Radical Parenting Leaders

yes-radicalYou have been reading our articles, commenting on our posts and maybe even took our Radical Parenting Pledge…now you want to do more. Read ahead.

What is a Radical Parenting Leader?

A RPL is someone who believes in the Radical Parenting Principles and wants to inspire others to grow and improve their families.  They also want to bring their online community of parent supporters into their offline world.

Why Radical Parenting Leaders are important?

We need your help! This blog is written and run only by 23 year-old Vanessa Van Petten and 15 teen interns and writers.  We need parents to spread our message with us.  If you believe and act and change, you can inspire others around you to do the same.

Radical Parenting Mission for Leaders:

It is our ultimate goal to have at least one Leader for every country, state and major city so there is are real-life communities and support groups for parents.  We will be updating you our Leaders and hopefully you can represent your area!


What Radical Parenting Leaders do:

1) Leader Support Network– You get exclusive access into our private support network and groups for Leaders.  Here is where you have resources, tools and the ability to meet other Radical Parents who have taken the pledge and want to lead and inspire those around them.

2) Radical Parenting Support Group – Build Your Community! This is the most important part! You start and register your Radical Parenting Group and we give you free tools, videos, seminars and ebooks for your group.  You will receive:

*Tools for meetings

*Reading list

*List of Family Bonding Activities

*Videos and free seminars to watch and discuss together

3) Publish Your Take on Radical Parenting– Make your own community newsletter.  If you are nervous about starting your own group, start with your own email list.  This can be a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly round-up of ideas, articles and resources you have found helpful around the web.  You can then share these with your contacts as a friend and supporter.  We will show you:

*How to make a newsletter

*Great article ideas

*How to make your email the one all of your friends have been waiting for.

4) Volunteer with us– We are always looking for help to spread the word, manage our interns and projects and give us ideas for marketing.  If this is how you want to help, great!

*Spreading the word

*Making more videos

*Managing and starting new projects

*Finding new parenting partners

How do I get started?

We want to help you start your own Radical Parent support group with free resources.  We know it can be overwhelming to ask for help, or to reach out to community members.

1.    Make sure you have read all the Radical Parenting Articles

2.    Take our Pledge.  This is free, and how we take applications for Radical Leaders. We keep standards for the community very high and want to admit people who truly have positive family values at heart.

3.    Once you are accepted we will send you an invite to our private community of other parenting support group leaders.

4.    You fill out a free profile and start connecting with other members, downloading our free resources and get access to our forums with Vanessa and members of the teen team!

Take me to the Pledge

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