The Pledge

If you are thinking about taking the pledge, read the following:

Radical Parenting Principles

Radical Parenting Articles

Radical Family Bonding Time

Radical Parenting Leaders

Radical Parenting Support Group


What is the Pledge?

The Pledge is something that the Radical Team created so that our users could have some accountability to themselves.

  • The Pledge is, of course, absolutely free.
  • It is for you to make a promise to yourself.
  • It is for us to make sure that we are only allowing parents who are entirely commited to positive change into our private community of Radical Leaders.yes-radical3

What Can It Do For Me?

Once you take the pledge,

  • You will be admitted into our secret Social Network of Radical Leaders
  • You will have access to our teen writers, the Radical Team, Vanessa Van Petten and other members.
  • You will also be able to read some of our private articles and participate in our forums.
  • We will also have free forms, e-books and resources for download to these pledgers.

By Taking the Radical Parenting Pledge:

1) I pledge to live by the following principles on a daily basis:*Know that there are no perfect parents

*Never think “I already know that”

*Stop my [Parent Guilt-Anger-Resentment] patterns

*Live in the You-Them-You mindset

*Stay open-minded with my family members

*Maintain and push for open and honest communication even if it is difficult to say or hear.

*You can never express your love for your family members too much

*I will ask help from friends, family or other Radical Parent Community members when I need it, I do not have to be alone.

2) I pledge to have a family check-in at least once per month

*At each family check-in I will fill-out a family sheet for each family members

*We will go over family goals and make new ones

*I will be open and honest for feedback from other family members

3) I pledge to have one family-time per week meeting the family-time ideals.

4) I pledge to participate in the Radical Parenting Community

*I will ask for help in the forums if I need it

*I will connect and offer support to other members of the private network

*I will be honest and caring on and with the community members and message boards.

5) I pledge to become a Radical Parenting Leader

6) I pledge to start my Radical Parenting Support Group with at least five of my friends or other parents who desire change.  This is so I can make sure I am receiving the support and love I need from my immediate community as well as my online one.

Take the Pledge Now!