tracked the boys and found correlations with certain adolescent behavior and later criminal behavior.

Best Resources for Divorced and Separated Families I put together a comprehensive resource guide for all parents who are going through, have gone through or experienced divorce.  My teens and I reviewed books, websites, podcasts and blogs.

Dream and Success Worksheet for Your Family What are your kids goals, how do they value success?

5 Ways to Harness Your Sanctimommy and Daddy Time Do you need more time to relax? Now that it is back to school season make sure you are taking enough time for you!

6 Ways to Be a Parental Sounding Board It is so important to know how to listen to your kids.  Knowing how to listen is the best way to get them talk.

The 10 Strongest Values to Teach Kids What are the top values you want your kids to have when they get older? I listed the 10 I want to have for my kids.

Mommy Guilt: How to Stop the Parent Anger Cycle I think this is an important article about how many parents go through the guilt, anger, rage, pity and resentment in their household when kids and parents do not get along after fights.

What Kind of Kid Do You Have? 4 Types of Millenial Kids If you liked my Teacup Parenting article, you will like this one! My most popular speaking engagement topic.

How to Permanently Change Your Kids Bad Habits Do they throw their trash on the floor, don’t wash dishes or curse? Here are some ideas for stopping bad habits and routines.

10 Qualities of Teacup Parenting: Is Your Kid too Fragile? I worked really hard on this article and think this ’syndrome’ is far mroe widespread that we beleive.  Please read it and send me any comments.

Striving for Perfection: 10 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty The race to be perfect for teen girls and mothers alike is causing everyone to suffer. I am struggling with this issue in my own life, here are some suggestions and stories.

4 Parent Hacks for a Nag-less Morning Routine Is your morning before school a warzone? Here are my strategies to make the breakfast/wake-up/lunch pack more pleasant.

How Sweet Kids Can Become So Moody Interview with parenting expert Annie Fox

3 Steps to MakeUnder Your Family Make your life more simple and take away the difficult routines, stressful habits and annoyances with these 3 steps to MakeUnder not MakeOver your chores and house.

6 Unique Strategies for Divorced Families Here I give some new and unheard of tips for divorced and single parents.

My Mom Joined JDate: When Parents Date Yes, its true–welcome too short men, more kvetching and lots of internet questions into my life. Here is my funny, and ridiculous account thus far.

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Green Trying to get your kids to be more eco-friendly, here are a few easy ways to remind them that they are lucky to have so many resources and get them in the habit of being more aware of the environment (and you too!)

Babysitters, Nannies and Housekeepers Oh My! Should your teen have a babysitter? How to get a good ’support staff’ and tips for dealing with nannies and your teen when they do not want to have anyone ‘watch them.’

5 Ways Girls Can Be Leaders This is a great article with some easy and non-obvious tips for parents to support adolescent girls and their self-esteem.

4 Everyday Tips From A Child of Divorce Here I talk about my experiences growing up in a divorced family and what parents can do to make their kids lives a little bit easier.

10 Ways to Help Your Child Tackle Any Problem
Big tests, finals, divorce, break-ups, teens need to learn how to deal and parents can help them handle stress and problems in positive ways.

Recession Proofing Your Kids
Can you teach your kids to cut back on the extra’s without freaking them out about money? Here are some easy ways to save.

Parent-Kid Contracts: Tips and Samples
Driving contracts, limiting family time, curfews, cell phones, what online services are available to you and how to make your own for your family.

What My Dad Taught Me About Money
For Money and Allowance Blog, here I talk about the four lessons my dad taught me about saving, spending and working…and how you can use them in your family.

5 Get-Things-Done Tricks for Busy Parents
Everyone can use more time during the day, but parents are especially cramped for free time! Here are some untraditional ways you can snatch back a few needed moments.

7 Steps for Parents: Should You Get Your Child a Cell Phone?
Between texting, internet searching, Youtube and cell phone games you need to make sure your child is protected. There are also some great new phones that can help you be a better parent.

Sample Cell Phone Contract for Kids and Parents
How do you set the rules when you get a new cell phone? Here is my old contract.

5 Tips: Turn Weekend Projects Into Awesome Memories
Have DIY projects to do with your family, make sure everyone gets involved and think outside the box!

Top 3 Parent Pitfalls and Positives
My observations about what every parent should look out for and what they should try to do more of in their family.

Could Gluten Be Affecting Your Child’s Behavior?
Gluten has been said to cause behavioral outbursts in kids and has been banned from certain schools in LA.

[Part III] The Family New Year Plan: Harmony In Action

[Part II] The Family Plan: How to Stop Fighting

[Part I] The Family New Year Plan: Finding Your Zen Zappers
Now is the time to reevaluate your family’s situation and figure out what you want to change for the upcoming year. Every family needs a little bit more harmony in their lives, less fighting, less bickering and more easy family dinners…here is how you can find your family’s zen.

What is the best piece of advice your parent ever gave you?
I think teens selectively hear the advice they are given, this means that finding a mentor is really important.

Charity, Perspective and Love Over the Holidays
The holidays are a great time to bond with your family and teach appreciation and perspective to your kids by volunteering and giving back. Here are some good ways you can take advantage of the holidays.

5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Connect with your Teen, Tween and Young Kids
A guest post for Zen Habits on different kinds of activities to bond with your family.

Whole Children: Finding Balance when everyone wants ‘a thing’
Admissions officers, schools, parents and advisers keep pushing teens to specialize, but what ever happened to teens using High School to experiment with their interests?

What About Grandma? How Grandparents and Grandteens Can Start Connecting
Grandparents can be great resources for teens and teens can be a great source of enjoyment for grandparents, but how can you bridge the gap?

5 Strategies to Manage your Family’s Chores—permanently!
Going beyond the choreboard, here is how you can use the internet and new strategies to get your house under control.

Talk to your Kids About Racism
How to discuss the Jena-6 trial with your kids.

4 Seriously Underutilized Ways to Make Your House Rules Stick
Ever heard of chore video games? Vanessa has explored all the ways…