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Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 8.29.46 AMWe love telling our readers and users about products, services, brands and companies that will better their lives. We try very hard to develop strong, trusting relationships with my readers by only recommending books, products and services we truly believe in and therefore we get a lot of response from our readers.

  • We have consistently rising traffic and our numbers grow significantly per month! We reach over 100,000 unique visitors per month.
  • We have very good rankings for search engines and overall blog directories. In the top %0.11 on Technorati and 34,420 on Alexa!
  • Winner of 2009 and 2012 Mom’s Choice Award.
  • Radical Parenting frequently appears in the media and has been featured in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Week, the Washington Post and Techcrunch.
  • Vanessa writes a weekly column for the Huffington Post and does guest posting in a number of other outlets, frequently linking back to Radical Parenting to drive surges of traffic.
  • Average Time on Site: 2:42 (Top 3% of websites)  Average Bounce Rate: 32% (Lower than 81% of most websites)
  • Over 85,000 inbound links.


We are working hard to get maximum exposure for our website, our interns and employees are constantly marketing, promoting and advertising on other websites and collaborating with fellow bloggers to actively drive fresh traffic here…by buying an ad, we are also working for you!

Radical Parenting Advertising Programs:

Sidebar Sponsorship and Banner Ads: Over 150,000 Unique Displays per month.

Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship: Reaches over 50,000 readers. Weekly newsletters go on our website in a permanent post, into our RSS feeds, onto our Facebook and Twitter pages and get sent out to our email subscribers.

Daily Newsletter Sponsorship: Featured in every post for the week. Reaches over 150,000 readers and subscribers and is listed in the bottom of content rich articles which are also fed to our Twitter and Facebook pages. This also goes out to our email and RSS subscribers.

Editorials and Reviews: We are happy to have teen reviewers or Vanessa review your product. We can also work with you to place well-timed editorials on the website.

Custom Content: We love to come up with creative campaigns to connect your product with our readers. In the past we have done everything from Twitter parties to media campaigns to speaking events, panels and conferences. Let us work with you on the perfect solution!

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Tips For Submitting:

We have been getting tons of submissions for posting and items/websites/blogs/books/services for us to review–which is awesome! We are very thankful and love to receive submissions.

*Please do not send us forwarded press releases, often times we get press releases that are completely irrelevant to our readers, so a submission is not sent to us with a reference to our readers and blog we often cannot accept it.

*Please do not send us a form letter with “” or “Vanessa Van Petten” pasted in.  We really want to look at your awesome stuff, but when you do not even take the time to write us an email, we do not want to take the time to review your submission.

*If you ask for a review, do NOT ask us to email you when it is up, if you ask for a review we hope you read our site and few get hundreds of submissions and postings a day.

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