Flash Trends: How to Dissuade Your Teen From Buying Into Them

Emily L is a 13-year-old from Corona, CA. She enjoys reading, writing, and swimming and her favorite subject is history because it inspires her to learn about other cultures.

trends, teens, high school, popularity, fashionFrom silly bands to feathers and everything in between, teens are constantly buying into trends that typically last just a few brief months. Not only are they a waste of money but they also promote ‘follower’ behaviors. Teens, girls in particular, will feel the need to have such accessories, believing that being behind on the latest fashion will result in social consequences. Really all it takes is for a popular celebrity or student to endorse a certain apparel item for it to become a hit within the nation or school. It is quite disturbing, actually, that certain people can wield such power even if it is just about clothes.

As I mentioned before, a major problem with these trends is they are gone in a flash. This makes buying into them a complete waste. Parents often have a difficult time persuading their teens to avoid spending their money in such a careless way, though it rarely works. The idea of reverse psychology may seem cliché but it definitely works to an extent, especially with teens that are already embarrassed by their parents. Next time your teen asks you for money to purchase the latest accessory try allowing it but that you want a matching one too so that you can walk around together. This makes the prospect of getting it far less appealing. Remember not to take offense to their embarrassment; it’s practically a given and usually not personal by any means.

Also, once one trend fades remind them how much they loved the item they are now throwing aside. This can go hand in hand with insecurity because it comes from being afraid to express oneself. Everybody knows fitting in is the main goal of most students and that those who stand out are sometimes avoided like a plague but at the end of the day it takes courage and individuality to contribute to society.

There will always be a new, big thing to entice everyone, which is why it is essential to be able to differentiate between items that will be appreciated long term and those that are quickly tossed aside without a backwards glance when the next ‘thing’ comes to stores. Rarely allow teens to carelessly purchase products solely because of peer pressure or another similar reason. This will teach them a lesson that they will take into adulthood and will one day value.

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More Than Just A Beauty Queen [Teen Video Blog]

beauty queen, beauty pageants, miss america, teen beautySamantha is a 17-year-old from Tulsa, OK. She enjoys babysitting, sewing, drawing, crocheting, writing and anything creative. She loves to hang out with her mom and two sisters and hopes to someday work in the fashion industry.


Growing up, I remember attending the Miss Oklahoma pageant each year. My mother, my sisters and I went to support all the girls competing and root for a young woman who attended the dance school I went to. I remember all the little ballerinas would watch in awe through the viewing glass as she practiced her segment for the talent competition, ballet. As she would jeté and fouetté across the studio floor, being just a little girl, I only saw a beautiful ballerina. I was unaware of the impact that she was making through the Miss America Organization. I didn’t understand what pageants were truly about, other than getting to perform your talent in a pretty outfit and glide across the stage in a ball gown. It wasn’t until I grew up a little and started to comprehend what these women were doing and who they really are, that I developed my view on this topic.


As I got older, I became aware of the stereotypes surrounding these girls. Though I can’t say that I myself would strut my stuff in a swimsuit across a glossy stage, I can understand what it is all about. The swimsuit competition is about physical fitness and being in the healthiest shape you can be. It is not about starving yourself or being unhealthy. In fact, someone who appears to be unhealthily skinny, is less likely to win the swimsuit category. I know that the swimsuit competition has been received and debated about in various ways and as someone who has struggled with being body conscious for most of her life, I can honestly say that I do not have a problem with it. Once you can see that it is about being your healthiest you, and not the air-brushed model in a magazine, it is easier to accept and establish an informed opinion.


If you don’t know what a pageant platform is, it is a cause that a contestant promotes through her title and participation in the pageant. For many young women, the opportunity to bring awareness to issues and causes close to their hearts is the motivation behind competing. I can speak first hand to the amazing power awarded to the title-holders opportunity to educate the public about their platform. I was affected by the platform represented by a former Miss America. I remember watching a TV special featuring Miss America talking about prevention of drunk driving and underage drinking. She told a story about how drunk driving and underage drinking had affected her through a close friend that had died in a car accident. It was so captivating and real that I made the choice not to drink until I am of age and to drink responsibly when that time comes.


Though I have never competed and do not plan to do so, I can say I am truly proud of all the empowered strong young women who are competing for scholarship money and to be a voice for causes that need to be brought to attention. I am proud to be the sister of two pageant girls. One competing as an ‘Outstanding Teen’ encouraging young women to realize their worth and beauty beyond the mirror and the other competing as a ‘Miss’ promoting the importance of arts and activity involvement.


My hope in writing this article is for many pageant stereotypes to broken. I have optimism that if you once held to stereotypes of pageant contestants decorated with vanity and ditz, you will be able to see the brains beneath beauty and view Miss America contestants as intelligent, educated, empowered and service-oriented young women.

Meet the Teen Youtube Sensation: xxAllieCosmeticsxx!

Daniela is a 16 year old from Miami, Florida. She enjoys helping others and writing.  Her favorite subject is psychology because one day she hopes to major in psychology.


For those of you who don’t know, Youtube is a website used for more than just searching song lyrics or music videos to your favorite songs. There are people who actually do Youtube videos for a living. I have been watching Youtube videos since around late 2009.  My favorite Youtuber has to be Allie, or better known “xxAllieCosemeticsxx”.  She is a young 16 year old girl from Montreal, Canada.  She is a Beauty Vlogger on Youtube. She started her channel in 2008 and has been making beauty and fashion videos ever since.  Now, almost three years later she has over 30, 000 subscribers on Youtube.  You might be thinking, “Oh, a makeup and fashion channel? That sounds so vain” But in reality it’s not. Allie always stresses the fact that beauty comes first on the inside.


There’s way more to Allie than just make up and clothing. She has inspired me and over 30,000 other viewers with her dramatic weight loss. As a child, I had always been overweight just like Allie stated that she was in one of her other videos “My Weight Loss Story!”. Then people started to send really mean and hurtful messages about her weight to her on the anonymous question and answer website called “Formspring”. She calls those people her “angels in disguise” because they motivated her to lose weight. According to one of her responses on Tumblr, she has lost over 40 pounds. Allie has always been beautiful but now with the confidence that she has earned from her weight loss, she has blossomed into an even more beautiful individual.

I remember the day I saw that video of hers, I felt like I could relate so much to what she had gone through. It was like finally someone out there finally understood how I felt. That video and many others helped me start my own weight loss journey.  On June 13th, 2011 I decided to get healthy. I worked out at the gym over 5 times a week and I completely changed my diet in order to accommodate my healthier lifestyle. Although, I’m not as successful as Allie I have actually lost a good amount of weight. I can see the difference in how I act and how my clothes fit and I owe a lot of it to Allie’s inspiration. As “cheesy” as it sounds, I felt like if Allie could do it than so could I. I could also relate to Allie’s anxiety issues that she has shared with her subscribers on her channel. I know how it feels to be in that position, and even though she lives thousands of miles from me it’s great to know that someone else has faced those same struggles.

I am subscribed to over 200 Youtube channels, and I could honestly say that Allie has been the biggest inspiration to me. Her videos have made such an impact on my life. She has also inspired me to make Youtube videos. I will be starting my own channel soon and I hope to be as successful as Allie. There is no one else that could ever be classified as my “favorite You tuber”.  I also enjoy other Youtubers that are not beauty related. Good examples would be “TimothyDeLaGhetto2” or Timothy Chantarangsu from Paramount, California who makes comedy videos and “CTFxC” or Charles Trippy and Allie Speed from Bradenton, Florida who make daily “vlogs” talking about their life and sharing their life with the world. Both of those Youtubers have over a million subscribers in total and I look forward to their videos every single day.

How to Look Great on a Budget

Dana is a 15 year old from Hi-nella, NJ. She loves to write and enjoys reading, singing, and  shopping. Her goal is to help others through her writing, and bring attention to important topics. 

Its pretty often that you hear your kids say “I have to have those jeans!” But its not very often  those essential- to-a-teenager jeans are under fifty dollars. I’d like to talk about getting affordable  clothing your kids. I’m definitely not saying buy them clothes at the dollar store. I’m talking stylish  quality clothing that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If there’s one complement I love getting is  that I always look nice. Weather it be going out, or just another day at school. My family is just like  any other average income family and once in a while things are a little tight. I must say though I’ve  never gone with out. The key is this; its not if you shop, its how and where you shop; and Im  listing names girls!  

Buying used clothing, a yes? 
Depends. It is a definite NO if the clothing has any kind of stain or is faded; but if it looks fairly  new, is stain free, and you love it, go for it! I know I do. You don’t have to go to an old thrift store,  try more trendy places like Plato’s Closet. They buy and sell gently used designer clothing. I once  got a brand name Juicy Couture top there for ten dollars! Places like Plato’s are always good for  things like school shopping or buying in bulk. Or even if you just need a cute top, they’re a perfect  fit. Noone will know you bought it used, and you’ll have money left for other things. How awesome  is it that you’ll be wearing designer clothes with money left in your designer wallet!   
A lot of people are shallow and every time someone mentions the word thrift or used they  say “eww I don’t need to buy used clothes.” The image that comes to someone’s mind when they  hear of used clothing is a grungy corner store selling sweat stained clothing. That’s not at all the  case if you know where to shop. Of course I shop at trendy places like in the Deptford mall and  name brand stores; but sometimes its even fun to go to a place like Goodwill or Plato’s. Like most  stores, these places aren’t just the clothing one company decides to distribute for that specific  time of year in that particular store. You can find anything from Hollister to Joe boxer there. Its like  a treasure hunt, you never know what your going to find!
Buying used accessories? I personally stay away from used head accessories like hats and such. For me there’s that  paranoia inside me that whispers “head lice” every time I pick up a headband in a thrift store; but things like beads and bracelets are of course a yes! Accessories are a whole different ball game  then clothes though. They charge you out the you know what for what I call “extras” that can make the whole outfit. Because people go to such great lengths just to find a bracelet to match  their shoes, and will pay quite a bit for them; places will charge a high price because they know  some people will buy them. Even though they can get just as cute accessories new or used at  other places. I like going to places like Payhalf or Walmart for all my must have extras like  earrings, headbands, bracelets, etc. 
 What to buy? 
I’ve had my mom and two sisters all my life guiding me and telling me what a should always  have in my wardrobe. So now I’m passing it on. Don’t buy a fifty dollar pair of hot pink boots if all  you have is one pink or black shirt. When buying things like shoe wear make sure you have lots of  things in your closet to match them. Or like me, just go with a common color like black that  matches anything. For tops, I always have some special pieces with logos, designs, different styles, etc. But mainly I like to buy a lot of simple things like plain black or white polos or mini Tees along with tons of cheap fancy tanks. You can always pair that with a nice color tank top underneath. Then next week pair it with a different color tank and you’ve got yourself a whole new  outfit! These looks are timeless and never go out of style. Clothing trends will always go in and  out, but simple tees will always be your friend. Also, no matter what your style prep, simple, punk, etc. a plain pair of jeans can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. You can pair things like jeans and tees with anything, and create a casual or fancy clean look.
Now ladies, lets talk leggings and jeggings!  
Leggings have been back for quite some time now and I think every girl should have at least one lack pair to go with a long any color top; but the look I hope never fades is jeggings! I love mine and get quality ones for a good price. I go to Deb shop and Sears for mine but there are tons of other places that offer fair bargains on them. For me they populate my wardrobe but everyone’s different. I like them because I can wear them with any top and are fitted to my legs unlike flare outs.  

Basic Everyday essentials 
I have to tell you honestly, I could sit down and tell you all bras and underwear are created equal but its simply not the truth. Don’t skimp on the essentials like bras and undies, girls. I have two categories when I go school shopping: my necessities, and my must haves. They sound like the same thing, but they’re not. Necessities are things you cant get around. Sure you can shop around for the best price, but definitely don’t buy used bras or underwear. (For cleanliness and health reasons.) My must haves are things like jeans and shirts, but there are always more options when buying those kinds of things. 
Online Bargains? 
My family usually doesn’t buy things over the internet, but word has it dozens of stores offer their clothes cheap when your buying online instead of in store! I have never really looked and shopped around on popular stores websites but am very eager to try it. The one way I do save money on clothes over the internet is getting special sale notifications or personal coupons emailed to me! When at the check out in popular stores, the sales clerk will you usually tell you about their promotions then ask if you’d like to give them your email address. Instead of blowing them off, give your email address to them! I love getting notified about sales and print out coupons that save me money on my favorite items.  

Every girl likes to shop, but not every girl is smart about it! Don’t find yourself with nothing but the pricey clothes on your back. Shop around for the best deals and be smart about what you buy. You can still be stylish and keep up with the latest trends with out putting your parents in the poor house!  These helpful tips allow you to be stylish and sensible; they also save you some green!

Back To School Fashion On A Budget

Fehbe is a 17-year-old from Inglewood, Ca. She enjoys playing tennis and shopping. Her favorite subject is English because she loves to write and sees herself working in the journalism field in the future.

Remember the times when you used to go shopping and you could easily just buy what you wanted without having to wait before it went on sale? Well, now many of us can’t do that or at least not as often. We’re all aware that we are in a tough economy and that means our wallets and our parents’ wallets are getting tighter every day. I know most of you are starting back-to-school shopping already and are finding it very hard to get your parents to buy that trendy bag or perfect pair of jeans. However, true fashionistas know that you don’t need a million dollars to look like you have a million dollars. So let’s see what are some ways trendsetters are finding back-to school bargains!

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle No, I don’t mean make a dress out of aluminum foil a la’ Project Runway. Rather, we all have clothes in our closets that we used to love once upon a time but now they seemed to have lost their “touch”. Instead of just throwing them away, try to find new ways to wear it. A long skirt can easily become a strapless dress and vice versa, a short dress can become a skirt. Layer dresses over skinny jeans or add a vest, something you normally wouldn’t do. Accessories are the easiest things you can add to give clothing a new life. A belt over a shirt or dress will do. Be creative. When it comes to fashion, there are no limits.

2. DIY Do It Yourself, literally. Most clothes can be easily made at home with the right materials and a sewing machine. Case in point: I was looking through Forever 21 when I saw a pretty black lace dress for $25. All it was was a piece of lace sewed on both sides and cut to be in the form of a dress. So simple to make, which I did and it came out great. There are plenty of sites that show you how to make your own clothes: www.cutoutandkeep.net, www.lovetosew.com, and diyfashion.com to name a few. Don’t stop with clothes either. Accessories are pretty easy to make too. They take you back to your arts and crafts craze a lot of us had as little kids and still have! Here’s another idea that’s very popular at my school; when you’re tired of your normal white Vans, Keds, or Converse, draw on them. Buy fabric markers and let your creativity run wild. It’s the perfect way to add your own personal style to a basic jeans-and-T outfit.

3. The Look For Less See something you like on Selena Gomez or on Gossip Girl, but its way out of your budget? Try recreating that look with similar pieces that are more affordable. Many websites can help you in your mission. My favorite is my guilty pleasure, Polyvore.com. I swear I spend hours on here. Just type in the “look for less” along with what it is you want and you’ll be surprised at what comes up. Magazines are also bursting with ideas and inspiration that you can revamp to make it work for your budget.

4. Swap Your Style Have you heard of swapping parties? They are parties where you invite all your friends and tell them to bring all the clothes that they no longer want. You do the same. Then you swap clothes with each other. The goal is for all of you to get new or gently used items for in exchange for those that you no longer want or need. Or if you’re friends don’t share your style, you could always try SwapStyle.com, an Internet site that is basically the same, only it’s done over the web and can be done with various people. Just make sure you agree with their return policies; some people do not offer refunds or exchanges.

5. EBay Ah, the tried and true EBay. You can find everything there, from a new Ralph Lauren blazer to a vintage Valentino dress. Or if you’re not looking to buy, you can always just sell. You’d be surprised at what some people would want. But be very careful: a lot of advertised designer clothes are actually fake. Make sure it’s real by requesting to see the original receipt and the article’s tag [most designer clothes are dry-clean only]. Also, some seller’s don’t accept returns, so decide carefully when buying.

6. Thrift Stores Now we get to my favorite tip; the thrift stores. This is no celebrity-secret. People have shopped at these stores for years. It’s nothing new, only now they’re getting more attention due to the economy. Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Plato’s Closet are good places to try. I’m not guarantying you’ll find a Chanel bag or new Nikes (you might), but you’ll find a few nice things. And they’re not going to jump out at you; you have to really take your time and look through everything, if you really want to find a treasure!

7. Layaway. Not familiar with layaway? Well, it is an awesome service some stores have. If you see something you like at the store but can’t afford it right away, you can ask the sales personnel to “hold it” for you and work out a layaway plan, where you will pay monthly or weekly payments until you’ve paid the total cost of the item. And voila! It’s yours! While you have it in layaway, it can’t be sold to anyone else because it’s yours, you just haven’t fully paid for it. Keep in mind though that if you miss a payment, then you might lose the item. So keep track of when you paid, how much you’ve paid, and how much more you need to pay. Also, it is possible that the layaway plans will have interest on the payments, making it sometimes more convenient to buy on the spot. Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, and Kmart all have layaway plans and since different stores have different policies, check with each to store so you can decide what works best for you. If you start buying now, by the end of summer, you’ll have those new clothes without feeling as if you spent all your savings!

8. Discount Super Stores Layaway brings me to my other point, Discount Department Stores. You’ve heard of them, (Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, and TJ Maxx to name a few), but have you ever actually been inside? I absolutely love these stores! You can buy designer clothes for less than half the price in most cases! The same clothes, shoes, and bags that you see in the stores at the mall can be found there at discounted prices. Try going when they have clearance sales (the end of July, December, March and May) to get even greater deals!

Remember, look for things that reflect your style and personality. Don’t buy things just because they’re “in style” or ‘trendy” if they are the complete opposite of who you are. The first day outfit should say something about you and what you want to accomplish this year. Best Dressed maybe? And if anyone says something rude about your outfit, try this: smile and acknowledge their comment. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but all that matters is that you feel confident in your outfit and it makes you want to treat the hallway as your runway!

Trends for Spring and Summer 2010:

Sam is a 15-year-old from Montgomery, NJ. She enjoys playing tennis, writing and Community Service. Her favorite subject in school is History.beaded-bracelets by saharan arts.Nautical days by Cinnamon Eve.

  • Tribal Bracelets
  • Nautical
  • Military
  • The Poof/The “Snook”
  • Bright Pastels

As the days get warmer and spring fever kicks in, everyone’s feeling brighter and up for change. For me, at least, that change is switching out all of my long-sleeved shirts for tank tops and dull colors for something brighter. Well, here are some trends that seem to be popping up everywhere for spring.

African Tribal Bracelets

As a gift, my mom surprised me with a set of three tribal inspired bracelets beaded in vibrant yellows, blues and reds. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I thumbed through a Marie Claire to find ones that looked almost exactly alike, but cost $28 apiece (which, for what they were, was a lot). Even later was when a Ghanian girl in my school sported one in her native country’s colors. That being said, since these kinds of bracelets can be hard to find, look around and try to find photos of traditional African jewelry (like this South African one at the left) to figure out exactly what you want. These bracelets can be found anywhere from flea markets to department stores.


Are you feeling the crisp sea air yet? Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Abercrombie, and many other designers have been known for this timeless look. This classic spring staple is all-American and can make you look and feel like a New England élite. However, you don’t have to shell out money like one for this look. Stores like Forever 21and Urban Outfitters are bursting with sailing-worthy steals. The look too preppy for you? No problem: French couturier John Paul Gaulthier has developed a line of edgier dresses and tops for Target.


When I noticed that Rihanna had a military theme to the video for her fall smash hit “Hard,” I noticed how crazy some of the outfits were. Jackets with shoulders out to there were mixed in with “bullet” vests, warrior style dresses, and fierce makeup. Since then, military has been popping up everywhere from the runway (Balmain, Marc Jacobs) to the mall (American Eagle). To find a whole platoon of different looks, go to Forever 21’s website (http://www.forever21.com/search.asp?keyword=Military). Don’t be afraid to mix and match with a dog tag here, or a camo item there. However, try not to overdo it, unless you want to look like a drill sergeant.

The Poof/The “Snook”

With a little reality show called Jersey Shore, a pint-sized guidette was able to influence the beauty aspect of the fashion world. At least, for now. While most designers were shunning the now-famous Snooki and her summer housemates, designers like Vera Wang took Snooki’s wild mane and gave it a classier edge. Back home in my glorious Garden State, the look is popping up everywhere. While this can be a tricky look to pull off, especially if you don’t have bangs like me, the reality star herself said that teasing the hair gives the best effect. Yet, rather than over-process your hair, it is best to use a moderate amount. If you’re still unsure, go to a salon to test out the look first.

Bright Pastels

A radical change from the neon colors of a few seasons ago, pastels are slowly coming back with non-Easter overtones. Both Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue have had long fashion spreads in colors spanning from lavenders to minty greens. A good brand that specializes in all fashion staples (including whole spectrums of pastels and other colors) is American Apparel. Want somewhere more convenient and lower brow? Then Delia’s is also a great place to find pastels, especially with tanks, swimsuits and their endless collection of graphic tees.

Teen Fashion Trends Summer 2009

Every month we are asking our teen trendspotters to report on Youthology and trends in fashion, music, entertainment and more!

royal purple dressTeen Fashion Trend of Summer 2009: 80’s

“Bold colors like royal purple/blue are being more often seen here as well (contrasting from the grays and dark colors I normally saw in the winter). Most likely the warmer weather are bringing back the brighter colors.”

Rachel is a 16-year-old born and raised in NYC.  She enjoys singing, debating, traveling and writing.  Her favorite subjects are English and Science; she wishes to pursue  a career in either of them in the future.

purple dress with embroidery

Royal purple/blue has bee n an “in” color since Fall/Winter 2009, since Pantone has predicted it for its new lineup. Fo r brighter colors, I am seeing a lot of aqua, yellow, hot pink/salmon, and pastels a s usual, but I’ve noticed some interesting patterns like patchwork and folk-style embroidery on sleeves and tops, as well as features that were popular on dresses last year being modified for tops and bottoms: ex. bubble hems now apparent on tops. *reads a few too many fashion blogs and trendsetting websites*”

Iris is a 16 year old from Fremont, CA. She enjoys creating through art, writing, and graphic design, researching anything that catches her eye, and hopes to combine everything she loves one day into a career.

“And bold, bright florals are definitely in. Floral shirts, floral skirts, floral purses, floral dresses.
floral skirtFloral everything.”

Kelsey is a crazy 17-year-old from Franklin, TN.  She loves writing, acting, and hanging out with friends.  Her favorite subject is English and she hopes to teach it herself when she gets older.

Vanessa Note: “I think the 80’s are coming back, we are seeing a huge movement in American Apparel type of streetwear, much like the 80’s”

“Also bright n
eonsneon american apparel, ’80s screen tees (often off the shoulder), lots of members only-esque motorcycle jackets, having a full wardrobe of American Apparel. I think leggings are fine, but only if the shirt covers your butt.”

Alexis is a 16-year-old aspiring actress from Armonk, NY. She loves to sing, act, learn new languages, travel, meet new people, and laugh.

Alot of people have started wearing looser clothes, like loose tops with bandeaus and off the shoulder shirts. Its also really easy to pair with leggings and tights and people wear belts to dress an outfit up too. More generic colors are making their appearance (i.e. white, brown, loose top belt and leggingsblack, beige. etc.) as well.”

Sofia is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA.  She loves the beach, shopping, and enjoys studying psychology because she would like to become a psychologist when she is older.

Teen Hair Trend Summer 2009: Bangs and Braids

bangsI’m seeing a lot of bangs. I’m even ashamed to say that I jumped on the bandwagon and got bangs myself. I haven’t had them since I was six years old. Ten of thirteen of majorettes in my squad have them as well as many girls in my school.”

Gema is an 18-year old from Miami, FL. She loves reading and writing young adult fiction and claims to pass out in the presence of sterile wit.

braid“As far as hair goes, I’m seeing tons of braids. I love braiding my hair, and just a little while ago I realized that I’m definitely not the only one. Anyone with hair long enough to braid seems to be doing it lately – mostly just one single braid is the trend, but I tend to wear two braids just as often as one.”

Kelsey is a crazy 17-year-old from Franklin, TN.  She loves writing, acting, and hanging out with friends.  Her favorite subject is English and she hopes to teach it herself when she gets older.

braid on crown of head

“Braids along the crown of the hair a la the 1960”

Alexis is a 16-year-old aspiring actress from Armonk, NY. She loves to sing, act, learn new languages, travel, meet new people, and laugh.

Teen Shoe Trend Summer 2009: Jesus Sandals

This may or may not be just a local thing, but “Jesus sandals” are really in around my area. You know, those strappy sandals/flip flops that are also technically called thongs (but I’d rather not call them that because it might be misunderstood.) Some go with the plain brown colors, jesus sandalsbut a lot of girls buy the shiny, brightly colored pairs.

Kelsey is a crazy 17-year-old from Franklin, TN.  She loves writing, acting, and hanging out with friends.  Her favorite subject is English and she hopes to teach it herself when she gets older.