Divorce from the Teen’s Perspective: Our Series of Posts on Divorce

My parents divorced when I was 4. We have many posts for divorced, separated and even parents who are dating.

10 Essential Compromises for Divorced Parents Divorce can be messy and painful enough as it is. Ease the tension by working out certain essential duties between you and your spouse.

4 Tips for Parents Dealing With Shared Custody
Divorce is difficult enough as it is, here are tips to make the back-and-forth of shared custody less painful.

Best Resources for Divorced and Separated Families I put together a comprehensive resource guide for all parents who are going through, have gone through or experienced divorce.  My teens and I reviewed books, websites, podcasts and blogs.

Please, Fight In Front Of Your Kids
Fighting can be good if we are able to show our kids how to work through conflict lovingly.

6 Unique Strategies for Divorced Families Here I give some new and unheard of tips for divorced and single parents.

Toddlers and Teens: How to Deal With Your Kid’s Age Gaps Many divorced families have kids in the family who have large age gaps because they get remarried and have kids again.  This can be tricky, here are some tips.

My Mom Joined JDate: When Parents Date My mom started dating again…and wanted help from me.  Here are some teasers about parents who are dating.

4 Everyday Tips From A Child of Divorce
Here I talk about my experiences growing up in a divorced family and what parents can do to make their kids lives a little bit easier.

10 Ways to Help Your Teen Tackle Any Problem
Big tests, finals, divorce, break-ups, teens need to learn how to deal and parents can help them handle stress and problems in positive ways.

Articles By Teens

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