Welcome to Radical Parenting!

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Our Unifying Belief:

We want to create a future for families where they can be honest, open and trusting of each other. We do this by challenging what we think we know and calling each other out on where we can improve with kindness and love.

What is a radical parent?

Radical |radikəl| Parent, n

1-Changing the fundamental nature to depart from tradition; innovative or progressive.

A radical parent is someone who is willing to fundamentally change the way they interact with their families to challenge their bad patterns, bad family history and look at what they do not know.

2-a group behaving together as a unit. [Chemistry]

A radical parent works together with their kids to understand where they are coming from. We help you teach your teens and kids that even though it often feels like there are two sides to your relationship, you can be on the same team.

Radical |radikəl| Parent, adjective

1-Relating to the origin of problem or issue. [Mathematics ]

Radical parents have let go of the idea that an easy way out can cure or lessen their anxiety and pain. Easy answers are the antibiotics of a disease in relationships—temporarily managing the symptoms, but not issuing a cure for ultimate family mental health. Radical parents seek to find the root of their problems.

2–Thorough and intended to be completely curative. [Medicine]

Radical parents have learned to not only tolerate the unknown, but love it, because they know this is how we learn, grow, and challenge ourselves. Radical parents are constantly open to improvement, and this is how they cure the pain in relationships.

What we are trying to build:

We are trying to build a community of parents, teens, kids and families who want to live as open-minded human beings, not robots trying to fit in and carry out what they think they are supposed to do. We celebrate uniqueness, new ways of thinking and challenging what has been done before. Unfortunately, this is not common in our everyday lives.

That is why we are trying to build an online community, and tools for you to create and join a real-life community to find others like you and have the support you need for all of your family and personal endeavors.

We promise:

-Transparency: We hide some of our identities to let the truth come without consequences, but we are otherwise very open about our goals, mission and progress.

-Quality over Quantity: We work hard to maintain the integrity of our group and who can become a leader of our tribe. We would rather have 100 dedicated and open-minded readers and members than 100,000 surface members.

-To Challenge You: We promise to keep putting out challenging, intriguing and innovative ideas and advice to help you and your family grow.

How to join our movement:

Level 1: Reader
If you are unsure of what we do or if you want to join us…that is ok! Subscribe to our blog and keep checking in with yourself if you want to take a bigger step.

Level 2: Radical Parent Pledge
To become an official radical parent and get access to many more of our articles, community members and Vanessa and some of our teen writers, we challenge you to consider taking the Radical Parenting Pledge.

Level 3: Tribe MicroLeader
Once you have taken the Radical Parenting Pledge you can become a Radical Microleader, which is a way for you to build your offline community. As a Mircoleader we give you tools, and support to lead with us. You have the opportunity to write regular articles for our blog and work one on one with our teen writers and Vanessa Van Petten.