Los Angeles, CA Tutoring Referral Program

The Radical Parenting program for working with kids and teens is very unique. In fact, our approach to tutoring and homework help is very different from most traditional tutoring companies. Our tutors emphasize teaching students how to learn, not just what to learn. In other words, we give students tools they can use through out their whole lives like time management, breaking down long-term projects, organization and battling procrastination. Our approach to youth has been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Family Circle magazine and more.

As well as working with clients virtually, we have two offices and work with clients in both the Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR area.

Why Radical Parenting’s Tutoring Program?

  • Affordable rates
  • Tutoring in your home
  • Study skills building
  • Homework help
  • Test-taking skills
  • Experienced instructors
  • Flexible schedules
  • Personalized lesson plans
  • All age groups
  • Family packages
  • Native speakers
  • Various subjects

About Us:

We are dedicated to bringing our students affordable private education in the comfort of their own homes. As a small organization we are able to provide high quality one on one sessions with instructors who have years of experience in their fields with a high level of professionalism.

Our Approach:

Our tutors will create a program that works for you! Whether that is a one time “Study Skills Bootcamp” to review test-taking skills or a daily or weekly homework helper.

1. Before meeting, parents fill out a questionnaire on different goals and areas you would like to work on.

2. We then send parents a list of our tutors and their bios. Parents select who they might want to work with and we send them the tutors contact information to set-up an initial appointment in your home.

3. The first session is usually 2 hours to get to know each other and set-up a lesson plan. Tutors will identify weakest and strongest subjects and goals during the first meeting.  Depending on whether a family wants study skills, organizational help or just general homework coaching, this is when the tutor will build the family’s personalized lesson plan.

Please contact us to set-up a consult:

The Benefits of Our One-on-One Mentoring:

*Customized Curriculum: Mentors can spend their time focusing on a student’s individual areas of weakness and teach at the pace appropriate for the student.

*Focused Attention: Mentors will make sure homework is completed on time and students continue to stay motivated.

*Flexibility: Tutors will meet your scheduling and location constraints.

Please contact us to set-up a consult: manager@scienceofpeople.org

Sample Lessons and Skills:

*How to Stop Procrastinating

*How to De-Stress Teens

*How to Ace Assigned Reading

*How to Lighten Your Back Pack

*Test Calendars: How to prepare for finals or midterms and spread out the work without procrastination while building in time to meet with teachers and handle extra work.

*Basic Time Management

*Notebook Organization

*College Prep Calendar: Filing out a timeline (best to start in 9th grade) for activities, paperwork and application building.

Please contact us to set-up a consult:  manager@scienceofpeople.org