Radical Parenting Support Group

yes-radical4A radical parenting support group can be started by anyone who needs some extra help, or wants some connection with other parents not only in their online world (here), but also in their offline world.

Radical Parenting Group Mission:

By bringing open-minded and forward thinking parents together, we hope to support and push each other to make stronger foundations for our individual families and community.

What is a radical parenting support group?

You can define it! It can be as formal as a couple of parents getting together for coffee once per month or an organized group of 40 parents who meet weekly and hear speakers, read books and do activities.  The only thing that all radical parenting groups have is a way to interact with other parents who have similar values to you.

Why have a radical parenting support group?

*To find people who have similar parenting values to you

*To stay up to date in the community about what is going on with your teens. I recommend lots of activities to do with your teen, more family time to stay informed about issues with drugs, sex and the Internet.  Yet, knowing what is going on in your individual communities is even more important, because this is what your kids are experiencing.

*So much is online now, I think it is important to bring things offline.

*Become accountable for your goals and actions.

*Have a place you can ask for support and help.

*Have a breather and break from your own family and meet with kind friends.

*Learn something new by reading books, hearing from others and sharing articles with people in your group.

Does this cost anything, how about all of the free resources?

This is FREE.  Vanessa and the teen team do everything we can to make this part of our community run for free because we believe parenting support groups are the keys to keeping teens safe and parents in the loop.  Applying is free, joining our network is free and our resources are free.  We have a few workbooks and ebooks that are available for purchase, but these are totally optional to keep our website and resources running.

Radical Parenting Goal for Radical Parenting Leaders:

It is our ultimate goal to have at least one Leader for every country, state and major city so there is are real-life communities and support groups for parents.  We will be updating you our Leaders and hopefully you can represent your area!

What do you do at a Radical Parent Support Group meeting?

We have a list of activities, resources and ideas for you once you sign up.  Many include icebreakers, worksheets, table topics and recommended reading materials for you to get started.  We even have workbooks for each member.  You can also keep it very casual and begin by talking about what is going on in your neighborhood.

How often do we have to meet?

Whenever you and your group members want! We recommend once per month to check-in on goals and keep current.

I am already so busy, how much time will this take?

Many groups are started by two or three members and then cohosted.  You can also plan the first meeting and have members sign up to take turns hosting and planning activities for the next meeting.  There is no pressure here, this group is for you.  We have found that once you start a group, the benefits outweigh the small new time commitments and planning for them can be something to look forward to.

I want to join a parenting support group, but I do not want the pressure of starting one on my own.

Email a bunch of your friends and see if someone wants to start one with you.  You can also sign up as a leader and then post on our discussion boards that you are looking for someone to host in your area.

How do I get started?

We want to help you start your own Radical Parent support group with free resources.  We know it can be overwhelming to ask for help, or to reach out to community members.

1.    Make sure you have read all about Radical Parenting Leaders and Radical Parenting Articles

2.    Take our Pledge.  This is free, and how we take applications for Radical Leaders. We keep standards for the community very high and want to admit people who truly have positive family values at heart.

3.    Once you are accepted we will send you an invite to our private community of other parenting support group leaders.

4.    You fill out a free profile and start connecting with other members, downloading our free resources and get access to our forums with Vanessa and members of the teen team!

5. Once you are set-up on the Social network, you will have access to our Parenting Support Group forums, resources and videos to start your group!

Take me to the Pledge

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