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“Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?” by Vanessa Van Petten

Every parent fears “losing” their child. But in this revolutionary book, youthologist Vanessa Van Petten translates what parents want to say into what teens want to hear.

At 16, Vanessa Van Petten started her award-winning website, RadicalParenting.com, in reaction to sudden friction with her parents. Today,Vanessa and more than one hundred teen contributors help thousands of parents build and maintain healthy, strong, mutually fulfilling relationships with their teenage children—by providing prescriptive advice straight from the source.

From classic fights like dating and chores to twenty-first century issues such as sexting and cyberbullying, this comprehensive book provides step-by-step guidance on every worry, including:

• Lying

• Social Networking

• School

• Peer Pressure

• Sex

• Drugs

It’s never too late to reconnect. Vanessa Van Petten helps you learn what’s really going on in your child’s life, and most importantly—understand when to put your foot down and when to let go. This book is helpful for parents with kids ages 7 to 25–the advice is timeless and can help in all parent child relationships.

It will be available in bookstores starting 8.30.11, but you can pre-order now at the following websites: (Thank you, thank you, thank you for checking it out!)



Teen Testimonial:

“As a teenager myself, I was greatly looking forward to reading Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?  because it promised to reveal to parents a realistic teen viewpoint. I am nothing less than thoroughly impressed by how well I was able to relate to everything and by the amount of teen input. Vanessa knows how to speak for us while still creating compromises that parents can live with which is why I hope my parents read this so they can see into my world.”

-Emily, 13

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The Radical Family Workbook and Activity Journal is for Parents, Kids and Teens

Vanessa Van Petten and 20 of her teen interns wrote this family workbook to give parents real advice and bonding activities that will actually work! In this series, we put together 30 sessions worth of challenges and activities to help your family re-start, re-energize and re-connect.

In each session, families will get a set of challenges, materials and action steps to do for about 30 minutes. Families can work through the Radical Family Workbook at their own pace! You could do a session every day or one every three months! This is for families with children of all ages. Younger children can even participate in many of the activities and family bonding times.