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Science of Families: Look at the Research Behind Our Advice

Growing Up Online Series

Drugs and Alcohol

Virtual School: How Academics have gone Virtual

Divorce: Articles for divorced families and parents

Friendships, Teen Social Scene, Drama Queens and Articles On the New Bully

Are Rude Teens Seen As More Cool?
Decoding the connection between the “cool kids” and rudeness.

Arguing With Your Teens…Good For Their Future? 
Teaching your kids how to fight can be a healthy and crucial part of growing up.

Bucket List For Parents: ‘Before They Leave Me’ Lists
Create great family memories by checking things off your bucket list of all the things you want to do with your kids before they go off to college.

Why Teen Boys Take Up So Much Space
Insight into the non-verbal cues your teen boys are subconsciously giving out to the world.

How to Know What Your Kid’s Talent Is
The key to figuring out whether or not your kid will find success in something.

The Female Troika: How Girl Friendships Work
What parents need to know about this phenomena of teen female friendships.

Why We Need To PLAY More in Schools
How more play time can curb bullying, increase learning and create happier, healthier young adults.

Teaching Kids to Focus More on the Means, Not the End
Three ways we, as teachers, parents and adults, can help our teens focus on the learning process more than the report card.

10 Things To Do Before You Reach for Junk Food
From drinking a glass of water to calling a friend, learn ways that will distract you from your junk food craving and ultimately curb the craving altogether.

The Female Alpha
Nine ways you can spot the female alpha in the room, or figure out if you are one yourself!

Technology: The New Surrogate Parent
The pros and cons of new technology slowly replacing some parental responsibilities.

The Busier You Are…The Happier Your Marriage?
A new study shows a surprising correlation between women’s work load and marital satisfaction.

Do Our Social Patterns From High School Stay With Us…Forever?
Awareness is key in shaking off our hold high school prejudices and biases.

2011 Best Games for Families
Games are a great way to bring families together. Here’s a list of games to try, including some classics like Scrabble, and some new ones like “Furt”.

The Female Troika: The Danger of Three Teen Girl ‘Friends’
Four ways we can teach our teen girls to support one another, instead of falling into the pattern of the “female troika”.

Why Teens Need Routine
Three reasons routine is just as important for your teens as it is for your babies and toddlers in developing healthy, stable and productive young adults.

Facebook Double Entendre
Vanessa and one of our teen interns demystify the teen Facebook status.

Digital Tethering
Four ways digital tethering, or teen attachment to their tech devices, effects family relationships.

Sarcasm: Why It Hurts Us
What sarcasm really means, why people use it and how to combat it.

Radical Parenting Interviews Mark Cuban
The business savvy author shares his advice for young moms and his experience publishing his recent book, “How to Win at the Sport of Business”.

How’s Your Child’s ‘Relationship’ Brain?
Tips to help your child encourage their relationship smarts and improve their social intelligence.

Friendship: Should Our Kids Make Social Goals?
How social goals directly correlate with a teen’s susceptibility to bullying.

Fixaholics: The Impulse to Save Others
Three types of “fixaholics”, people who mean well but whose martyrdom can backfire.

What Do Teens Really Think?
Radical Parenting always has the hard-to-get inside scoop on what teens really think, from politics to divorce to sexting.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You

Do you know the warning signs? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.

The Importance of Imagination
11 ideas for parents to encourage imagination, play and creativity in their children.

Fascinating New Cyberbullying Research
A new study highlights the relationship between empathy and aggressive behavior in teens and the potential to become cyberbullies.

KCAL News Clip
We were featured on KCAL News!

Why Teens Get So Angry So Quickly
Deconstructing your teen’s angry outbursts, tears and rage.

Happily Ever After Syndrome
What Vanessa’s recent focus group reveals about teens and twenty-somethings and their unrealistic look on the way they see life panning out.

Do Boys and Girls Feel Differently?
Applying basic emotional differences between men and women explored in Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus to teen boys and girls.

Why Young Adults Need Alone Time
Four ways teens benefit from alone time, and how parents can feel good about giving them the time and space they need.

Why Teens Imitate Their Friends
The fine line between teen’s hard wired need to imitate and the social pressures to imitate their friends.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Kids Right Now
Helpful conversation starters to help you tackle the inevitable moment when your kid stops being a kid and becomes a teenager.

5 Most Common Parent-Kid Fights and How to Stop Them
Parent readers will be familiar with these common fights, but perhaps we can offer some new solutions.

5 Things Every Teen Wants Their Parent to Know
A useful guide to every parent trying to improve their relationship with their teen.

20 Most Obnoxious Things Teens Say
We wrote an article for Barnes and Noble for our new book.

How to Tell When Your Teen Is Lying to You
Do you know when your kid is being honest? Here are a few helpful hints.

Interview About Our Website at Starterly

Teens Who Can’t Feel: Empathopenia
Teen bullies and the decreased empathy; one explanation on the recent cyberbullying epidemic.

Does Your Teen Self-Sabotage?
Two ways teens self-sabotoge and how we can help them to stop.

10 Ways to Make Life With Your Parents Easier
The hip teen girl magazine, Justine, recently published one of Vanessa’s articles.

Teen Driving 101: A Parent’s Guide
Though it’s a teens dream come true, it’s a parent’s greatest fear: the drivers license! Here are 4 tips for parents to prepare for the inevitable.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Teen?
These are some great questions for both parents and teens to help start important conversations and bring you closer to each other.

3 Most Common Questions Parents Have
Highlights from Vanessa’s interview, along with two of our teen interns, with Vicki Hoefle of the Parenting On Track™ Home Program

Menopause and Puberty: A Deadly Combination
Blame it on the hormones. Many misunderstandings between menopausal women and their teens occur because of the surprisingly similar hormonal changes they are going through.

Public Journaling: Why Teens Love to Share All
Four currently popular sites where teens share their lives online.

Why We Must Teach Social Skills in School
This article is a call to all of us to begin to think about how social illiteracy is effecting the next generation and how we can counteract the negative effects and build the positive ones.

The Future of Play
Vanessa talks about the decline of play in our kids’ lives and what she hopes for future of play.

New Teen Trend: Microvolunteering
How this new way of doing good is taking off amongst the current teen generation.

Ark Music Factory: The New Birthday Gift…A Music Video?
How Ark Music Factory, the company responsible for Youtube sensation Rebecca Black, is satisfying needs for both teens and their parents.

5 Things Every Teen Wants Their Parent to Know
You will be surprised at the same topics that come up again and again from our teen interns.

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m a Recovering Controloholic
A personal look into why there are “Control Freaks” and what we can do to help them.

Best Videos of Kids 2011
These hilarious and adorable Youtube videos of kids will make your day.

Our 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time
From mom blogs to conversation starters to cotton candy friends, our most popular articles of all time.

50 Best Parenting Books 2011
The top parenting books of the year, divided into categories: for parents of teens, for parents of kids of all ages, on school, career, college and testing and on special topics.

Speaking at the Read, Write, Web Conference: Kidgenuity
Vanessa will speak about teens and the future of technology at the upcoming Read, Write, Web conference in New York.

15 Best Virtual Worlds for Kids, Teens and Tweens

The best virtual worlds divided by age group range from the classic, like Neopets, to serious gaming, like World of Warcraft.

10 Icebreakers and Party Games for Kids, Tweens and Teens
The perfect way to overcome those inevitably awkward get-to-know-you moments.

Is Private University Worth It? 85% of College Grads Move Home This Year
This staggering statistic raises a very important questions for parents and their college-bound teens.10 Great Teen and Tween

Conversation Starters and Table Topics
How to have more meaningful conversations with your teens than weekend schedules and what’s for dinner.

New CNN Column: Perfectionist Parents and Their Always Lacking Teens
Vanessa’s CNN column this week talks about perfectionist parents and the effect of this syndrome on their kids.

When Kids Spend Time Doing Nothing: How to Avoid Empty Calorie Time
Why many teens (and adults!) resort to “empty calorie” activities like perusing their Facebook newsfeed or playing around with their computer settings and how we can encourage them to be more productive.

10 Best and Worst iPhone Apps for Teens and Parents
There are a slew of really useful apps like iTopic for conversation starters, or iWonder for parental control software on the phone, and a slew of useless apps like Annoy-a-Teen, which is exactly what is sounds.

Sample Cell Phone Contract for Kids and Parents
A contract that both teen and parent have equal say in can be an effective way for parents to ensure their teen uses his or cell phone appropriately.

The Death of Osama bin Laden: A Careful Celebration for Teens and College Students
How young adults used online social networks to celebrate, discuss or debate the recent death of Osama bin Laden.

Self-Talk: The Story We Tell Ourselves, About Ourselves
Sometimes, being aware of our own inner-dialogue can be enough to change bad habits into good.

How Parents Can (Successfully) Help Kids With Homework
Four positive ways parents can help their teens with school work, without leading to fights or unfinished homework altogether.

The [Paradox] of Teen Rudeness
Though teen rudeness towards parents can be a sign of closeness, it is not the healthiest form of expression. How to channel your teens energies into something positive.

How to Get What Your Teen to Say Yes [Study]
Drawing from a basic study conducted on lawn signs, learn how starting small can yield big results when it comes to getting your teens to say yes.

Why Fireworks and Kids Don’t Mix
On a camping trip in the summer of ‘94 Vanessa learned a very important lesson.

10 Secrets to Help Teens Emotionally Grow-Up
How to help your teen develop emotional intelligence, and better prepare them for the inevitable highs and lows of high school, college and beyond.

How to Have A Productive Parent-Teacher Conference
6 tips for parents to make the most out of their parent-teacher conferences.

Internalized Fat-Phobia: Is Your Mind Fatter Than Your Body?
How you know if you have this hurtful mental state that debilitates self-esteem and can possibly lead to eating disorders.

What Happens in the Brain When Teens Are Bullied?
Four different effects bullying has on the teenage brain.

The Rise of Narcissism: Are We Terrified of Being Ordinary?
Six ways being “ordinary” is truly extraordinary.

Mom-hacking: Stop Stealing the Spotlight
One-upping each other can be hurtful, how increasing our levels of empathy can help.

News Flash: Facebook is deleting accounts of 20,000 underage and teen users per day!
The Facebook crackdown on teens.

Why Teens Often Don’t Act Upset, But Are
All teens do not express their emotions the same, which does not mean they aren’t feeling anything!

The Science (and Power) of Cliques
A heartbreaking story teaches us the importance of friendship.

Teen Culture: Is Your Child Different At School Than At Home?
Understanding your teen’s different cultures from School to Home to Sports,  and teaching them how to be genuine in all of them.

Contracts and Parenting
How the simple act of writing something down can improve the productivity in our daily lives.

Great Resources for Parents from Around the Web
There are a ton of great websites, blogs, podcasts, webseries and more on parenting it can be hard to sift through them all. Vanessa has done the leg work and brings you the best web resources for parents.

Thinspiration: An Alarming New Trend for Teen Girls
Defining this scary new trend for parents and how it is so damaging to developing teens.

Failure File for Teens and Parents
How keeping track of your failures can help you get ahead in life.

Parent Alert: Teen’s Smoking K2, Synthetic Marijuana
Another scary new trend amidst teens that is actually legal in many states.

An Interesting Study on Drug Use Prevention
How an experiment with rats and morphine can help improve our skills in promoting drug prevention to our teens.


Emotional Anorexia
The what, how and why of this common phenomenon, which is growing at the same rate as technological advances.


Why We Should Give Our Teens Less Choice
How limiting choices allow for better decision-making and happier teens.


Teen Lie to Me
The hit Fox TV show can teach us something about teen lie detection.


Are You Depressed? Your Kids Might Be Too
Our kids learn a lot from us. Let’s make sure they aren’t learning how to be depressed.
The Science of Teens: What Parents Need to Know
Top five notes about teen brains that all parents should know.
Social Intelligence: Teaching Social Skills to Teens and Kids
A round up from some of the top resources on the importance of learning Social Intelligence.
What Should You Do If You Think Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied?
Vanessa answers this important question in a step-by-step video guide.

Unique Parenting Tip: Why You Should Use Positive Threats
“Positive threats” and how they are scientifically proven to work for your teen.

How to Stop Your Child from Procrastinating?
In this digital age there are a plethora of distractors from whatever task at hand. Vanessa offers some solutions to the inclination to procrastinate in her digital column.

Please, Fight In Front Of Your Kids
Fighting can be good if we are able to show our kids how to work through conflict lovingly.

How to Get Your Kids Into Hollywood
An insiders look from the producer of Suite Life of Zach and Cody.
Anti-Cyberbullying and Internet Safety DVDs for 3rd-9th Graders
Finally, a great resource to teach Internet safey to our technology-dependent kids.

Cyberslacking: When Procrastination Goes Digital
From texting to Facebook browsing, there are plenty of ways these days to do anything but the task at hand.

The Boomerang Generation: When Kids Return Home
Three main issues with your kids moving back home and how to deal with them.

Inspiring Teen: Chantel Christie
Positive role model, Chantel, does it all, as a writer, model, actor, singer, producer and philanthropist.

Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama Book Review
Why the President’s children’s book is a great read for all.

Moms of Boys: Tips, Tricks and Advice to Bond
Though it may seen difficult to strengthen the mother-son relationship during the teen years, it is possible! Here are some bonding ideas to help mothers grow closer with their sons.

Getting a Teen to Do Something They Don’t Like
A six-step guide to getting your typical stubborn teen to do the things they don’t always want to do.
Can We Teach Social Literacy?
What social literacy is and how RadicalParenting is helping to improve it amongst teens and adults alike.
Is Your Teen Passive Aggressive?
How to handle teen passive aggressiveness and help them become more aware of their behavior and become better communicators.

Why Your Teenager Feels Immortal
This universal teen phenomenon can be addressed in a few ways to protect their health and safety.

Digitally Grounded: Discipline in a Technological Era
To discipline teens these days, it takes a lot more than a simple order to “Go to your room!”

How To Read Your Teen’s Face
A simple roll of the eye or a crack in a smile can say a lot about what your teen is really thinking.

Teen Peer Pressure: When Teens Become Stunted By Their Friends
Peer pressure is more than pressure to do something, it is often pressure to not do something. Here are some great talking points to explore this issue with your teen.

Can We Subconsciously Prime Kids to Behave?
How we can influence our teens to behave positively and respectfully through our emails, texts and other forums of communication.

Jewish Teenagers: How Jewish Identity Is Changing for Young People
Four ways the younger generation embraces their Jewish identity.

Why Teen’s Have A Deep Sense of Justice
Having a better understanding of your teen’s sense of injustice can lessen the arguments and teen angst and bring you closer together.

Teens “Just Hanging Out”
This dreaded phrase does not always mean what you think it means. Parents, start a dialogue with your teen and ease those fears!

8 Helpful (and Quirky) Websites for Moms
These websites will save moms time and energy- from a site that keeps track of bills to a site where you can vent to other moms.

Are Teens Outsourcing Their Ability to Make Decisions?
Four websites that help make decisions for us could be hurting our own decision-making skills.

10 Offline Hobbies That Can Now Be Online
Traditional hobbies move online and still remain fun and creative.

Jewish Parents: How to Get Teens To Keep Engaged After 13 Three reasons Vanessa decided to continue studying her faith long after her Bat Mitzvah.

10 Helpful (and Quirky) Websites for Moms
Fun sites to give moms a breather from their usual day-to-day work and to make that daily grind a little easier.

How to Argue with Your Teens
6 ways to argue with your teens in a healthy, productive manner.

The Only Child: 5 Tips for Raising Only Children
Healthy ways to keep a balanced upbringing for your only child.

Have You ‘Boxed’ In Your Teens? Vanessa challenges parents to see if they have put limits on their kids by categorizing…both negatively and positively.
The Bully Talk
Why the Bully Talk is as important as the Drug Talk, Money Talk and the Sex Talk

How and Why You Should Cultivate Mistakes
3 ways mistakes are good for you and how to learn from them.

Do We Teach Ourselves To Settle at Misery?
Everyone deserves to be happy, so why do we always give in and accept pain?

Why Teen Girls Like Jerks
4 ways the “bad boy” phenomenon has trickled down to teenage girls.

When Your Teen Does Something ‘Bad’ Should You Punish or Let it Slide?
Finding balance when raising your teens means choosing your battles wisely.

Hey, What Do You Think of Me?
Three websites allow teenagers the anonymity to cyberbully their peers by answering this simple question.

The 10 Weirdest Technologies for Moms
Though some phone applications and websites for moms seem a little over the top, they are actually quite useful!

What Do You Talk to Your Kids About?
Improve your relationship with your teens by improving the quality of your conversations with them.

My Teen Communication Commandments
Ten communication Do’s and Don’ts which can steer your teen in the right direction. But we didn’t say it will be easy!

THINGS YOU NEVER HEAR FROM A TEEN/ PARENT [HUMOR] Could you imagine if your child begged you to go to summer school, or if your parents raved about your new goth look? No? That’s because they wouldn’t!

HOT TEEN TREND: SILLY BANDZ Why is this trend sweeping the nation?

Don’t let texting, tweeting and emailing get in the way of developing your teen’s writing skills.

Facebook isn’t just for friends- it can be a a great tool to use for family bonding!

Grasping At Motivation: For Teens and Parents
An article I wrote about how teens can get more motivated!

Advice to Teen Girls: When Your Parents Embarrass You
7 questions and answers that will guide both parents and their daughters to a healthier relationship.

Kids, Teens and Spelling
With the onslaught of technology, one of the fundamentals kids are leaving behind is spelling. Here are ways we can discourage spell check and encourage spelling skills.

Summer Hot Teen Book Pick: The Hunger Games Cast
This summer’s Twilight has all the teens glued to its pages. Here are our thoughts on the ideal cast for the movie version of the book, Hunger Games, due out next year.

Mom Life: What Type of Mom Are You
Vanessa appears on this heartwarming show about what it means to be a mother.

Lack of Eye Contact with Young People
4 reasons why this growing trend amongst young people has Vanessa worried, and 4 ways we can improve it.

“Classmates I’d Like to Make Babies With”
Teens creating lists is nothing new, but some of the topics are, from the brazen to the bizarre.

Teens Getting High on Nutmeg?
A disturbing new trend hits the news. Do you believe it? See it for yourself.

Picky (Teen) Eaters
Help expand your teen’s palate with a few of our tips.

Video Playdates, Movie Nights and Study Sessions via Skype
Live video capability on our computers can come in handy for all aspects of our lives, from schooling to socializing.

The Importance of Male Role Models for Boys
Five reasons we need strong male role models for our young boys just as much as we need strong female ones for our young girls.

Affirming a Child’s Self-Love in a “Different-Functional” Family
Tips from both Vanessa and author Lori Hilliard for parents going through divorce and dealing with their children during this difficult time.

Recipe for the Perfect Dad
Vanessa and her siblings give the gift of love this father’s day, in the form of a sweet and thoughtful poem!

Today’s Youth Attitude: If You Don’t Try, You Can’t Fail
3 ways we can help our teens’ battle with the fear of failure.

Narculture 101: Teen Pot Smoking Etiquette
Six teen-devised rules of youth pot culture.

Quality Life, Quantity Life
Valuing our family life by way of quality, not quantity.

What Tweens Worry About
14 things that 6th and 7th graders worry about. How they’re similar and how they differ may surprise you.

Recipe For the Perfect Mom
A sweet and honest poem celebrating moms.

The Nag Factor: How to Get Kids to Stop Nagging YOU
6 ways to break your kid’s bad nagging habits.

Dear Vanessa: Letter to My Younger Self
9 things Vanessa would say to her 13-year old self.

Your Body is Not A Disneyland
Vanessa and Dr. Erik Fisher team up to help spread the important message that we must take good care of our bodies, as we only get one.

Advice for Teen Girls Column: Why We Don’t Need Drugs
Girls can be vulnerable to the pressures of doing drugs. It is important to know why we may feel those pressures and why we don’t need drugs so when the times comes when we are put face to face with them, we can make responsible decisions.

If Kids Were Computers…
Helpful tips to learn the operating systems of a teen, much like the operating systems of different computers.

The “Not My Kid” Syndrome
How many parents’ close-mindedness to the reality of their teen’s life can perpetuate the scary behavior such as drugs, drinking, bullying, etc.

The Busy Paradox
4 ways to combat this paradox by having successful days, that aren’t insanely busy.

10 Ways to Teaching Common Internet Sense to Teens
The Internet is simply a fact of life these days. It is important to relate to your teens some common Internet safety concerns such as cyberbullying and privacy.

How Are We Programmed to See Teens?
How to de-program ourselves from viewing teens a certain way in order to better understand them.

阅读我们的中文文章: We Are In Chinese!
For our Chinese readers, we have launched our Radical Parenting programs in Chinese and are now seeking Mandarin-speaking interns!

Will You Go to Prom With Me? …On Youtube
The pros and cons of this on-the-verge trend, to ask your prom date out on Youtube!

Best Parenting Articles by Michele Borba
Top articles from fellow teen parenting expert, Michele Borba.

The pros and cons to this growing trend. What is Formspring and why has everyone been so quick to sign on?

Parent Bloggers: Join Our Network
Get just the advice you need to start or grow your blog and make money while doing it!

The 10 Difficult People Teens Have to Put Up With…and How to Deal
Learning how to deal with these different types of people a teen encounters during their early years can be lessons worth a lifetime.

Babysitter Certification
Master the art of babysitting with this online course, especially designed for our readers.

Next Teen Online Trend:

Our teen writers have already begun writing about this for their April article, which is further proof that, the latest Facebook-rival, is already a full-fledged online teen trend.

Nazi Teens

An ironic image from the growing online teen trend, ChatRoulette, provides a harsh reminder that hate and discrimination still exist. We need to constantly teach our children to be kind, tolerant and open-minded.

Teen Bucket Lists

How to make a teen bucket list, all the things you want to do before college or in life. Makes for a great bonding activity!

10 Best Resources for Young Entrepreneurs, Kid Inventors and Teen Businessmen

How to encourage youth to become successful entrepreneurs.

What is an Urban Nomad?

10 ways to embrace this popular globe-trotting life-style amongst teens and twenty-somethings.

Family Geocaching 101

5 examples to use geocoaching, like a high-tech scavenger hunt, to bond with your family.

5 Ways The Internet Has Changed Teen Dating

The pros and cons to the new way teens date due to the Internet being a part of their everyday lives.

Teen Hazing: What Parents Should Know

Hazing comes in different forms and at different extremes. What parents need to know about this scary trend, which exists at all different age levels.

5 Things Parents Should Know About ChatRoulette

When teens used to go online only to chat with friends, ChatRoulette gives a reason they may chat with strangers. The dangers of this new online trend.

Teaching Teen Girls: 5 Signs A Guy Is Only Interested in Sex

A parent’s guide to teach their daughters this very important dating lesson.

10 Tips: Want to Give Your Kid Their Own Blog?

It may seem scary to let your kid have a public online outlet, but if done safely, blogging can be a great way for your kid to be creative and to become a better writer.

Counter-Intuitive Methods for Parenting Successful Kids

Five things that matter and five that don’t in raising smart and successful kids. The list may surprise you.

Bullying From the Bully’s Perspective

Four things to remember about bullies that may help you next time you’re being bullied.

When Kids Get Their Single Parents to Date Online

Online dating bridges the generation gap and allows kids to help out their single parents looking for love.

The Radical Parent Workbook: Child Activity Book and Family Journal

Radical Parenting’s latest book helps families bond through questionnaires, journal prompts and other creative projects.

Understanding Generational Differences Through Slang
Short attention spans even apply to casual slang. Vanessa gives a few examples of how certain slang words have shifted over a very short amount of time.

How the iPad is Going to Change Teenagers
Five ways the iPad is going to change the next generation of teenagers, some for the better.

Advice for Teen Entrepreneurs

Thinking about starting your own website or blog or publishing your own book? Get some great insight from Vanessa and David Garland from Rise to the Top.

I think I am really bad at…
Help Vanessa make RadicalParenting even better this year, by telling us what you want to see more of!

Book Review: Frog or Prince? By Kaycee Jane
Fun dating advice that can double as a girls night, bonding over similar frog or prince stories and dilemmas discussed in the book.

10 Weirdest Trends for Teens in 2010
Vanessa makes her predictions for the top strangest trends teens will follow this year.

Featured on Rise to the Top: How to Capture the Youth Market
Watch Vanessa’s interview on The Rise to the Top by David Siteman Garland.

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Superhero Parent

Four reasons why being a superhero parent isn’t all that heroic.

20/20 Parenting

A four-step guide to being the “right” kind of parent for your child.

The CliffsNotes Guide to Parenting

The five things teens wish their parents knew.

The 10 Ultimate MISTAKES Parents Make

Vanessa’s shares the top mistakes she sees parents make, from being jealous of their kids to pressuring them too much.

Internet Addiction Disorder: 10 Tips If You Have An Addiction to the Internet

With the Internet being such a prominent part in most of our lives, its easy to get caught up in the virtual world and not realize you could be addicted to it!

The Top 10 Worst Excuses Parents and Teens Make

Making positive changes in your life stem from asking for help, but often help is hard to ask for. Here are the 10 reasons why.

10 Questions You Need to Ask the People You Love

A cool way to get to know those we love ever more, and for them to get to know us better.

Ball Tapping: A New Perverse Teen Trend?

Vanessa defines this disturbing new trend, though she cannot explain why more and more teens are participating.

5 Messy Teen Sex and Relationship Issues You NEED to Talk to Your Kids About

There’s more to the “Sex Talk” than just the birds and the bees. What every parent must discuss with their teen.

The Importance of Change

If a juvenile criminal can become an honest and successful business man and family man, than anyone can change. The first step is to learn how to embrace it and not fear it.

5 Lessons Teens Should NOT Take From Twilight

Though the teen blockbuster sensation has plenty of entertainment, not all the messages it sends to young viewers are good. Parents can go over our list of Twilight talking points to start important discussions with their teens.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Tweens 2009

They say it’s the little things that count, right? Well, here are our picks for thoughtful stocking stuffers your kids will love.

Top Gifts for Teens: The Best Gifts for 2009

Our teen gift guide, just in time for the holiday season.

Virtual Campuses: How School Has Gone Online

From middle school to college, campuses are moving online by way of virtual message boards, office hours and more.

Teen Translator: What It Means When Your Kid Says…

Sometimes it can feel teens have a language of their own. Radical Parenting translates the top phrases and tones for you.

The Best Virtual World for Kids: Yoursphere

Our sponsor this week is the top parent-approved social network and resource for teens online.

5 Ways Students Can Use Free Websites to Virtually Study

How the Internet can be a great source for free study aids, like virtual flash cards and Skype or iChat.

Teens Cutting: 5 Things to Know About Teens Who Cut Themselves

Cutting, self mutilation and self harm is a huge concerns for teens and parents now.  Get some info about this scary trend.The Top 10 Problems with the Internet for Youth

From online gambling to online harassment, some common concerns of youth and the Internet.

Social Networks for Teachers and Students: 5 Ways to Use Them

There are many ways social networks can enhance education, like having online debates and combining fun with school work.
Cursing Kids: 6 Ways to Stop Teens and Cussing Children

Casual cursing is increasing, from tweens to teens. Learn the cursing trends and how to stop them.

6 Ways to Increase Youth’s Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is often at the core of most teen’s issues. These 6 steps will help us make our teens feel great about themselves.

5 New Types of Moms….or Momikers

What are the new types of moms? Are you a cosmomom? How about a MomCEO?

10 Best Educational Online Games for Students

How educational online games are making school fun for students of all ages.

10 Ways to Use Wikis in the Classroom

As schoolwork goes virtual, learn how to keep up with the latest online tools like Wikis.

10 Best Virtual Worlds for Teens, Tweens and Kids

From penguin avatars to Toon Town, now there is a virtual world for every age.

Emailing Teachers: 5 Tips to Successfully Email Teachers

As schooling becomes more and more virtual (e-books, online homework, etc) it is important to learn how to develop proper relationships with teachers online as well as in class.

The Perfect Syndrome: 10 Things You Need to Know

We all strive for this illusive “perfect”, but this can be a dangerous goal.

Teens, Faith and Happiness: 10 Tips to Encourage Youth to Be Religious

The benefits of religion amongst teens and how to incorporate it into their lives without scaring them away.

5 Reasons the Next Generation Might be Socially Illiterate

Ironically, the more social networks we integrate into our daily lives, the less socially literate we may become.

Fingerboarding: What is Fingerboarding and Why Youth Love It

Four reasons this harmless “sport” has become so popular amongst teens.

Family Video Makeover: Day 2 and 3 Family Meetings with Kids

25 days worth of questions, challenges and activities for your family. A look inside Day 2 and 3.

10 Ways to Teach Smart Decision-Making

Vanessa’s tips to good decision-making whether for a fellow employee, a child or a friend.

Emoticon Translations: Top 20 Teen Emoticons Defined
With new technologies, comes new forms of communication which we are not necessarily taught. Here Vanessa breaks down them most used emoticons.

Obama’s Back to School Speech: 5 Points for Obama’s Speech to Students
What Vanessa hopes Obama will address in his Sept 8th speech to students.

Art of Child Maintenance: If Teens Were Like Cars
How are family meetings like oil checks? Or tough times like tough weather? Vanessa lists five ways teens are like cars.

25 Day Family Video MakeUnder

In this series, 25 Day Family Makeunder, Vanessa Van Petten and Radical Teen writers put together 25 days worth of challenges and activities to help your family re-start, re-energize and re-connect.

6 Ways to Multi-Task

It is important to teach middle school students how to multi-task effectively.  We want to make sure students are studying well.

How to be More Efficient

Have you ever sat down yourself or with your child to do homework and it just moves so slowly? This is a problem with efficiency and we consider efficiency an ultimate study skill and give you some easy tips for it.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Middle school students are young enough to learn how to avoid procrastination habits early.  If they learn to use study skills early, their grades will benefit significantly.

These tips will increase your efficiency while studying and help your grades.

Reading Study Skills: How to Memorize As You Read

This is a great skill to practice early.  Many people do not apply study skills to reading, but we think it is a great way to absorb your reading and study as you do homework reading.

Reading Study Skills: How to Speed Read

SPEED READING takes practice and we show you how to do it.  Speed reading can be perfect for certain types of homework assignments especially history or science reading.  Speed reading can also help you study and review the text before you go into a test (and you wouldn’t normally have time to read it–but now you will!).

5 Tips for Wandering Workers

Do you have a wandering worker? Are you a wandering worker? Find out!

Pros and Cons of Virtual Studying

More and more of school is going online.  Here are some of our favorite free tools.

How to Cure School Burn-Out

Usually middle school students aren’t burned out yet.  But you might want to read this article to prepare for the end of school blues.

10 Best Educational Online Games for Students

Middle school students love to play games online! It can actually help with learning and giving study skills techniques. Here are our favorites.

Better work area, means faster at homework.  Get your study central in order and apply these study skills to your routine.

Back-to-School Shopping List: School Supply List

Have you done this list of school supplies yet?

6 Ways to Lighten a Backpack

When you have a backpack that is bigger than you, you know you need to improve your study skills and organization.  That is what we talk about here!

Back to School Tips

Here are an array of back to school tips for you to check out!

Virtual College Admissions 101: Your University Guide

From the initial application process to your first orientation, learn how college admissions has gone virtual and what this means for generations to come.

How to Tell If Teens Are Lying to You

Can you tell when your teen is being honest with you? Here are some tried tips for distinguishing when your teen is being honest, or lying.

10 Essential Compromises for Divorced Parents

Divorce can be messy and painful enough as it is. Ease the tension by working out certain essential duties between you and your spouse.
Parent’s Dilemma: Depowerizing Children
Five ways parents misinterpret their child’s behavior and how this can create a larger rift between them and their child.

Online ‘Drivers’ License: Should You Need to Pass a Test to Use the Internet?

The Internet can be a big, scary world, and yet children as young as 3 or 4 are online. Technology is definitely a way of life. But, maybe we can better prepare our young children to navigate the World Wide Web.

Teaching Teen Girls: 5 Signs A Guy Is Only Interested in Sex

Sadly, this is a lesson that every girl needs to learn and sometimes a guy’s real motives isn’t always obvious.

Can You Teach Ambition?

Not all teens instinctively know what they want in life; sometimes they needed a little guidance whether it’s from their own parents or an outside role model.

Virtual Grown Ups: 6 Ways Kids Seem Older Than You
Have you ever had to teach your parent to use the computer, an iPod? Vanessa has! And it wasn’t easy. Through technology, and their extensive knowledge of it, teens can sometimes seem older than grown-ups!

8 Teen Slang Words That Should Exist
At this point we’ve all heard of sexting, cyberbullying and hickeys. But what about sexgesting, eGuiltBullying or bickeys? Vanessa gives her update on teen slang words, which are relevant to the teen world today.

The Best Unique Activities for Teens in Los Angeles, CA

Through such a vast and sprawling city as LA, finding things to do can be overwhelming. As an LA native herself, Vanessa breaks down the best teen activities in her beloved city from Chinatown to Santa Monica- she’s got it covered.

Spectrum of Online Relationships: The 12 Degrees of Virtual Friends
From a real life friend to just a virtual-mutual acquaintance, online relationships often mirror offline relationships and require the same boundaries and unspoken rules.

Degrees of Facebookability: Why Did You Join (or not)?
Vanessa tells us what she really thinks. The top 8 reasons she hears most when people explain why they joined the big FB and why she’s tired of hearing them.

Teaching Kids Gratitude: 7 Thank You Note Musts
The importance of thank you notes, a long lost person-to-person tool we should all bring back.

4 Tips for Parents Dealing With Shared Custody
Divorce is difficult enough as it is, here are tips to make the back-and-forth of shared custody less painful.

Day in the Life of a Canadian Family
See what an average day is for the teens and parents of the Daly family and how Canadian life isn’t all that different from American life.

Best YouTube Videos for Kids That Parents Can Stand
From shadow puppets to a special trip after the dentist, these videos will have both teens and parents entertained!

A Brazen Careerist: Looking Back Through 2 Years of Entrepreneurship
Vanessa gives us insight into the success of her company; the top 7 things she’s learned so far, her entrepreneurial time line and her current goals.

Familynomics: Laissez-Faire, Marxist and Keynesian Parenting

Vanessa applies Economic Theories to parenting for her next book, Parenting is Flat.

Meet A Few of Our Interns

We have a power team of very talented interns- get to know a few of them!

Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens
Magicians, cake and paper invites just don’t cut it anymore. Here are ten original party ideas for the modern teen.

Youthology: Tween and Teen Trends’s new insight on how youth think, act and behave and why.

The Power of Excuses: 5 Types of Useful Scapegoats
When honesty is not the best policy, a scapegoat may be the answer. From getting out of drinking or drugs, to declining a business offer, sometimes a good excuse is better than the truth.

50 Best Books for Teens and Tweens

Our teen interns put together an extensive and diverse guide to the best books for teens and tweens.

Phone-Phobia: Why the Next Generation Won’t Pick-Up
Six steps to getting a phone-loather to answer that call and why teens and tween hate talking over texting.

Kids Who Play Online Games: 10 Tips and Insights
From homework games to social games, this list shows how not all gaming is bad gaming.

Enablers: What You Need to Know About the Human Spoons in Your Life
A guide to the positive and negative ways enablers can affect your life. Do you have a friend/parent/kid who enables a good or bad behavior, here is how to recognize and change that person.

Shoplifting: 5 Facts About Teens and Tweens Who Steal
A fresh look on an old problem. What to do about youth who are tempted to steal.

Toddlers and Teens: How to Deal With Your Kid’s Age Gaps
Children of different ages have different needs; this article explores how to keep everyone happy.

Study Skills Bootcamp Webinar for Parents and Students
Summer is the perfect time to brush up on those study skills and to get ahead in the next school year.

The New Bible: Twilight [Mini-Article]
A look at the obsessive culture, which surrounds the teen hit book series.

Touching Teens: Hugs, Hand Holding and Non-Sexual Cuddling [Mini-Article]
A quick guide to start the dialogue with your teens about the different types of touching and it’s effect on people.

Efficiency is the Greatest Gift [Mini-Article]
A mini-guide to how efficiency boosts a teen’s self-esteem

Roommate or Child: 5 Steps When Your Kid Moves Home
Living at home the second time around can be a whole other challenge: this article lays some groundwork to ease the pain. Also if you have kids who are home for the summer, what you can do and how you can balance.

The Most Underrated and Over Abused Teen Activity: Doodling
Doodling may get a bad rap, but there are more benefits to it than you may think. Light article.

Top 10 Teachable Moments in Your Life
Sometimes life presents itself with the perfect opportunities to share an important life-lesson. Check these out, create some or see if you have missed any.

Social Networking Fatigue: 7 Ways It Will Affect You
Though there are many benefits to the fifty plus social networks out there, why sometimes we could all use a break.

What Kids Do When Parents Are Out
Teens list the usual and somewhat surprising things they do when the parents are gone.

7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids With Job Searches
A guides for parents to help the job search in an ever-changing market.

Personal Branding for Teens: 7 Steps to Teach and Learn It A guide to keeping your or your teen’s online reputation as you see fit. Just like parents talk to their kids about dressing appropriately and manners in the real world, they need to talk about how kids should manage their online reputation

Babysitters for Tweens and Teens? 6 Tips to Get the Best Sitter How to find the perfect match for your teen and how a babysitter plays a larger role in your teen’s life.

50 Best Parenting Books for Families with Teens and Tweens Our teen team has finally selected the winenrs of the 50 Best Parenting Books! This is a detailed, categorized list of parenting books dealing with issues for parents of teens and tweens from testing to texting.

The Age of Negotiation: 7 Ways to stop a Kid-Lawyer Can your child talk their way out of anything? This article will help you draw the line.

Biting: A New Teen Trend A post about a disturbing new trend and six possible explanations for it.

Guilt Bullies: 8 Ways to Recognize Passive Aggressiveness Not all bullies are physical. This post explores other ways teens can get pushed around and how to deal with it.

10 Lessons Parents Never Teach Teens….But Should [Humor] A funny post about lessons that you should teach your kids before they turn into adults…how to stop a fart? Oh yes, it is there too.

Teens and Masturbation:If You Catch Your Child Masturbating An awkward topic to say the least, but something all parents of kids 11 and up NEED TO READ.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Pick the Perfect School Are you working on turning in college acceptances? Here is an article on how you can help your kid pick the perfect school.

5 Parenting Love Languages Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages is the motivation for this article.  Does your child speak physcial touch? How about gift-giving? Know what love language your child speaks, so you can make them feel loved.

Lying Teens: 5 Types of Kid’s Fibs, White Lies and Exxagerations Lots of teens and kids lie, but when does it cross a line and when should you be worried? Here are a few ways to tell the difference and know your teen is not the only one fibbing.

Radical Family Bonding Time You need to take advantage of the time that needs to be quality over quantity! Here are a few tips for parents and families to bond with each other and not make family time miserable.

Interview with Blogher Founder and Writer, Jory Des Jardins Love Jory! Here is our interview with the founder of BlogHer and author of the blog, Pause.

What Being a Step Child is Like If you are a step parent or step child you should read this article about what it is like to be a step child and a few tips like the Cinderella Syndrome and title anxiety.

The Danger of Boredom: 10 Ideas for Anti-Boredom Lists I think boredom is the major cause of cyberbullying, teen partying and teen drug use, in this article see why and how to tackle this issue.

Launch: Teen Speakers Bureau We have some awesome teen trendsetters and interns, here we have finally launched our teen speakers bureau!

Winnie the Pooh’s Guide to Raising Teenagers Have you ever thought that Winnie the Pooh might be able to share some knowledge on raising teenagers? Do you have an Eeyore in your house?

Embracing Life’s Grey: 5 New Perspectives on Boundaries in Your Life
This article is about the times in life that are not quite black and white and trying to teach these areas to teens and kids.
Staycations: 7 Cheap Activities at Home
In this economy we need to learn to enjoy staying at home.  The movie theater is the new vacation.  Learn how to stay cheap, while staying home.

5 Types of Moms What kind of mom are you and what kind of mom do you have? Here are all of your favorite mommy types.

The Fastest Growing Teen YouTube Video: Fred Fred is a teenage boy who strives to be a chipmunk, or Cartman from Southpark, I can’t tell which, but this is the most subscribed YouTube channel in history.

7 Ways to Run a Great Family Meeting Quality, not necessarily quantity family time is essential for family bonding and communication.  Here you can get templates, activity ideas and rules for great
family meetings.

5 Code Cracking Perspectives on Digital Kids Some unique and different advice on understanding digital teens, tweens and kids.  Parents of kids of all ages should read this article.

Why MySpace is a Nightclub and Facebook is a Sorority Facebook is the new sorority, haven’t you heard? MySpace is just like a nightclub, see these funny comparisons.

The Internet Talk: Parent Talking Points for Each Age Here I break down the Internet talk into talking points and topics for each age group to help parents.  The Internet talk is the new sex talk

In the Age of Entitlement: Want vs. Need Do teens and kids today really understand the difference between “I need it” and “I want it”?  Here I talk about the “entitled generation” and what parents can do about it.

Parent Chauffeur: 10 Essentials for Parents Who Drive Teens and Tweens Yes, here are my 10 tips for parents who drive teens and teenagers…or as my mom used to say, the personal taxi service.

10 Best Board Games for Families with Teens and Tweens I love board games! Here are my favorites, feel free to add yours in the comments.

8 Examples Why Websites Are the New Teen BFF You love hanging our with a website, you can become obsessed, it’s where you turn when your sad….are websites the new teen and tween best friend?

Teens and the Phone: Old-School Parenting A phone? Like a real phone? What are the rules and etiquette when it comes to a landline phone? Get a refresher.

Step Dad and Daughter Speaking Engagements Want to hear from a real step and daughter who have made it through the tough times and come out on top? Vanessa and her step-dad have anecdotes, advice and stories to help and inspire you.

Virtual Studying: Are Students Actually Working? iChat study sessions? Virtual flashcards? Wiki study guides?  Are all of the Internet study techniques actually working? How has studying changed for the net-generation student.

Netiquette Class for Teens and Tweens I am teaching a Netiquette class, get enrolled before we reach capacity!

Thank You Readers

Father Daughter Speaking Events I am now going to be doing speaking events and engagements with my dad.  We talk about father daughter bonding, the ups and downs of our relationships and much more!

iPod Addiction: 8 Pros vs Cons and How to Balance Do your kids have perma-earbuds in their ears?  I worry about the constant need for young people to listen to music all the time.

Best Parenting Articles from Judith Warner of the New York Times I love Judith Warner’s column in the New York Times column for parents, here are my favorites for parents and we were lucky enough to get an interview with her.

Girl + Mom = Whole Woman Here is a new concept I would love you mom’s to try on.  What if girls develop the opposite qualities of their mothers because girls want to make their lives complete?

How to Make Sure Teens Party Sober Partying is huge right now! How can parents make sure that teens party sober? Here are some tips for how to talk to your kids and encourage them to stay clean and safe.

5 Funny Stories: Adult Logic is Not Kid Logic Here are some great stories from my childhood and clients about how what teens think, is not what parents do.

Parent By a Community: The First Editable Parenting Book Here is my big announcement! I have been working on a parenting wiki, like wikipedia for parents for the past year, and it is finally in Beta launch–check it out.

How to Go On An Information Diet: Lose Mind Overweight We all go on diets to lose weight, but how about diets for our mind’s overweight? Here are some ways you can go on an information diet and teach your teens to take some mind time off.

Future Criminals: Warning Signs in Young Boys?

I found this report fascinating! Here are the findings after following hundreds of boys from boyhood to adulthood.  They tracked the boys and found correlations with certain adolescent behavior and later criminal behavior.

Best Car Music Both Parents and Teens Can Agree On Long car rides to school do not have to be warzones! Here are my favorite 10 bands for teens and parents to agree on.  What do you think?

How and Why to Self-Publish Your Book I get so many emails asking me about how I self-published my book and tips for working on theirs, so I decided to put it in a post.

What is Professional Blogging? Another question I get all the time is what is professional blogging? This is my official title and I thought I would explain exactly what it is.

The Mom Song Kid’s Response [Humor] Sung to William Tell’s Overture Please watch this video! I sung this song about 1 bijillion times to be able to get it right.  I am literally dreaming William Tell’s Overture.

How and Why to Self-Publish Your Book I get so many emails asking me about how I self-published my book and tips for working on theirs, so I decided to put it in a post.

What is Professional Blogging? Another question I get all the time is what is professional blogging? This is my official title and I thought I would explain exactly what it is.

Do You Have a Momtourage? Think Ari Gold in Heels This is a funny article about the ruling moms of your PTA.  Can moms act like managers…I think so?

Teen Drunk Dialing and Emailing I think is actually a rather serious issue and parents should be aware of it.

10 Reasons Parents Should Not Support Legalizing Marijuana Here I list all of the reasons parents should be against marijuana.

10 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Legalizing Marijuana Here I list all of the reasons parents should be supportive of marijuana.

Best of Jeninne Lee-St. John: Parenting Articles Love Jeninne Lee-St. John of Time magazine, here are some of her best parenting articles and some interview questions.

5 Ways to Deal With a Daughter Who is Obsessed with Boys I used to love Hanson….is your daughter living and breathing Edward Cullen? How about the Jonas Brothers, here are a few ways to help you deal.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Teen’s Risk-Taking Behavior I think it is really important to encourage your kids to take risks to get the “adrenaline push” out of your system.

To Mom: I am Thankful I wrote this for my mom’s birthday, love you mom!

10 Ways to Take Facebook Pictures Like Teens I love teasing my teen sisters and clients about how all teens have the sexy picture, the oops I am flirty picture and a few more doosies.

4 Tricky Ways to Save Money When You Have Teen Shoppers If you have a spender teen, this is a great way to get them to start thinking about saving.

How to Teach Your Kids About Finding Real Friends This is a follow-up to my article about cotton candy friends.

7 Things to Do If You Hate Your Kid’s Friends This seems to be a problem I hear all the time.  If you have problem’s with your kid’s friends here are some tips for how to deal with this sticky situation.

4 Ways to Teach Your Teens About Mental Hygiene How do you teach your kids about having mental sanity? Here I talk a little about information overload, taking breaks and thinking clearly.

Best Unique Gifts for Teens and Tweens Finally, this year’s gift post is up! Check out some ideas for your kids this year.

50 Best Dad Blogs

7 Ways Tweens are Like Puppies [Humor] I swear, you will relate!

The Mashup Syndrome…I think most teens have it (and that’s a good thing!)

Friendiversary, Bromances and Non-Sexual Crushes New teen vocab alert! Check out the new trends in friends.

Manorexia: Teen Boys and Body Image Many people do not realize that boys have just as many body image and self-esteem problems as girls…and sometimes they are more dangerous.

10 Types of Teen Internet Users I loved writing this article, what kind of teen do you have?

5 Tips for Moving with a Teenager

Techno Perfection: Teens Need to Be Perma-Hot I think a lot of teens are struggling with the idea of fame, self-importance and vanity.  The internet, camera phones and HD have changed the way teens think about image.

Momager: Favorite Kid Stars and Moms in Showbiz I had fun with this one, Beyonce, Lohan and Britney pics.

Teens Who Write I had a reader submitted question asking some of my teens on my private social network what they would do id the had the opportunity to get published.  Here are there answers.

Best Resources for Divorced and Separated Families I put together a comprehensive resource guide for all parents who are going through, have gone through or experienced divorce.  My teens and I reviewed books, websites, podcasts and blogs.

7 Facts About Teen Dating Abuse: Smothering and Obsessive Youth I think this is an important trend for parents to be aware of.  Many teen relationships are very obsessive and borderline abusive, here are some facts.

Secret Bitches: 6 Types and How to Avoid Them Oh yes, you know them…the secret bitch, also know as the frenemie and soon-to-be the facebitch.  Talk to your teens about how to avoid these toxic people.

For the Wandering Student and Worker: Traveling Desk Have a student who studies all over the place? This article is for you!

5 Changes About Teens and Freedom…Maybe They Don’t Want It? I have noticed this generation of teens are changing their ideas about getting their licenses, leaving for college and moving out…is it affecting your kids?

Purity Rings vs Vibrating Rings: Teen Attitude War The pure side of teens vs the skanky side, I compare the two and bring you a great PSA response from teens.

5 Most Annoying Teen Habits Sometimes I love my teen clients, sometimes I don’t.

5 Most Annoying Things Your Parents Say I am writing a column called How to Deal with Your Parents for the girls advice site Whatever Life, this is one of my posts.

20 Activities If You Have a Techie Kid What do you do if your teen will not get off the computer, cell phone or ipod? Here are some ideas.

Daddy Daughter Bonding Ideas: How Father’s Can Connect with Teen Girls Are you in the father daughter teen black hole? Don’t worry it does get better…

6th Grade is Mean: Why Middle School Can Be the Meanest I hated 6th grade, and I am quickly learning many of my readers, clients and friends did too. What is going on?

6 Ways to Help Your Kid Be a Teacher Favorite Want to encourage your kids to bond with the teacher…or just get along with them? Here are some tips.

10 Ways to Make Teens More Grateful In honor of September 11th, here are some ways to make teens appreciate how lucky they are (and some for us too!)

How to Be the Prettiest Skinniest Girl in School This was what someone searched into google! I think it speaks to some larger problems with this generation of teen girls…

Best Mommy Blogs This is part II of my earlier post and has some awesome mom blogs listed!

Teen Influencers As you know I am always looking to encourage blossoming writers and entrepreneurs.  I am starting a private group for teens who think they are trendsetters or influencers to comment on current trends, events and ideas.  This will be a place for them to meet others, learn how to express themselves and get some great resume value (I am always looking to create things that help my clients and users get into the jobs/schools they want and get experience!)

What Moms Need to Know About Sarah Palin I try not to get into politics on my blog, but I think this is a really important topic.

A Parent’s Guide to Watching the New 90210 Have you seen the new “Gossip Girls” for LA? Well, that is how I am referring to it.  If your teen is watching this, you should too, or at least know the right questions to ask—its a great opportunity to talk.

10 Best and Worst Things to Say to a Stressed Out Mom This is a fun post about what I think my moms would not like me to say to them when they are stressed.

Dream and Success Worksheet for Your Family What are your kids goals, how do they value success?

5 Ways to Harness Your Sanctimommy and Daddy Time Do you need more time to relax? Now that it is back to school season make sure you are taking enough time for you!

How to Co-View TV with Your Teens and Tweens It is pilot season after-all, this week I talk a lot about parental control and TV.

6 Ways to Be a Parental Sounding Board It is so important to know how to listen to your kids.  Knowing how to listen is the best way to get them talk.

The 10 Strongest Values to Teach Kids What are the top values you want your kids to have when they get older? I listed the 10 I want to have for my kids.

6 Ways a Backpack Is a Mirror into the Teen Soul Is your kid a pocket-packer? How about a hoarder? I see A LOT OF BACKPACKS.  What your kid’s backpack says about them.

Ode to My Internet (my husband) and My Baby (my blog) [Humor] Sometimes it feels like I am married to the web, and the blog is my baby.  Here I wrote a funny poem about this relationship (many people ask me how I spend so much time and energy on my business!)

Cool Parenting Articles and Blogs to Check Out I have a fabulous private social network I run for parent bloggers and family online website owners and I am going to start to feature many of their posts and blogs that I think you will like.

Horror Stories From My Freshman Year (Teens Leaving Home) Well, they are not horror stories, but they are mildly funny.  I also tell you about the 6 types of college freshman = )

Ultimate School Supply Checklist: Middle, High School College Students There are so many things people forget.  You have to equip your kids with the perfect study central area.  Here is the list I use with clients.

Back to School Tips for Teens and Tweens Some good websites and questions you should ask your kids to get their goals straight before the school year begins.

4 Ways to Handle Bossy Friends: Opinionated Teens, Tweens and Queen Bees I have been hearing a lot of my clients deal with bossy and entitled friends.  Here is how parents can deal with friends they do not love.

Teens Leaving Home: The First Semester of College Do you have a teen going away to college? Here are a few of my stories and the different types of college freshman.

New (or Old) Teen Trend: Oldies and Nostalgia One of my friends (who is 24) has Sesame Street sheets, slinkies are in and I want a Bedazzler…why young people are craving old trends.

My Map of the North American Teen Milestones [Picture Humor] Ok, so I worked really hard on this drawing.  If you had to draw a map of teen milestones…could the Ozarks be Orgasms, Great Salt Lake be the Great First Kiss…how about Puberty Ocean and Tampon Bay CHECK OUT MY DRAWING.

Gen Y Cares: 10 Most Popular Facebook Groups Legalize marijuana? Green peace? What are the top ten facebook groups for teens?

Teacher CyberBating: Terrible Teen Classroom Trend Teens are now angering teachers, filming their reaction and then putting it all over YouTube…what can we do?

Cotton Candy Friends: 6 Ways Net-Gen Relationships are Changing This is my favorite article this week and I speak a lot about it.  How is Facebook and IMing changing friendships and what can parents do about it? Please read and give me your thoughts in the comments.

6 Ways for Students and Parents to Effectively Multitask Multitasking skills are becoming essential to life with the advent of IM, email, Facebook, Homework, Phone, Texting…..learn how to do it effectively and talk to your kids about listening to music, IMing and studying at the same time.

Mommy Guilt: How to Stop the Parent Anger Cycle I think this is an important article about how many parents go through the guilt, anger, rage, pity and resentment in their household when kids and parents do not get along after fights.

What Kind of Kid Do You Have? 4 Types of Millenial Kids If you liked my Teacup Parenting article, you will like this one! My most popular speaking engagement topic.

4 Ways to Deal with Information Overload Multitasking, 40 blogs, 26 email newsletters…the list goes on and so does the information.  Many people are complaining these days about having too many options, too much information.  How do you teach your kids to sift through all of the information?

How to Permanently Change Your Kids Bad Habits Do they throw their trash on the floor, don’t wash dishes or curse? Here are some ideas for stopping bad habits and routines.

The Laws of Teen Dating: Tween Inter-Sex life Here I go over some popular sexual terms and trends including sexting and what is inter-sex anyway?

15 Ice Breakers and Party Games for Teens I love plaing games with teens because you learn a lot about them, they learn a lot about themselves and each other and they are great jumping off points for discussion and bonding.

Cyberbullying: Strategy and Steps to Tackle Meanness Online

Teen Trend: 7 Reasons Why It’s Cool to Pretend Be Bisexual Yes, this is the new wave.  Everyone is bisexual and a lot of teens are now pretending to be bisexual or gay because it is the ‘cool’ thing to do.

25 Coolest Free Websites for Non-Techies This is part II of my first post of coolest websites because so many parents ask me about what websites and free resources they should know about online, here they are, keep up with the times!

DrugFree America: Teens Injecting Alcohol Into Fruit

6 Ways the Mommy Mob Sucks “My Cupcakes Are Better Than Yours” This is a funny post for anyone who has an uber-mom in their life…you know those women who rack up volunteer points like they are rainbows in heaven?

4 Ways to Be Safe This Summer I recently had a break in in my community and wanted to post some neighborhood and community safety tips for families.

What Would America’s Next Top Mommy Look Like? [Humor] Could Martha be Tyra? How about MJ for Ms J?

America’s Next Top Mommy Contest Do you know someone who would be a great next top mommy? I am holding my own contest…even with prizes!

Mom Blog Makeover For all of my mom bloggers I will be doing a few teleclasses for understanding how to use social networks, blog traffic and how to get more parent readers.  For anyone who is looking to increase parent traffic!

Teen Tuesday Yes! I now have 6 teen writers as my interns ranging from 13-17.  They are fabulous and willing to open up and give parenting advice to all of you! Their articles topics are really great and they will be posting every Tuesday.  Here are some of their brief bios. (I am still taking applications for boys especially!)

Teen Alcohol Trend: Teen Eye Shot How teens are actually pouring alcohol in their eyes to get drunk faster and without vomiting.

Teen Talk Stew Video: Teen Road Rage I am doing my own little teen talk show for 5 minutes each.  This is meant to be funny…I hope it is = )

8 Arguments the Public School vs Private School Debate Here I discuss the differences from the kid perspective and you can comment on the post, already some heated comments.

10 Qualities of Teacup Parenting: Is Your Kid too Fragile? I worked really hard on this article and think this ’syndrome’ is far more widespread that we believe.

20 Teen and Tween Conversation Starters Having trouble talking to your kids, try these table topics to engage in conversation and learn a little about each other!

10 Ways to Protect your kids Against Identity Theft This is becoming a serious problem and parents need to secure their house and teach their kids about phishing and identity scams.

12 Laws that All Young Drivers Should Know I made a list of all the laws that teens seem to forget–or have no idea exist and often break. Make sure you kids know driving around an empty parking lot is not legal!

6 Tips Help Your 20 Something Get A Job The job market and job search today is rapidly changing and lots of college grads are stuck with nothing to do and no idea what they want, forward this post along to those parents of the jobless!

My Ultimate Pre-College Guide for Freshman My favorite tips for packing, last minute book ideas and safety advice.

Striving for Perfection: 10 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty The race to be perfect for teen girls and mothers alike is causing everyone to suffer. I am struggling with this issue in my own life, here are some suggestions and stories.

10 Things that Make Teens Feel Good Inside Just for fun, happiness tips for your kids!

How to Set Privacy Settings on Social Networks Here I do a screencast demonstration of how to set your kid’s privacy settings.

How to Camp with Teens Tips, supplies and how to get a surly teen into the wilderness

4 Parent Hacks for a Nag-less Morning Routine Is your morning before school a warzone? Here are my strategies to make the breakfast/wake-up/lunch pack more pleasant.

Why I Didn’t Go Into Investment Banking My article for Operation Oprah on why I chose to start my own business and leave my Chinese major behind.

10 Ways to Make Your Kids Neurotic “Because I said so…” Interviewing for pain and more fun ones, add your additions in the comments

How Sweet Kids Can Become So Moody Interview with parenting expert Annie Fox

The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid Launch Ebook about sneaking around parental controls, top websites for teens and kids and how to set privacy controls, make your computer safe and understand our web culture. Thank you to all of you who have already bought!

Quick and Different Facts Teens Online In prep for my ebook I review a new study about why teens use the Internet and how they feel about it…some interesting findings.

Review of Parental Control Software: There is a lot out there, which are the best for the price? Here is my review.

7 Ways to Build Your Child’s Resume Unfortunately parents have to start building their child’s college application and career resumes earlier and earlier. But where is the balance between letting your kids have fun and making sure they are building their strengths?

3 Steps to MakeUnder Your Family Make your life more simple and take away the difficult routines, stressful habits and annoyances with these 3 steps to MakeUnder not MakeOver your chores and house.

Parents Talking About Plastic Surgery With Kid How should parents tell their kids they got a boob job or nose job? What if the neighbor mom comes home looking completely different? Now there is a new children’s book to do the job and I offer a few tips.

Best Parenting Podcasts Need something to listen to on a long drive, while you are cleaning are cooking? Here are some of my favorite podcasts and radio shows!

Take Advantage of Summer: Tracks and Coaching I am opening my offer of private mentoring and tutoring to all of my readers and taking some virtual clients as well as offering discounts for summer to LA based clients. I have college prep programs, middle and high school prep, organization, study/test skills boot camps…

Teen Hook Up Culture: Teen Sex and Theme Parties Oh yes, teens having sex and Pimps and Hoes Parties when parents leave town or the second they get to college…some myths and truths.

My Favorite Things About Moms In honor of mothers day, I wrote my own Ode to mothers.

6 Unique Strategies for Divorced Families Here I give some new and unheard of tips for divorced and single parents.

Teaching Your Teen How to Drink Oh boy, this one was controversial. Here are some ways that teens can deal with alcohol at parties including taking fake shots, losing your drink and feeding the plants, tell me what you think!

My Mom Joined JDate: When Parents Date Yes, its true–welcome too short men, more kvetching and lots of internet questions into my life. Here is my funny, and ridiculous account thus far.

Why Do Teens Drink? I include a survey and some statistics that I think many parents would find extremely interesting about why teens like–and worry about when it comes to underage drinking.

Teen Poetry Jam I attended the most amazing spoken word anthology from under-privileged girls and was so touched by their courage, power and the poems they wrote.

Help Tackling Cyberbullying This is Part II of some of the new trends in Cyberbullying and what parents can do about it.

My Daughter Dresses Inappropriately Are you worried about promiscuity, low cut tops and low slung pants. Here I have a video and talk about some tips for dealing with fashion-knowing daughters.

25 Coolest Websites for Non-Techies
MOM this post is for you (she is on this list and I wrote this article with her in mind) many parents miss some great free websites that will make their lives so much easier. So here I did an easy guide with links and explanations so you can be cooler than your kids = ) (this post got over 3000 hits this week hooray!)

You’re Grounded Book Promo
If you haven’t read about or heard about my book yet, I thought I would do a video of a mini promo of what the book is about, what could possibly have motivated a teen to write a book at 17 and a little taste of whats inside.

Prom Checklist and Tips for Teens and Parents
Its that time for junior and senior parents to start thinking about Prom. Here is a good checklist for any parents who are dealing with teens and High School dances. I also have a podcast recorded for you to listen to on this topic with Aurelia Williams.

Best Free Online Resources for Students
Kids and students now are using the Internet for everything. Here are some of my favorite sites, with great tips and tricks from how to take notes, cramming for tests and organizing your back pack. Take a look and forward it on to some of you kids or teacher friends!

How Parents Can Handle School Burn-Out

Are you kids feeling like school is awful and they complain about everything from the early mornings, to the teachers to the homework? Everyone goes through it at some point and here is how parents can help their kids deal and keep going

How to Protect Your Teens on Spring Break

Horrifying videos from MomLogic on their expose of Spring Break. I also give a few tips to avoid the typical tricks teens use when going on Spring Break and how parents can keep their kids safe

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Green

Trying to get your kids to be more eco-friendly, here are a few easy ways to remind them that they are lucky to have so many resources and get them in the habit of being more aware of the environment (and you too!)

5 Ways Girls Can Be Leaders

This is a great article with some easy and non-obvious tips for parents to support adolescent girls and their self-esteem.

13 Holy CyberCitizenship Laws

Parents give the sex talk, the drug talk, but how about the cybercitizenship talk? Here are 13 laws that every person should try to follow when participating in the online world.

Three Top Fears Facing Teens Today

This is a serious and short post I think all parents should at least take a glance at…you might be surprised.

6 Things Kids Secretly Wish Their Parents Do [Fun]

Let us watch the Disney channel and do not mention that we are too old…and some other fun ones.

10 Summer Job Ideas for Teens
Some traditional and untraditional ideas for what your teens can do this summer!

What I do Everyday
For advice column this week, I decided to write out what I actually do on my average workday, parents constantly ask me how I get everything done, how I have time to write so many posts, have free time etc. I even put up my to do lists!

Life 101: 4 Classes Every Person Should Take
The best classes I took from 0-12, 12-18, College and now. This is a fun post, add your comments!

Some Fun New T-Shirts
Thanks for those of you already bought some of my funny shirts! I created a bunch of jok shirts for parents and teens on a whim.

Babysitters, Nannies and Housekeepers Oh My!
Should your teen have a babysitter? How to get a good ’support staff’ and tips for dealing with nannies and your teen when they do not want to have anyone ‘watch them.’

Has Violence Changed For Teens Today?
I talk about four factors that have changed and affected teen suicide, mass shootings and general school violence and resources for parents and struggling teens.

50 Best Mom Blogs
This post has had a few thousand views and over 20 comments! Hooray. Parents always ask me “which websites should I read?” Here I did a complete overview of my favorite mommy bloggers across the net with reviews, favorite articles and descriptions.

7 Ways Teachers Can Use Online Tools to Keep Students Interested
Net-generation students have am extremely short attention span and love using new tools in their school work. Teachers can utilize many free resources to help make their subjects more interesting.

6 Things You Need to Know About Cyberbullying
Parents need to get informed on how the landscape of the social scene in schools has changed– significantly altering cyberbullying, cliques and peer pressure.

10 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Do
This is a must read for any parents!

4 Everyday Tips From A Child of Divorce
Here I talk about my experiences growing up in a divorced family and what parents can do to make their kids lives a little bit easier.

You Need a Parenting Community
Why parents need to work together to get informed and how they can begin to form parent groups

10 Ways to Help Your Teen Tackle Any Problem
Big tests, finals, divorce, break-ups, teens need to learn how to deal and parents can help them handle stress and problems in positive ways.

Cheating: Teen’s Unspoken Rules
Here I identify what is happening in High Schools right now and the unspoken rules of the cheating epidemic.

Recession Proofing Your Kids
Can you teach your kids to cut back on the extra’s without freaking them out about money? Here are some easy ways to save.

6 Steps to Lighten Your Student’s Backpack
I know, your kids backpack is bigger than them, and they refuse to get a rollybag. Here are a few cool and totally doable options to lighten the load.

What is RSS and Why Parents Need It
Ever wonder what it means when I ask you to RSS to my feed? Here, I explain in simple terms and explain why it could be an option for busy or out-of-touch parents.

Are Girls Too Image Conscious?
Eating disorders, body image and materialism are all becoming huge problems for teen and tween girls now that the media is at a click of a finger. Here, I discuss the pros, cons and consequences of ‘glamour parties.’

Mischa Barton Arrested! How to Tell Your Kids
How do you explain that a teen role model has been charged with a DUI, pot possession, reckless driving, and driving without a license to your adoring teen?

4 Ways to Minimize Your Teen’s Stress
Teen’s are stressed with school, social life, academics, college, resume, family, sports and lots and lots of pressure. Here are a few ways parents can help teens deal.

11 Strategies: If Your Teen is Smoking Pot
Have you found evidence of pot in your kid’s room? Are his friends smoking? Here are 11 ideas and tactics to approach your teen.

Car Rides with Teens
How to handle long car rides with kids and teens. Ideas for car games.

Meghan McCain vs Chelsea Clinton
How two young women are campaigning and inspiring other youth.

Parent-Kid Contracts: Tips and Samples
Driving contracts, limiting family time, curfews, cell phones, what online services are available to you and how to make your own for your family.

Why Young People Like Obama
Why is Obama getting so many young people who are begging to campaign for him?

Teens Dealing Clean Urine For Money
We have all heard of teens dealing pot, but how about clean urine along with that dime bag? Many teens are making a lucrative business selling younger siblings urine from under-the-bed coolers.

Remembering Heath Ledger: Lessons For Teens
How do you explain accidental prescription drug overdose to teens who adored Heath? Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about this growing prescription drug use trend.

What My Dad Taught Me About Money
For Money and Allowance Blog, here I talk about the four lessons my dad taught me about saving, spending and working…and how you can use them in your family.

4 Ways to De-Stress Your Teen
For the Healthy Living Lounge Blog, I discuss how parents can help their teens and kids manage the everyday stress of school, college, peer pressure and growing up.

How Parents Can Help Teens with Acne

Can Valentines Day Be Cool?
This might be a stretch, but I wrote a poem for you! (Including some tips on remind your teen you love them)

5 Get-Things-Done Tricks for Busy Parents
Everyone can use more time during the day, but parents are especially cramped for free time! Here are some untraditional ways you can snatch back a few needed moments.

Starting to Think About Summer Camps and Programs
Some tips and resources for parents to start looking for summer activities.

10 Activity Ideas For Your Teen
Help keep teens out of trouble, here are my brother and I’s favorite activities that our parents planned for us.

5 Tips: Get Teens Interested in Politics
It is so important to instill a sense of civic duty with young people and show them why they should care about what is going on in their world. Here are a few ways to get teens interested in the upcoming elections by using tools, lingo and themes that appeal to them.

[Dear Vanessa] How to stop procrastinating?
Saturday column, Vanessa answers questions from users.

7 Steps for Parents: Should You Get Your Child a Cell Phone?
Between texting, internet searching, Youtube and cell phone games you need to make sure your child is protected. There are also some great new phones that can help you be a better parent.

Sample Cell Phone Contract for Kids and Parents
How do you set the rules when you get a new cell phone? Here is my old contract.

Pot vs Alcohol: What Are Teens Using?
Parents need to be aware of the effects and warning signs of both alcohol and marijuana, but what are teens today really using…and how could it effect your family?

7 Things Parents Should Never Say to Teens

FAQ Teen Pot Smoking Culture: What Parents Should Know

Warning Signs Your Teen is Doing Pot
Every parent should hope for the best, but know how to recognize the worst. Here are a few pot words defined and some of the warning signs.

10 Must-Haves for College-Thinking-Teens
If you or your family is even starting to think about college you need to take some preparations, here are some books, materials and information your family should have before starting the application process.

5 Tips: Turn Weekend Projects Into Awesome Memories
Have DIY projects to do with your family, make sure everyone gets involved and think outside the box!

Top 3 Parent Pitfalls and Positives
My observations about what every parent should look out for and what they should try to do more of in their family.

Could Gluten Be Affecting Your Child’s Behavior?
Gluten has been said to cause behavioral outbursts in kids and has been banned from certain schools in LA.

Teen Slang: Decoding What Kids Are Saying
Teens have all sorts of weird abbreviations and sayings that parents are completely oblivious to. Here is a short and fun list.

[Part III] The Family New Year Plan: Harmony In Action

[Part II] The Family Plan: How to Stop Fighting

[Part I] The Family New Year Plan: Finding Your Zen Zappers
Now is the time to reevaluate your family’s situation and figure out what you want to change for the upcoming year. Every family needs a little bit more harmony in their lives, less fighting, less bickering and more easy family dinners…here is how you can find your family’s zen.

What is the best piece of advice your parent ever gave you?
I think teens selectively hear the advice they are given, this means that finding a mentor is really important.

What Happy People Have: 6 Ingredients to Friction Free Families
We all know those people, but is everyone perfect? Some of the patterns I have seen while meeting with thousands of families and how you can bring them to your household.

What NOT to get a Teen this Christmas
We all got one of these gifts at one point, now I am here to tell parents to STOOOOOP….please?

Best Stocking Stuffers for Teens
Make stockings the best part for your teens and give them stuff they can use!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Teen in Your Life
Uni-sex, for all price ranges…these are essential whether you are a close parent or distant relative.

Charity, Perspective and Love Over the Holidays
The holidays are a great time to bond with your family and teach appreciation and perspective to your kids by volunteering and giving back. Here are some good ways you can take advantage of the holidays.

The Sex Talk: 6 Things Parents Must Know
Straight from the mouths of teens, what parents should consider before giving the sex talk.

Talking About Mass Shootings
I send my condolences out to all the families who have suffered in the recent tragedies. Here is a message for teens that they are not alone and where they can get help.

Teens and Sex
This is the same day I went on Playboy radio to talk about teens and sex. This is a video about the rise in pregnancy rates for teens.

The Cafeteria Swap: How to Make your Kid’s Lunches Untradeable
A guest post for Mark’s Daily Apple! How to make school lunches more appealing and healthy to your kids.

What is a Teen Entrepreneur? And How Parents Can Be Supportive
Here are a few questions that Vanessa was grappling with when she first started her business and tips for parents who have kids who might want to start a business of their own.

What Do Teens Today Really Worry About? The Top 5 Issues Revealed
Teens talk all the time, but they never seem to talk to parents or adults about what is really bothering them. What do teens talk about? What worries them and why are they not telling parents?

3 Ways Parents Can Get Teens to Talk
Now, that we know what teens worry about, here are a few new tactics to get teens to open up.

5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Connect with your Teen, Tween and Young Kids
A guest post for Zen Habits on different kinds of activities to bond with your family.

4 Easy Steps for Grandparents and Grandteens to Survive the Holidays
Grandparents, great aunts, distant cousins all can take advantage of stressful holiday family situations to bond with estranged teens.

Whole Children: Finding Balance when everyone wants ‘a thing’
Admissions officers, schools, parents and advisers keep pushing teens to specialize, but what ever happened to teens using High School to experiment with their interests?

Phantom Stress: Why Teens have to be the best…at being the worst?
Ever notice that we always say, oh ya I studied for ten hours and then someone else says they studied for eleven. Vanessa explains this phenomenon and the reverse of it: arguing you studied the least.

What About Grandma? How Grandparents and Grandteens Can Start Connecting
Grandparents can be great resources for teens and teens can be a great source of enjoyment for grandparents, but how can you bridge the gap?

5 Strategies to Manage your Family’s Chores—permanently!
Going beyond the choreboard, here is how you can use the internet and new strategies to get your house under control.

Teen Boot Camps: Alternatives, Consequences and Results?
Teen Boot Camp abusers are all over the news. Have you thought about teen boot camps before? Read these stories before you go any further.

“Get me out of this car!!” 5 Tips to Travel with Teens–and make it fun
What you need to know before going on Vacation!

It’s Admission’s time! Is your family thinking about college?
Do not get trapped into simple errors during college application time. Get organized, get motivated and put your best foot forward.

Talk to your Kids About Racism
How to discuss the Jena-6 trial with your kids.

‘The Secret’ for Kids? Steps to teach your kids the importance of positive thinking and optimism
A healthy mindset is said to prevent disease and short life span, teach your kids positive thinking early.

What is ‘Crunch Time?’…and how to make it less ‘crunchy’
Hell week, test period and midterms, be prepared and learn how to ace all those exams.

4 Seriously Underutilized Ways to Make Your House Rules Stick
Ever heard of chore video games? Vanessa has explored all the ways…