Articles and Resources for Jewish Parents and Educators

Vanessa writes many articles for her Jewish readers. She has had the pleasure of speaking to hundreds of Jewish parents and teenagers at Jewish community centers, Synagogues, Jewish schools and private homes. Below are a few articles for Jewish Parents:

How to Get Teens to Stay Engaged to Judaism After 13 After their Bar and Bat Mitzvah many teenagers simply stop going to hebrew school or youth group. How can parents encourage teens to stay involved and engaged with their Jewish roots?

My Mom Joined JDate: When Parents Date What happens when single parents date? Jews on Jdate.

The Difference Between Israeli Parenting and American Parenting Is there a different parenting style for Israeli parents compared to Jewish American parents?

Jewish Publications About or With Contributions From Vanessa


Jewish Ledger: Van Petten’s Jewish Background

Jewish Review: You’re Grounded!

Jewish Journal Tribe Magazine: 10 Scary Things Parents Won’t Talk to Their Teens About

Jewish Journal: The Torah of Teens

Epoch Times Israel

Jewish Journal: Is Cell Phone Safety a Parental Responsibility What should Jewish parents, or all parents do about cell phones?

Vanessa Visits the Meyer Academy in Florida and Speaks to Jewish Teens Vanessa’s trip to the Meyer Academy where she speaks to both parents and teens.

Vanessa Visits, Princeton, NJ Jewish Community

Portland Jewish Federation and JCC

Jewish Speaker for Teens

Vanessa has spoken to thousands of Jewish teenagers and young people all over the country. She specializes in talking about Jewish Identity, the Digital Jew and communication with parents. She not only shares her own unique background and Jewish upbringing, but also talks to teens about how they can find a place for Judaism in their lives. She also crafts workshops for schools and families she is working with.

“Your company’s values strike a magnificent chord with me. I attended a presentation in Stamford, CT, and ever since I feel that your cores are, to say the least, well thought out and wise. You truly have a mindset to help us teens survive these difficult years, and I would love to assist you in whatever is necessary. If we can establish a good link between the writer and the teen, then perhaps Radical Parenting can grow even mightier.”

–Jason, 13, Stamford, CT

Jewish Speaker for Parents

Vanessa loves to speak to Jewish parents and has had events at many JCC’s, Jewish Federation events, Jewish conferences, schools and workshops. Topics cover a wide variety of Jewish and non-Jewish subjects. Vanessa tackles tough subjects for Jewish parents such as: How is Jewish identity changing for young people? How can I encourage my teen to be Jewish without being pushy? What happens when they date a non-Jewish boyfriend or girlfriend? These topics can be specialized to the community and tailored to match corresponding teen presentations.

“Dear Vanessa, Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation(s). The feedback that I have received has been outstanding. It is such a pleasure to listen to you. A couple of the parents said they wish that they had a few hours with you! Thanks again and good luck with the new book. All the best,”

-Ally Caso

Jewish Speaker for Teachers and Educators of Hebrew Highs and Youth Groups

Jewish educators and teachers are in a highly unique and powerful position with Jewish young people. Vanessa talks with Jewish Educators about larger trends with jewish teens and how to engage them inside and outside the classroom, support them on their Jewish journey and shares new research studies on Jewish teens in the community.

To see her speaking engagements, workshops and groups for Jewish Parents around the world, please contact her manager at

Articles coming soon: How to build your teen’s Jewish Identity, How to Encourage Hebrew School Without Complaint and What to Do When Your Teen Is Dating A Non-Jew.