Blog Consulting and Social Media Members Area

We are going to keep this open for the first 100 applicants.  We really want quality over quantity and we offer so much personal help, we really cannot take more than that.  After the first 100, we will have an application process
Our members area is THE program that teaches you everything you need to know to start, grow, and explode your online business.

What is the Blog Consulting Members Area?

It’s everything you need to make money online. We started it for mom bloggers and because of increased demand we opened it up to all bloggers and online business owners.

This is an enormous members area covering all aspects of blogging and website building from monetization, sponsorships and integrating your blog into social media.

Who Should Be A Member?

  • Beginning Bloggers: We have basic forums that start with basic questions like “What is a blog?” and walk you through how to start your own. Start your own blog business! Blogging is a great home business and can help you make money as a professional blogger.
  • Intermediate Bloggers: If you have a blog that is not doing well, and you need to give it a kick, this is also for you. We go over how to take your blog to the next level on social networks, blogger outreach and even how to write blog press releases.
  • Advanced Bloggers: Even bloggers who have been around for a while and have significant traffic, can greatly benefit from our forums. In the advanced section we have tutorials and videos on how to get sponsors, do blog keyword optimization and more!
  • Mom Bloggers of All Levels: We have special sections, tutorials and examples for mom bloggers of all levels!

Again: We are going to keep this open for the first 100 applicants.  We really want quality over quantity and we offer so much personal help, we really cannot take more than that.  After the first 100, we will have an application process

What the Blog Members Area Includes:

**The materials on the site are constantly updated so you are getting the most current trends and tips and can keep coming back for the additional articles and resources.**

  1. 20 Video Tutorials with audio and visual demonstrations of all the processes from setting up on Facebook to getting your blog set-up
  2. A complete private social network for you to collaborate with our website developers and other bloggers. You can ask questions in the forums and give feedback.
  3. Access to the Parent Blogger Makeover Teleseminar (1.5 hours) and Ebook (20 Pages), which is included in the price of the Blog membership area.
  4. 15 Forums on Blogging Topics with Resources, Written descriptions and Discussions.

Beginning Blogger Segments:

  • Blogging Overview What is a Blog and Why should someone start a blog?
  • Picking a Blog Topic

1. Doing research: How do you find blogs? (Research by topic, blog directories etc, give some examples and steps to do this)

2. How do you know what you should blog about?

  • Starting a Blog

1. How do you start a blog? (Software to use)

2. How do you pick a good title?

3. What does every blog need to have?

4. What is RSS? What is a reader?

5. How can bloggers use Feedburner? How to set-it up?

6. How can bloggers use google analytics? How to set-it up?

  • Announcing Your Blog

1. How do you write press releases?

Intermediate Blogger Segments:

  • Writing Articles

1. How do you write good articles?

2. How to find pictures for your blog that are copyright free?

  • Mastering Blogs on Social Networks

1. Why should bloggers be on social networks (importance of getting links)

What is:






2. How can bloggers use each of these networks?

  • What Blogs Will Help Bloggers Get Started:
  • What Blogs Should Every Blogger Read?
  • What are some helpful articles that will help?

Advanced Blogger Segments:

  • Keyword Optimization

1. What is keyword research and why do you need it?

2. What is SEO and SEM?

3. How do you do keyword research and how should you include good keywords in articles?

  • Blogger Outreach: How should you contact bloggers?
  • Commenting: What is good commenting etiquette on other blogs?
  • Using Youtube

1. What is Youtube?

2. How can bloggers use Youtube?

  • For Authors, Amazon and Publishing: How can authors/bloggers leverage Amazon?
  • Leveraging Other Sites for Your Blog

1. What are other good websites, social networks etc for parent bloggers?

2. How do you use these?

  • TV and Oprah

1. How can bloggers reach TV networks?

2. How can bloggers get on Oprah?

  • Monetizing Your Blog

What are the different ways to monetize your blog?

What is google adwords?

What are ad networks?

How can I get sponsors?

How can I get paid with free gifts?

For all of these tutorials, videos and demos, as well as the constantly updated new contact and access to our forums, you only pay $49.97!

The members area will launch December 1st.  Buy now and you will get an invitation on December 1st, or send us an email to get on the waitlist: with the subject “Blog Members Area”

Price $49.97