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Articles on Drugs and Alcohol

This is a list of all of our articles that relate to drugs, alcohol, the party culture and youth and socialization.

Articles on Kids, Teens, and Tweens Online: Growing Up Online

This is an extensive list of articles about youth and the Internet.  We cover social networks, IMing, sexting, chatting, digital natives, cell phones, trends we see in the online youth space and more.

Articles for Parents of kids 12 and under.  We have a lot of readers who are parents of teens and tweens, but here is our articles that parents of all ages love: Articles for Parents of Kids.

Readers Top Picks: Best Parenting Articles

Cotton Candy Friends How social networking, IMing, texting and the Internet are changing teen’s friendships

What Do Teens Today Really Worry About? The Top 5 Issues Revealed Teens talk all the time, but they never seem to talk to parents or adults about what is really bothering them. What do teens talk about? What worries them and why are they not telling parents?

10 Ways to Help Your Teen Tackle Any Problem Big tests, finals, divorce, break-ups, teens need to learn how to deal and parents can help them handle stress and problems in positive ways.

50 Best Mom Blogs This a round up of all of our favorite mommy blogs.  Our teens strongly believe in parents who give a voice to youth and put out good content to other families.  Here Vanessa and her teen reviewers picked the top mommy blogs from around the web!

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  1. I am in awe of all you have accomplished at such a young age! I have a 7 yr old daughter who is very internet savy (I have to monitor her already, because she is well versed at surfing the web). My hat off to you (and your team of teen workers. Amazing job!!- Also, I am curious what you think of my relatively new blog. Would love your feedback.

  2. Hi Lori

    Thanks a bunch! I am glad it is helpful. Why dont you email me your link and brief description and I will review it for my next mommy blogger feature!


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