Parents Who Click

ParentsWhoClick is a private network to support people who are helping families and youth everywhere by sharing contacts, links, and advice.


Vanessa Van Petten started Parents Who Click in August of 2008 because she was meeting and getting contacted by so many other parent bloggers and online parents who had positive messages–everyone was doing the same thing: trying to help parents, youth and families.

This is the introduction that appears once you join Parents Who Click:

“You are my (and each other’s) inner circle—my champions. I love your blogs and your websites have inspired me to start my own blog for parents Radical Parenting! I fundamentally respect, and appreciate what you do and want to help you succeed to inspire other parents and families! I started this social network after meeting many powerful family influencers and realized that everyone was trying to do the same thing–help families and youth! This private network is meant to connect, encourage and share link power for those around the web who have a positive message for parents and kids. Join a discussion, share a link, ask or give help, and get support so you can get more traffic.

There is a reason this network is private–please only invite those you feel have a genuine interest in making a positive difference and are willing to help others. This social network is advertiser and spammer free, please alert me if someone is abusing our policies!”

Benefits of Our Private Community

  • Because we emphasize quality over quantity, this is a unique place to meet other people online to exchange links with, share traffic and collaborate.
  • Our forums are geared towards website owners, so you can ask, answer and review questions by people who do what you do to grow your blog.
  • This is Vanessa’s go-to community.  When she has reporters looking for leads, gets freebies or contacts she gives them to PWC members first.
  • Vanessa loves to spread the word about members of PWC, she frequently re-posts their articles in blogs as picks of the week, or in featured articles like the one below.

Cool Parenting Articles and Blogs to Check Out

To apply for admission, please email with your website, your mission and why you think the Parents Who Click community would be useful for you.