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How Authors Can Promote, Market and Sell More Books Using Social Media and Online Platforms

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We specialize in helping authors use online platforms to market and sell their books.  We know how difficult it can be to get your book sold in bookstores let alone on Twitter and Facebook! We help all kinds of authors build their online author platform and take advantage of free channels and opportunities on the web that many authors do not know even about.


Here are just a few of the free book marketing tips we give you to get you started and know, we can significantly increase your traffic, sales and reach:

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Why Us?

Vanessa Van Petten self published her first parenting book from the kid’s perspective, called, “You’re Grounded!” when she was just 17.  From there she learned to market, sell and advertise her book without the help of a publisher or marketing firm.   Her book reached the Top 5 Hottest Seller on Amazon within the first week.  Her blog is now read by over 300,000 readers all over the world and she has recently published her third parenting book because sales are so strong.  Vanessa has one of the most recognized author and blogger platforms in her niche.

After winning the Mom’s Choice Award in 2009 and launching her popular parenting blog, she is now on a national speaking tour, reaching out to both parents and teenagers talking about what young people really wish adults knew about them.  Her book and websites have been featured on hundreds of other parenting sites around the web and has been on CNN, CBS Miami, and Fox New York.  She has also gotten her book and work into traditional print media, such as the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Atlanta Insite Magazine and the World Journal.  She has been an expert on numerous radio programs including Playboy Radio, KBUR, WCOJ Philadelphia and more for giving a young perspective on awesome parenting. She was also on the Real Housewives of Orange County helping the parents and teens.

Feel free to see her clips, press and videos on her Media Page.

She currently has 120 interns writing for her website and gets sponsors from all over the world.  Since becoming such a successful blogger and author, Vanessa has worked with many other authors and clients to help them learn to increase sales, monetize their books and online business and build a successful author platform.

Vanessa has never had a Public Relations firm as many were out of her budget or turned her down.

Vanessa did not have a publisher to back her or help her with press.

Nor does Vanessa have a marketing team who helped her get these sales and numbers.  She built everything from scratch and with very little start-up money…and now she can teach you how to do the same.

How We Help Authors:

Besides our free articles, we have a number of different resources to help authors and bloggers get that extra boost.

Vanessa gets many applications for clients, and only chooses a few at a time in order to focus on their needs.  If you would like to apply for a report or one on one consulting, please read the packages below and send us your application request to work with Vanessa. (Application Request details below).

1) Author Demo Diagnostic Report


Investment: $197    Format: Text / Private Consulting Call

You’ll get a 10 page report and assessment of your demographic/existing website/social media/book sales and how to improve each of these channels. This will include action steps and solutions to improve your business selling your book. We will then review this together in a 30-minute follow-up call.  Here we can discuss the results of the report and the solutions for the issues we found.  For this modest investment, you can create a significant increase to your website or Amazon page, earnings from your book and online author platform.

We will review the following:

(Many authors only have some of these items, we review what you have and make recommendations on what you need of what you are missing).


-Author page on Amazon

-Facebook Page

-Twitter Page

-StumbelUpon Page

-Blog or RSS Feed

-Other social network pages important to your demographic

We will give you personalized tips on the following:

(existing or what is needed)

-Website- SEO tips, traffic, visual optimization and content.

-Author page on Amazon- How to leverage your Amazon page and get new referrals from similar books to make sales.

-Facebook Page- How to build followers and turn those followers into advertizing dollars or book sales without spending too much time.

-Twitter Page- How to build followers and turn those followers into advertizing dollars or book sales without having to be on Twitter all day, everyday.

-StumbelUpon Page- How to get traffic and sales from Stumbleupon.

-Blog or RSS Feed- How to build content that will help you sell books and does not take a long time to write.

-Other social network pages important to your demographic- There are many websites that you might not have heard of that can drive a lot of traffic and targeted book sales.

-Other online avenues, that you have not thought of to feature your books.  There are a few ways to sell books online through podcasts, webinars and virtual media tours that many authors can easily set-up.

-How to do a virtual blog tour for you book with a list of suggested websites and points of contact.

One on One Optimization Consulting


Investment: $150 per hour    Format: Calls, Emails and Contract Work

This is an advanced personalized method of improving your online business.  Work with Vanessa one on one on learning the skills, methods and solutions for selling your book, building your author platform online and social media. The first hour includes making the Web Business Diagnostic Report and reviewing the solutions.  This also can be used for having Vanessa’s team build, customize, optimize your website or content.  The one on one allows us to help you in any of your business needs and create a program that works for you. Many clients learn how they can create targeted marketing that turns lookers into buyers, readers into subscribers and websites into cash.

We, of course can cover all of the areas in the report and more, including, but not limited to:

-Building up Twitter, Facebook and Social Network followers

-How to write articles that get picked up by the search engines

-SEO and SEM on your website

-How to set-up partnerships with other websites

-Virtual Blog Tour basics and coordination

-How to do guest post exchanges with other bloggers

-How to do book give-aways and contests

-How to pitch podcasters and radio producers for segments

-How to put together your speakers kit

-How to put together your media kit

-Tour of other networking sites for your demographic (for example Mom Blogger Network, Momster)

-Set-up Author/Book Facebook page and feed

-Set-up Author/Book Twitter page and feed

-Optimize your blog/articles for search engine optimization

-Find and set-up a page on one other niche-targeted social network (For Example: Momster, Cafemom, YA Fiction etc.) We know many other social networks for specific demographics to drive you traffic.

-Set-up your Author Central on Amazon

-SEO Tag your book on Amazon

-Create an optimized Listmania in Amazon

-Get you a guest post on another blog to build your links.

How to Apply?

Vanessa gets many applications for clients, and only chooses a few at a time in order to focus on their needs.  If you would like to apply for a report or one on one consulting, please send an email to our manager:

Answer the following questions:

1) What is your book or website?

2) Which package are you interested in?

3) What are your goals for this project?

4) Do you have a time limitation?

Thank you so much for your interest!

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