Radical Family Bonding Time

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I talk a lot about maintaining close family bonds and communication.  To do this, we always say to have monthly family check-ins and at least once a week of some quality family time.  What does this mean?

…it does not mean watching TV together
…it does not mean driving to and from school
…it does not include people who are not in the family (taking their friends to Disneyland with you).
…it is never rushed
…it does not have to be for very long
…it does not have to be expensive
…it does not have to be something radically different

We know everyone is busy and it is ok if you have to skip a week or two.  But try to schedule in at least one time per week…it can be a half an hour where your family can spend some time together.

Here are our requirements:

1.    Only family members

2.    Not rushed

3.    Not something you have to do (like driving to school)

4.    Uninterrupted

5.    Unplugged (unless it involves an electronic…no internet, cells or computers)

Here is a list of List of Family Bonding Activities

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