Parent Programs

Parent Consulting

We have the following four programs for parents and kids:

  • Youth Life Coaching
  • College Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Study Skills Bootcamp and Homework Helper

Parenting Workshops

Vanessa Van Petten travels the country speaking to all types of groups about family relationships, teen lifestyles, advertising to Net-Generation and many other issues pertaining to Gen Y. She also gives keynote and inspirational speeches. Topics include:

  • Understanding the Net-Generation, Digital Kids in Parent Friendly Terms
  • Teen Secret Communication 101: The Science of Family Relationships
  • Social Literacy: Anti-Clique, Argument Prevention and How to be a Human Lie Detector
  • Millennials in the Workplace

For more details on events, workshops and how to organize or attend a program in your area visit our speaking page.

Parenting Books from Radical Parenting

Check out the books we have for our Radical Parenting readers.

8 thoughts on “Parent Programs”

  1. I am a choir teacher. I took your mom’s song and arranged it for choir. We are planning to perform it at an upcoming concert. I hope it is OK that I am listing you as the lyricist in the program.


  2. Hi Brian

    This is so wonderful, thanks so much! I really really appreciate it, please mention that it is on Youtube and we have lots more here on the site, thanks so much again!


  3. hola yo soy profesor aqui en Peru, y entre a youtube y me di con la sorpresa de tu cancion a las mamas, I think that I’LL teach this song because is very interesting…..its very funny your video and congratulation…aunq no cantas muy bien …..

    saludos, dsd lima -peru

  4. hello I am from Peru and i totally love your song, i wanted to look for the lyrics in here but i can`t find them..could you send them to me mail please??

    thank you so much..I definitely have to show these to my family and friends!

    take care, kisses
    greetings from lima-peru

  5. thank you so much. i am a depressed and bored teen. once i used your ideas i felt so happy and started going back to church!!!! thank you so much. i beleive tea is way better than my old ways of drinking and smoking and pertying every night. even though im almost 7, i feel way beeter. i love and just realized how heart healthy mcdonald really is. THANKYOU!!! hee hee haha ily lol :)

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