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RP LogoThe teens at Radical Parenting and I (Vanessa Van Petten) have come up with some tips we thought parents might find helpful.

Tips for Communicating with Your Teen and Tween:

  • Listen without giving Advice:
    This is an extremely difficult feat for many parents. Let teens vent, let them talk and not feel judged, even though your advice might be well-meaning, teens often feel that they are being belittled or judged.
  • Ask the Right Questions:Instead of giving advice, ask questions, ask them more about how they feel, what they think they should do, what others have done. Not only will you learn more about how the teen thinks, you will also help them explore their own situation.
  • Let them, or show them, how to come to their own answers:
    Learning how to assess and solve your own issues is a lifelong skill that many teenagers do not learn because their parents always tried to solve things for them. When you ask them questions, try to guide them to come up with the answer on their own, instead of you telling them what to do. That way, they will feel empowered because they ‘own’ their solution because they came up with it. This will also help them feel closer to you.
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