Drugs and Alcohol Series

I will be constantly writing articles about news updates with Drugs, Alcohol, Partying and Teens and will be posting the articles in the series to this page:

Parent Alert: Teen’s Smoking K2, Synthetic Marijuana
Another scary new trend amidst teens that is actually legal in many states.

An Interesting Study on Drug Use Prevention
How an experiment with rats and morphine can help improve our skills in promoting drug prevention to our teens.

How to Make Sure Teens Party Sober Partying is huge right now! How can parents make sure that teens party sober? Here are some tips for how to talk to your kids and encourage them to stay clean and safe.

10 Reasons Parents Should Not Support Legalizing Marijuana Here I list all of the reasons parents should be against marijuana.

10 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Legalizing Marijuana Here I list all of the reasons parents should be supportive of marijuana.

Teen Drunk Dialing and Emailing I think is actually a rather serious issue and parents should be aware of it.

Teaching Your Teen How to Drink Oh boy, this one was controversial. Here are some ways that teens can deal with alcohol at parties including taking fake shots, losing your drink and feeding the plants, tell me what you think!

Teen Alcohol Trend: Teen Eye Shot How teens are actually pouring alcohol in their eyes to get drunk faster and without vomiting.

11 Strategies: If Your Teen is Smoking Pot Have you found evidence of pot in your kid’s room? Are his friends smoking? Here are 11 ideas and tactics toapproach your teen.

Pot vs Alcohol: What Are Teens Using? Parents need to be aware of the effects and warning signs of both alcohol and marijuana, but what are teens today really using…and how could it effect your family?

[Video] Peer Pressure to Smoke Marijuana Teens smoke marijuana to test their own limits…as well as their friends.

FAQ Teen Pot Smoking Culture: What Parents Should Know Pot smokers etiquette, how prevalent is it today, is it a gateway drug…all of these questions answered and more.

Remembering Heath Ledger: Lessons For Teens How do you explain accidental prescription drug overdose to teens who adored Heath? Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about this growing prescription drug use trend.

Warning Signs Your Teen is Doing Pot Every parent should hope for the best, but know how to recognize the worst. Here are a few pot words defined and some of the warning signs.

Teens Dealing Clean Urine For Money We have all heard of teens dealing pot, but how about clean urine along with that dime bag? Many teens are making a lucrative business selling younger siblings urine from under-the-bed coolers.

Why Do Teens Drink? I include a survey and some statistics that I think many parents would find extremely interesting about why teens like–and worry about when it comes to underage drinking.

How to Protect Your Teens on Spring Break Horrifying videos from MomLogic on their expose of Spring Break. I also give a few tips to avoid the typical tricks teens use when going on Spring Break and how parents can keep their kids safe