Parent Programs

Parent Consulting

We have the following four programs for parents and kids:

  • Youth Life Coaching
  • College Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Study Skills Bootcamp and Homework Helper

Parenting Workshops

Vanessa Van Petten travels the country speaking to all types of groups about family relationships, teen lifestyles, advertising to Net-Generation and many other issues pertaining to Gen Y. She also gives keynote and inspirational speeches. Topics include:

  • Understanding the Net-Generation, Digital Kids in Parent Friendly Terms
  • Teen Secret Communication 101: The Science of Family Relationships
  • Social Literacy: Anti-Clique, Argument Prevention and How to be a Human Lie Detector
  • Millennials in the Workplace

For more details on events, workshops and how to organize or attend a program in your area visit our speaking page.

Parenting Books from Radical Parenting

Check out the books we have for our Radical Parenting readers.